How to change your name on Facebook

How To Change Your Name On Facebook – Complete Guide

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Are you thinking about how to change your name on Facebook?

Here is a complete guide on how to change name on Facebook.

Facebook is a very well-known social media platform. It has a network of billions of users scattered around the world. By registering on Facebook, you can share your memories on your profile with your friends and family living in any part of the world.

Facebook allows you to change your username in both the Android app and the iOS app. If you are not satisfied with your current name or you just want to make it better, you can follow these steps to change the name of your Facebook profile.

Step by Step guide on how to change your name on Facebook:

  • Review the Facebook name standards here.
  • Login to your Facebook Account
  • Click on the Down Arrow at the top right corner of your Facebook.
  • how to change your name on facebook
  • Chose Settings & Privacy from the drop-down and then click Settings.
  • Click on Name.
  • Enter your name in the name field and click Review Change.
  • Facebook will ask for your Password before you can proceed.
  • Enter your Facebook account password and then click Save Changes.

How To Change Your Name On Facebook Page

How can I change the name of my Facebook page?

The names of Facebook pages should accurately reflect the subject of the Page. It would help if you were an administrator to request a change in the name of your Page. Changing the name of your Page will not affect its user name.

To request a change to the name of your Page:

  1. Check out Facebook page title standards
  2. Click About the program on the left side of your Page
  3. In the General and Name section, click Edit
  4. Enter a new page name and click Continue
  5. Review your request and click Request a Change

If you don’t see an option to change the name of your Page:

  1. You don’t have a Page role that allows you to change the name of your Page. Learn how to view your role on the Page.
  2. You or another administrator recently changed the name of your Page.
  3. There may be restrictions on your Page.

If you can submit a name change request, please keep in mind that it may take up to 3 days to review your request, and we may need additional information before you receive a final decision. If your name change is approved, you will not be able to cancel the publication of the Page or change the name again within 7 days.

During these 7 days, we can also inform people who like your Page that the name has been updated.

What names are allowed on Facebook?

Facebook is a community where everyone uses the name under which they live in everyday life. This allows you always to know who you are communicating with.


Your Facebook Name cannot include:

  1. Symbols, Numbers, Unusual Capital Letters, Repeated Symbols or, Punctuation marks.
  2. Characters from several languages.
  3. Titles of any kind (for example, professional, religious).
  4. Words or phrases instead of a name.
  5. Offensive or suggestive terms of any kind.

If your name meets Facebook standards and you still have problems changing it, you can contact Facebook to find out why.

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Other things to keep in mind when changing your name of Facebook:

The name in your account should be the name that your friends call you in everyday life. This name must also be indicated on the identity card or a document from the Facebook list of identity cards.

There may be cases of using a name other than the one specified in the identity document from the Facebook list of identifiers in some profiles.

Nicknames can be used as a first name or patronymic if they are a variation of your real name (for example, Bob instead of Robert).

You can also specify another name in your account (maiden name, pseudonym, professional name).

The profiles are intended for individual use only. You can create a page for a business, organization, or idea.

Impersonating someone or anything is prohibited.

I hope our guide on How to change your name on Facebook is helpful?

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