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Backyard Playground: Best Ground Cover Options Guide

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Adding a playground structure or playground cover to your backyard is a typical area for your family-friendly and kids. It increases the enjoyment and fun of children who live in or visit your home, or rental property or play kids park.

Safety is, of course, a primary concern. When you are selecting playground equipment and playground cover, choosing a ground cover, flooring and installing the play and swing set you need to follow some guidelines.  But you also need to make sure that your playground area fits in your landscaping or backyard and will add to – not take away from – the overall visual appeal of your home.

Most sets of playgrounds with swings, slides, and other interesting features are made of plastic, metal or wood. Each has pros and cons, but the game set created from one of these material options can be inserted into your landscape for a smooth transition from the play area to another functional area on your page or public area.

This is especially true if you choose the GroundCover option for the playground that visually completes other land cover and landscape features in the area.

Install Play Yard Cover Ground

When installing Play Yard Ground Cover, fill in the area with 12 inches. Over time, the material will be satisfied, compact or become neglected and compress to around 9 inches. Check filling material as often as possible to make sure it’s always quite deep. The surface must extend at least 6 feet of any playground equipment in all directions.

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Maintain Cover Play Yard Ground

A convenient way to ensure that your Play Yard ground cover remains at the right level is to mark posting the Play Yard equipment support. This makes it easy to make sure you have enough content material. Refill the material as often as needed. Wood chips and mulch will reduce faster than nuts. Put nuts need less care, worn longer and the channels are better.

Ground cover

Because the hard surface can cause injury, it is better to avoid it around the play page. The US consumer product safety commission shows that the dirt and nude grass are not considered the protective surface, because the properties of absorbing surprises are very reduced by wear and environmental factors. Likewise, carpets and thin mats are not a good choice for playing fields.

Bark mulsa.

Pieces of minced tree trees and torn which is usually lighter than the weight of traditional wood. If you are in a vulnerable area of ​​floods, you might want to consider using traditional mulch because lighter skin mulch tends to float. Be sure to get natural skin mulch without coloring.

Rubber mat and tile

Rubber tiles and mats made of recycled tire rubber help protect children from injury when they fall from playing equipment. Tiles and mats do not experience low and high points, but instead provide a uniform surface that requires a little treatment. Dam-debris that swept the dirt keeping rubber tiles and mats in good conditions for years. Tiles and rubber mats come in various colors, and some are printed with pictures of animals or views.

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Pouring rubber

The surface of the playground rubber in place is Nonslip and Nontoxic. It gives a safe pillow against injury from falling. The surface comes in bright colors and can be adjusted to almost shape, size and thickness. This type of floor receives game board printing, such as Hopscotch and Shuffleboard. It has a pillow that absorbs shocks from falling 12 feet.

Rubber mulch

Granular rubber mulch made from recycled tires not only provides a safe surface for children to play, but also allows running water and absorbs into the ground below it. This feature reduces water standing, mold and rottenness caused by excessive moisture. It also helps control weeds, producing less maintenance. Use rubber mulch alone or blender with sand.


Loose material, such as wood or fiber chips, beans and sand, can provide a safer surface of the play than concrete or asphalt but may not be the best choice in all cases. Loose ingredients become compacted and moved and will decompose from time to time, produce a lot of care more than some other options. With loose wood material, children experience risk of breathing saw powder, wood fibers and spores mold. Inhaling silica from the sand can cause cancer or respiratory disease.

Pea Gravel

Small Pea gravel, fine rounds of various colors. Without sharp or jagged corners, this is one of the best choices for your playground cover. Pussy gravel usually comes in brighter colors that are not too hot on summer days like darker materials. It’s sanitation and provides large pillows and shock absorbers. Gravel beans remain the main choice for the Playground Ground Cover for decades because of its endurance and surprising shock absorption to fall.

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Artificial turf.

Artificial turf adds a real look of grass to a safe playground surface. Good quality grass products look and feel like genuine grass but don’t attract insects or animals. The playground with equipment that is higher than 5 feet requires a shock pad placed under the grass. Artificial turf does not replace or compact and does not require wind cutting, weeding or chemicals. As far as fees, artificial grass is at a higher tip, but the benefits are far exceeding costs.

Shredded Wood Mulch

This is traditionally used in flower beds and can make the appropriate land cover. Heavier than wood chips, traditional mulch tends to remain in a place without blowing or washing. Usually a by-product of the paper and wood industry, traditional mulch made of used wood and various other wood products. Be sure to get natural mulch without coloring.



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