How to choose paint colors

How to choose paint colors: 11 Best way make your home look bigger

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Are you looking for a guide on how to choose paint colors that will make your home look bigger? You are in the right place.

Choosing the right paint colors for your home is an important decision. RentEasy Management  warns that the color that you choose can be the difference between a house that feels cramped and dark or one that feels open and airy.

And while it may seem like painting your walls would be easy enough, there are actually some specific guidelines to follow in order to get the best results for your space.

You might even want to hire a professional color consultant Epoxy Bros if you aren’t sure what will work best with the architecture of your home.

1. Paint your walls a light color

The first tip on how to choose paint colors is to choose light colors for your walls. One of the most popular paint colors for walls right now is white. Painting your walls a light color will make any room feel bigger, but it works especially well in smaller spaces because you get the added benefit of reflected light bouncing off the surface of the wall.


2. Use light colors for window treatments and furniture, too

Smaller homes are not necessarily dark homes. You can make your windows look much larger by using light-colored curtains, blinds, or shades.

The same goes for furniture. If you have a large sofa in a small living room, try painting it the same color as the wall to fool the eye into thinking that there is more space between your couch and the windows.

3. Choose a color palette that consists of light, crisp colors

The whole point of choosing lighter wall colors is to make your home feel larger and more open, so you’ll want to avoid darker or bolder colors in order for this trick to work effectively.

Stick with lighter shades of blue, green, gray, white, and beige instead.

4. Add color with accessories

Decorating is about more than just paint colors; you can also use accessories to add pops of color that will make your rooms feel special without overwhelming them.

Choose colorful vases to hold flowers or books, decorative pillows to liven up the sofa, rugs in vibrant hues, or other small items that can be repositioned regularly.

5. Choose the least-cluttered look possible

While you are decorating, try to avoid adding too much stuff to your walls and rooms.

The more empty space there is throughout your home, the larger it will seem—allowing your light wall colors to shine and your space to feel fresh and open.

6. Choose a paint color that contrasts with the flooring to make the space feel larger

If you are choosing paint colors for your home, then the color of the flooring that you have is also important.

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For example, if your floors are dark wood or tiles, try choosing a light blue or white wall color to make each room feel larger.

7. Consider painting some walls with darker colors

While lighter colors will do more to improve the look of a small space, darker colors can also be used to make a room feel bigger.

Darker walls tend to make rooms feel more intimate and cozy, so you would only want to paint one or two walls with these tones if your goal is to make a living room or dining room feel cozy without closing it in.

8. Add mirrors to any wall that lacks windows

Mirrors, particularly large ones, can do a great job of opening up a room and making it feel larger.

If you have a particularly dark or enclosed living space, consider adding a large mirror to the wall opposite the window in order to bounce light around and make your room feel brighter.

9. Think about the architectural style of the room

Different rooms have different feels to them, which you can enhance by choosing paint colors that suit the type of architecture.

For example, if your home is more modern or contemporary in design, then light or neutral tones are best for keeping things open and airy. A Victorian or rustic house may benefit more from darker paint colors with red undertones.

10. Consider using lighter shades on ceilings and upper walls to create an illusion of height

Another way to make a smaller space feel larger is by painting the ceiling with lighter tones.

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The same goes for walls near the top of the room, which are typically not seen as closely as lower ones.

This technique is particularly useful in stairwells or hallways where your eye tends to be drawn upwards anyway.

11. Use light-colored wood for cabinets and floors

The last but not least tip on how to choose paint colors is for cabinets. One way to subtly enhance the look of your light wall colors is by choosing light-colored wood finishes for your cabinets or flooring.

Using darker wood tones will only serve to make the walls feel closer, so stick with lighter color schemes in order to get the best results.

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This article is about how to choose paint colors. To make the best use of light colors in small spaces, you should stay away from dark or bold shades. Instead, opt for lighter tones that feel warm and inviting without losing your space.

Remember to decorate with colorful accessories to add depth and dimension, which will prevent your rooms from feeling too stark.

Keep furniture light-colored when possible, and if you really want to make a statement, consider painting one or two walls with darker colors.

Finally, try to choose lighter wood tones for your cabinets and flooring in order to draw attention away from the lower half of your room.

These are some great tips I’ve been trying out myself.. hope they help!

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