Decorate Your Home Beautifully with No-Cost EMI on Home Décor

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Owing to the convenience of payments offered by EMI financing, this sector has been witnessing steady growth over the years. More and more individuals are choosing EMI payment options that help repay high-value transactions in a pocket-friendly way.

If you are someone looking to buy home décor online, you may consider routing your purchase through EMIs. This will help you convert the cost of your purchase to no-cost EMIs. In simple terms, you will not have to pay interest on the amount you repay.

Read on to know how a no-cost EMI can help in your quest to buy home décor.

What is No-Cost EMI?

No-cost EMI is an affordable EMI option where you do not have to pay more than the price of the purchase. In this facility, the purchase price is divided considering the tenor to calculate regular EMIs.

In this regard, some financial services providers may offer you with this option as a discount applicable upfront. On the other hand, others may apply this discount in terms of additional fees or processing charges. In both ways, you do not require to pay additional sum than the amount you spend for making a purchase.

How does No-Cost EMI Work?

No-cost EMI could be your go-to option when you buy home décor online. To understand how this facility works, here is an example:

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Suppose you purchase a wardrobe for Rs.3,000 on EMI. For a 3-month no-cost EMI, you will have to repay the purchase amount, i.e., Rs.30,000 distributed across the months. Thus, you will have to pay Rs.10,000 per month.

In this way, you are not required to pay any additional amount as interest payment, as is the case with regular EMIs. The result is you end up saving in the long term.

How to Purchase Home Décor through No-Cost EMI?

One may avail no-cost EMI on home décor products through credit or debit cards. However, obtaining an EMI network card from a trusted platform could ease the application process. In this regard, financial companies like Bajaj MARKETS offer EMI Network Card in a convenient way.

If you are wondering how to use Bajaj EMI card for the first time, consider going through the following steps:

Step 1: Visit the store or online website where you want to purchase your home décor range from

Step 2: For online websites, choose a product and select the ‘Pay with EMI’ option before checkout

Step 3: Check your EMI obligations and choose a tenor that best suits your needs

Step 4: Enter your card details

Step 5: Confirm the purchase

For offline purchases, you can simply visit the store that allows EMI financing. Following this, provide your EMI network card to the store and go through the necessary steps.

What are the Advantages of No-Cost EMI?

A no-cost EMI option overall reduces your financial burden upon making big-ticket finances. The various benefits offered by this facility are:

  1. No-cost EMI allows buyers to manage their cash flow while purchasing expensive items. This payment method will help you fulfil your home décor needs without having to drain monthly expenses.
  2. Purchasing utilities through no-cost EMIs allows customers to build their credit history by taking out smaller loans. However, it is critical to make EMI payments on time.
  3. Customers can choose the tenor of their no-cost EMIs based on their monthly budget.
  4. It also allows you more time to pay the overdue amount spread across a few months.
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However, note that considering the easy payments factor associated with this EMI financing, you may end up making purchases that you do need while you buy home décor online. Thus, it is critical to make conscious buying decisions that do not affect your overall monthly budget.

Moreover, a few financial institutions may offer no-cost EMI feature only to customers featuring a high credit score. If this is the case, consider talking with your financial institution beforehand. Some no-cost EMIs also come with a non-refundable processing fee. Thus, if you choose to return the item, you will lose the money you paid to this cause.

However, these limitations are minute and do not significantly threaten your finances. If used judiciously, this no-cost EMI facility could help you save a significant amount of money in the long term.

At the same time, it is crucial that while you buy home décor online, you devise effective planning to decide what is necessary for your home. Therefore, it is necessary to use this facility for products that fall under your needs category rather than using it for your wants.

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