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Free Facebook (Free FB) & Free Basics

Free Facebook, also know as Free FB allows you to access your Facebook accounts and Messenger absolutely free (zero data balance) via a mobile app or web browser. It is available within a daily Fair Usage Policy.

Customers who have created or renewed their Facebook accounts can enjoy the following free FB features:

You can use MTN Free Basics to:

  • View/change profile picture
  • Update Facebook status
  • Leave a comment or write on a friend’s wall
  • Find Friends on Facebook Add New Friends
  • Explore Facebook
  • Send/receive photos and videos (Not available for existing Facebook users)
  • Open external hyperlinks (Not available for existing Facebook users)
  • Facebook Messenger

Free Basics (Free FB)

You can access Facebook and other websites free of charge with Free Basics on your mobile phone. These websites can be accessed via a unique URL in a daily Fair Usage Policy. The variety of websites includes communication, learning and sports and entertainment.

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What features are available on Free Basics?

You can use MTN Free Basics to:

  • Update your Facebook status
  • Leave a comment or write on a friend’s wall
  • View/change profile picture
  • Send and Receive Videos, Pictures, and Text (text-only mode for existing Facebook users)
  • Find Friends on Facebook
  • Add new friends
  • Explore Facebook
  • Explore other websites like AccuWeather and Ask a Doctor By Kangpe.

Access to Free FB Feature:

You can access the Free Basics by downloading and installing the Free Basics App from your app store to your phone or entering this web address: on your browser.

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Free FB Frequently Asked Question

Frequently Asked Question

MTN customers with zero data balance can enjoy the Free Facebook or Free Basics service, which is available to all within their 20MB daily data allowance.

  • Will I get a separate Free FB 20MB daily data allowance for access to Free Facebook and Free Basics?

Yes, you will not be charged the daily data limit of 20MB if you use Free Facebook or Free Basics.

  • Will I be charged for browsing Free FB/Free Basics using my data bundle?

Yes, you can use Free Basics for a fair usage policy (FUP) of 20MB per day. If you wish to view, send, or open external links, you will need to pay data.

After you exhaust your data bundle, you’ll automatically be switched back to the free option.

  • Can I browse all websites or apps with the daily data allowance?

You will only be able to access Free Facebook and Free Basics, with the daily data allowance. To access other apps or internet on your phone, you will need to subscribe to a Data plan.

The daily Fair Usage Policy is in effect for 1 day.

  • Can I rollover my daily data allowance that is not used?

You cannot rollover your daily data allowance. You will get 20MB more data the next day, and all your data will be deleted by midnight.

  • Can I access Free Facebook/Free Basics on any mobile device?

Yes! Yes! You can access the Free Basics on any smartphone or mobile device with supported browsers.

  • Can I get the Free Facebook/Free Basics Service if I haven’t been logged in to my Facebook account for a while?
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Yes. Yes. If your Facebook account has been inactive for more than 30 days, you can enjoy Facebook with text and photos for seven days as a Returning Customer.

  • Why can’t I switch from paid to unpaid mode to vice versa?

If you fall into one of the following categories, your Free Facebook/Free Basics account will not allow you to switch between paid and free mode.

  • New Users: Create a Free Facebook account. You’ll remain in the free mode for 30 days and have full access to all of.
  • Returning Free Facebook Users (Dormant: For 7 days, you will be in the free mode. You can only view text/photos and not videos.
  • The phone uses proxy settings (IP, Port 8080) in APN configuration. To switch from paid to no mode or vice versa, you will need to delete the proxy settings.
  • How can I check the Fair Usage Policy balance for my daily Fair Use Policy?

Threshold notifications will be sent to you once your daily data allowance reaches 50%, 90% or 100%.

  • Can I get Free Basics when I travel abroad?

No. No. You will be charged for Facebook Free Basics when you travel abroad.

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