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Evaluating How SSE Energy Solutions Can Help Your Bottom Line

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Providing you with access to green energy solutions, SSE energy solutions is one of the utility providers in the UK that is ready to meet your energy supply needs.

If you are in the market for a cheaper energy provider, then SSE might have the perfect rates for you. Their green energy is delivered straight from their wind farms in the UK to your business.

Continuing the journey of reaching net zero by 2050, SSE Energy Solutions can be your new energy provider.

What does SSE Energy Solutions Do?

SSE Energy Solutions provide electricity and gas for both big and small businesses in the UK.

Offering a wide range of flexible and fixed energy plans, their fixed contracts include 100% renewable energy as a standard option.

While currently supplying around 500 000 meter points, it is easy to understand why they can meet energy supply needs.

SSE Energy Solutions has its own independent network operator, an optimal power network responsible for distributing energy throughout Great Britain.

SSE Energy Solutions services include;

  • Creating and providing renewable energy

SSE energy solutions develop, operates and owns the low-carbon infrastructure which provides its customers with renewable energy.

  • Distributing Energy

Its distributing network powers up to 4 million homes and businesses in South Central England and North Scotland.

  • Energy Transmission

Owning the high-voltage electricity transmission network allows SSE to transport gigawatts of clean, green renewable power from generation to homes and businesses that need it.

  • Creating Thermal Energy
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SSE Energy Solutions focuses on decarbonising its energy by using carbon capture and hydrogen technology that provides efficient gas power and energy from waste and storage activities.

  • Providing SSE Airtricity

SSE energy solutions provide natural gas, green energy and other energy-related services to around 750 000 homes in Ireland and North Ireland.

SSE Energy Solutions Leading Renewable Energy

SSE Energy Solutions has been on the front lines regarding creating green energy. The advantage of using their renewable energy is that it all comes from the company’s wind and hydro farms.

With Scotland’s largest offshore wind farm, SSE plans to produce more offshore wind farms to power homes with clean, green energy.

With their fixed contracts, small businesses get 100% renewable electricity included. Larger businesses on flexible contracts can choose from a standard SSE Green Electricity or the SSE Corporate Power Purchase Agreement.

How SSE Energy Solutions Can Help Your Bottom Line

Since all businesses are looking to reduce their carbon footprint and help reach the UK’s goal of becoming a net zero carbon emission country. SSE Energy Solutions can work alongside you to help you become an energy-efficient and sustainable company.

By setting their own goals of increasing their renewable energy output and facilitating heat pumps and electric cars, they have first-hand experience with challenging themselves to do better and have now decided to help their customers.

These are the practical ways SSE Energy Solutions suggests your company use to achieve all your goals.

  • Use energy efficiently

To get started on reducing carbon emissions and minimising your business’s greenhouse gas contributions, using energy efficiently is the step in the right direction.


You need to measure your energy to know how much energy your business uses. Once you have all the necessary data, you can make energy-saving changes.

Installing a smart meter is one of the measures that will help you control the amount of energy that is used. If you do not have one, your energy supplier can install one without additional costs.

SSE Energy Solutions also provides you with free access to their clarity energy management platform when you are on their gas or energy plans. Their fixed contracts are also included, so you know how much energy will cost while on the contract.

Aside from installing a smart meter to monitor your energy consumption, you can also hire an energy auditor to do an audit and highlight the possible ways to start using energy efficiently.

  • Choose green energy

Using green energy is another step in the right direction regarding becoming net zero. SSE Energy Solutions offer 100% renewable energy with their fixed electricity packages.

Being on the fixed electricity plan means getting your energy supply directly from SSE’s wind and hydro farms.

For business energy plans, they offer carbon-neutral and renewable energy tariffs that are designed to cater to all your business needs.

Always choosing green energy means eliminating any use of natural gas or electricity that will release carbon dioxide into the air furthering the climate change crisis.

  • Go further with low-carbon solutions.

Using low-carbon solutions is ideal for your business if you are looking to achieve long-term sustainability.

You can achieve a net zero infrastructure by optimising your energy usage and decarbonising your property with building energy management systems.

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SSE Energy Solutions has taken renewable energy and the achievement of net zero to a reachable place for all its customers.

By paving the way for creating their own green energy and ensuring that all their customers have access to it, they set a precedent showing that all utility companies can make these energy-saving changes without going out of business- or becoming extra expensive.

Using the above-mentioned tips for using energy efficiently, choosing green energy and investing in low-carbon solutions can help your home or business reduce its carbon footprint and start releasing cleaner air into the environment that won’t have a negative result on any business or people.

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