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25 Special Ideas for First Anniversary Gifts for Your Spouse

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An anniversary should be celebrated by spending more time with those you cherish and reminding them of the importance they hold to you.

We also know that the process of planning prior to the anniversary day can be difficult. It might be difficult to find the perfect anniversary present or decide on the perfect event to mark your anniversary.

Suppose it’s the first time you’ve celebrated your anniversary. In that case, you could feel more pressured than ever to make sure everything is perfect. We’re here for you.

We’ve put together some of the most effective first anniversary gifts, specifically for you. To find the perfect gift select any section from the list below.

What The First Anniversary Gift Means?

The first anniversary of couples is a significant event. What’s the best way to celebrate this important event? The most common first anniversary present is paper. A lot of couples decide for this motif to be incorporated in something in the present. They could, for instance, include a bouquet of paper flowers or a lengthy handwritten note, or customized cards.

The most popular first anniversary present is a clock that commemorates time passing during this crucial first year.

The choice of sticking to the traditional design or opting for a more modern concept is entirely your choice and will depend on what you think is the best choice for your wedding day. It’s also a good idea to think about customized gifts. They will leave a lasting impression and could be treasured as a cherished keepsake.

Unforgetable Anniversary Gifts Tips for Her

Finding the ideal gift for your 1st anniversary suggestion for her should be enjoyable but not stressful. This is why we’ve compiled some ideas for anniversary gifts below. These aren’t just gifts she’ll appreciate, but also ones that are easy to make. Take a look here:

  1. Memory Box

Memory boxes are a fantastic method to keep important or meaningful mementos, such as photographs taken at your wedding. It is possible to create your own personal memory box, and as you experience many different moments and exciting times together, it is a fantastic method to keep those memories longer and to remind yourself of the experiences you had. This makes them the ideal anniversary gift for her.

  1. Candles Personalized for them

If your wife is fond of candles, take advantage of the anniversary celebration as an excuse to purchase her something special. Candles that are personalized let you incorporate your favorite photos with a sweet note. In addition, you can choose the scent she likes from a range of choices.

  1. First Christmas Ornament
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Suppose your anniversary falls close to the Holidays. In that case, you might want to commemorate your first Christmas with this cute anniversary idea. Make a personalized photo ornament by putting your favorite photograph to make a wonderful gift she’ll surely love.

  1. Jewelry with engraving

You can gift her something she’ll want to wear An engraving necklace. You can personalize it by putting her initials or with a brief and sweet message. Send it along with an adorable letter to celebrate your first year of marriage and toast to the next.

  1. Keepsake Box

The boxes for keepsake are constructed from oak wood, with the mahogany lacquer finishing. She’ll be delighted to unwrap this anniversary present with the added photos and design. Include an anniversary note in the box for a complete present idea.

Anniversary Gifts, First Anniversary, Gifts

1st Anniversary Ideas for Gifts for Couple

Suppose you’re trying to find the ideal gift for couples to celebrate their first wedding anniversary. In that case, we’re here to be able to help. This is why we’ve put together an inventory of our top recommendations to present a first-anniversary gift idea to couples. Below are the suggestions:

Wine + Tote with Wine Tote

If you know that the couple likes a good bottle of wine, you can take the present to the next step by giving them a personalized wine bag. It’s an unusual gift that shows them you have put thought and time into the gift. Pick from photos or personal messages, then purchase an ounce of their preferred brand.

Luggage Tags

Tags for luggage are a useful present for couples. Personalized luggage tags can take this useful idea and make it something they’ll appreciate.

They can use them for any upcoming vacation, or you’re giving them with these tags to encourage them and motivation; they’ll love this idea for a gift.

Custom Pillows

If you’re looking to find the ideal present for newlywed couples, then these personalized photo pillows can do the job. Nothing says that you are a person of love as much as a personal luxury. Click here to begin making.

Tea Towel

Tea towels can be a classic gift for housewarmings; however, they can also serve as a great idea to celebrate anniversaries. Create a personalized collection of tea towels for your loved ones to keep in their kitchen as soon as they get it. As an added bonus, you can include a brand new recipe that they can explore.

Paper 1st Year Anniversary Presents

These gifts made of paper are great memories that will last a lifetime or long-lasting souvenirs. A print of the lyrics of the song you danced to on your wedding day can make your loved one feel like a mushy puddle. A personalized photo book to express your gratitude for your partner is more romantic. The key to giving the ideal gift is to personalize it. These ideas for anniversary gifts made of paper below will help you select a present.

  1. Wedding Art Print
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If you’re like most couples, you may be struggling to stop taking your time looking back through the wedding pictures. If this is the case, you should turn them into a stunning art print that can be hung in the living room for everyone to enjoy. When it’s framed, this is the perfect anniversary gift idea.

  1. Paper Flowers

Creating flower arrangements using paper for your anniversary is a delightful gesture that your spouse is bound to appreciate. Simply cut your “petals” of construction paper and then tape each one of them on one of the “stems” that is the stem of your flower.

  1. Personalized Journal

This thoughtful gift is perfect in the tradition of writing and can also be a wonderful souvenir. Create a personalized journal using your spouse’s name, photos of you, or something that you know they will appreciate. Make an uplifting note on the front page for a nice extra bonus.

  1. Paperweight

While it’s not actually made of paper, a paperweight is an adorable idea to celebrate your anniversary with paper. Make it personal with pictures of the two of you, and put them on top of the anniversary card. This idea for a gift can also be a thoughtful memory that you will be able to keep for many decades to come.

  1. Post-it Notes

This simple and sweet anniversary plan can be used throughout the year. Start by creating an assortment of personal post-it notecards to mark your anniversary with paper. You can then use them to leave adorable notes for your beloved loved one throughout your home.

  1. Personalized Napkins

Do you have an anniversary present in the back of your mind, but you need to think of something in keeping with the theme? Think about gifting your loved one an assortment of personalized napkins. They’re not only delightful; however, they can also be an excellent present.

Do you need something for your husband? If so, we’ve got everything you need. Take a look at our top choices to present a first anniversary gift to him below. If you’re in need of an extra push, take a look at our website for additional resources on anniversary gifts for him.

  1. Photo Book

Photobooks are one of the top anniversaries ever; however, they are particularly appropriate on the 1st anniversary. Make a book of photos to celebrate the first year you’ve spent together. If you don’t have a wedding book take this as a chance to create one.

  1. Pencil Holder

A personalized pencil holder is an excellent method to ensure your child has a constant reminder of your devotion while working. Upload a memorable photo of your two loved ones for an unforgettable gift that he will make use of every day.

  1. Custom-designed phone case

It doesn’t matter if he’s in need of a brand new case for his phone or you’re sure he’s a fan of an image of you two can take advantage of that occasion to create something special for him that’s as practical as it is adorable. Take a look at our custom iPhone cases to get ideas for design or get started on your own creation.

  1. Personalized Growler
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Suppose the person you’re buying for is a master brewer or simply a lover in the world of craft beer. In that case, a personalized growler is a present great idea. Customize it with your brand new name or mixed initials. Make sure you add his favorite drink for something that he’ll cherish.

Additional First Anniversary Gift Ideas for Couples

Looking for other gift ideas? Make sure to check out our guide to customized gifts or browse the suggestions below. Whatever gift you pick, the message behind it is the most important thing. From unique prints on paper and traditional clocks to fun and unique gifts and everything in between, we’ve got you covered.

Anniversary Vacation

Sometimes the best present to give your loved one is time. Do you and your partner have a desire to visit a different country? Perhaps an unwinding week at the beach is more your style? Any trip you choose will soon be the most memorable anniversary present, even if you don’t tie it up with an elegant bow.

A-Frame with a Personalized Design

These frames can be personalized to help bring the best memories of the first year of your marriage to your life. Select a theme or photo you love, and then add a heartfelt message for your spouse. They’ll surely love it.

Custom Magnets

If you’re looking for something simple, personalized photo magnets are the perfect anniversary gift. They’ll appreciate having these exclusive souvenirs displayed on their refrigerator. Select from various sizes, types, and styles to find the perfect one for you.

Photo Coasters

Photo coasters are as practical as they are gorgeous. They’re ideal for cocktails and hot drinks and come with a non-slip cork backing and a selection of beautiful designs. You can pair them with a set of cocktail glasses to elevate your gift to the highest step.

Canvas Print

Have you had the opportunity to create a stunning canvas print of your wedding or engagement photographs? If not, now is the perfect time to make it happen. Your partner will not only be thrilled as well, but you’ll also get the perfect keepsake for life.

Custom Address Labels

If updating your household’s stationery following the wedding might appear to be a chore, but you can easily transform it into something truly special. Make custom address labels to mark your anniversary, which will help both of you get excited for the years to follow.

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