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DP for WhatsApp – Updated Picture Size Guide for WhatsApp

Whatsapp Profile Size – DP for WhatsApp

It is an inspiring story that WhatsApp is continuing to tell.

WhatsApp is now the messaging service on mobile platforms, surpassing Facebook.

DP for WhatsApp is now a viral keyword searched on Google by people trying to get the Whatsapp Profile Size.

This is where I will show you how to set up your DP for WhatsApp properly. Also, the recommended size for your WhatsApp DP picture.

WhatsApp is undoubtedly the most popular messaging service in the world at the moment, and they aren’t done. To make the app more efficient, they are constantly adding new features.

Steps to Setup Your DP for WhatsApp

WhatsApp is undoubtedly the most used messaging system on the planet, but the company is not done. They are continually adding new features to improve the effectiveness of the app.

First Step: Download an App Called ‘SquareDroid’

You will need first to download SquareDroid from the Google Play Store.

Second Step: Open the downloaded application.

Open the downloaded program and select an image you wish to edit and use as your DP for WhatsApp.

Third Step: Select the Background Type You Prefer!

When you open a photo, you will be asked to select from three backgrounds and then choose the one that you prefer to use on your DP for WhatsApp. To edit the background, you can choose from plain, gradient, or blue.

Forth Step: Save the Image

Once you have chosen the background type, click the “save” button at the top of the screen to save your image.

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You can set the same background image as your DP for WhatsApp (WhatsApp profile picture) without being asked to crop it.

DP for WhatsApp

We did an experiment and uploaded a rectangular-shaped photo of mine. WhatsApp asked me to crop the image, and I showed the ‘cropper. I extended the lines until they were full and then checked the image.

I was able to determine the dimensions of the cropped profile photo that was being displayed. It measured 290 Pixels high and 290 pixels wide.

Next time I took a photo of the exact dimensions – 290*290 Pixels and uploaded it to make it the DP. The cropper only contained the entire image; bingo!

But remember that to use an entire image as the DP, it doesn’t have to be 290*290 Standard DP Size for Profile Photos and Whatsapp Post.

By using our WhatsApp profile image resizer and WhatsApp DP picture resizer online tools, you can easily generate the exact file sizes in pixels required for sharing on this platform.

Select the WhatsApp menu option and select the option to resize the image to the exact dimensions.

To resize your image to the appropriate size, click on the Manual Resize option. You can also use a cropper for cropping the photo.

DP for WhatsApp Photo Size

  • Profile Pic: 192×192 pixels on smartphones with 4-5 inch screens and 140×140 pixels on smartphones with less than 4-inch screens.
  • It should be at least 500×500 pixels.
  • WhatsApp Stories are best sized at 750×1334 pixels.

WhatsApp Today, WhatsApp is so common that many people can’t live without it.


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