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6 Ways to Boost Your Credit Score Faster

Your credit score is a significant aspect of your financial life and status. It will influence small things like purchasing a new phone to substantial issues like getting lower interest for mortgages and auto loans and even qualifying for the loans before the lower interest rates. Even the rewards that people get on their credit cards have their eligibility influenced by the credit scores. 

For example, your credit score might have gone down over the years because you missed out on payments, or other things have hurt your credit profile. While some injuries will last long on the cards, some can be repaired by simple good reparatory behaviours. This article shares six methods to boost your credit score faster or more effectively. Of course, not all of these will work for you, but the cumulative effect is something you want to take advantage of. 

Limit your credit utilization ratio

The credit utilization ratio is the percentage of your credit card expenditure concerning the whole amount the issuer entitles you to. The limit remains the same, but your utilization can always change and impact your credit score. Remember, the credit utilization ratio influences your score by 30%, which is why financial experts suggest that you keep it below 30% to boost the credit score. 

There are several ways to minimize the ratio, including increasing your payment for the month if you made a one-time large purchase. In addition, use the card for essential utilities like gas-only and spread your investments across the credit accounts. In several instances, Forbes has reported clients who kept their utilization ratio below 7% and saw a significant boost by as far as 100 points on their credit scores. 

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Dispute credit errors

According to the 2019 report by Credit Sesame, only 1 out of 15 users look at their credit cards to dispute credit errors. Instead, most users only check their profiles when late on payments. Many people don’t know that no mistake is too small to be disputed, and that’s what Credit Sesame reviews take care of. Sometimes, it’s just a miswritten phone number or a misspelled email address, and these, too, are eligible for being disputed. 

However, many people forget that some errors can translate to penalties and a drop in your score, especially when you don’t notice and fix them on time. The three credit bureaus, TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian, offer free credit scoring and reporting services that allow you to view your profile and fix any errors. Moreover, you could apply for Premium and Platinum services and get instant customer care responses. 

Another aspect you can make the most out of is consulting with a credit repair company. The faster way is to Google your City/State plus credit repair so for example if you live in Texas you just type Credit Repair Texas and you can find the most reputable companies that could help you out.

Request for credit card limit promotions and increases

Many credit card issuers allow clients to request credit card increases every six months. You can always take advantage of this, especially if your account is old enough, and use it to boost your credit scores. Remember, your utilization goes down every time your credit limit increases because you now have a large margin. However, keep in mind that a credit limit requiring additional information will likely lead to a hard inquiry and automatically drop your scores. 

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Such is not worth it and when a credit issuer asks for further details, decline the offer. What’s more, requesting a limit increase for a fairly old card will likely work instead of a new card that will take time before its credit limit is increased. 

Keep dormant cards active

As people grow financially, specific credit cards could earn them better rewards. And they may feel like closing old credit accounts or just letting them lie dormant. However, you need to keep static credit cards active to boost your credit scores effectively and fast. This does not mean that you have to use them every day, but ensure that you use them once a month. 

Many people remain ignorant that even the old credit accounts affect your overall credit score and profile. Closing an old account will lead to a decline in the credit score, no matter how negligible. If you don’t like the idea of keeping a card active because you are charged for these services, you are free to downgrade it so that it takes no fees to maintain it. 

Settle the highest debts on credit cards

Many people have several credit cards because the more cards you have and the older they are. The better your profile gets, especially if you pay bills on time. If all these cards have debts, focus on the highest debt amount and settle it first. Of course, this does not mean that you neglect the other accounts. But sorting the most considerable debts lowers your overall burden. 

It leaves you with the other smaller debts that you can settle by splitting your income across. Remember, paying your debts positively influences our debt-to-income ratio, which will play a significant role when applying for a mortgage or a loan despite not affecting your score.


Pay bills on time

If you are in the habit of making late payments, change now or keep your credit score flopping steadily; the choice is yours. Remember, your payment history influences your credit score by 35%, and defaulting for more than 90 days constantly hurts your credit profile. If you cannot pay bills on time for any reason, contact the credit card issues and explain yourself before the end of the billing cycle when your credit statement will be forwarded to the credit bureaus who calculate your credit score. Otherwise, strive to make payments; even minimum amounts keep your account in an impressive standing.

The bottom line

Your credit score dramatically impacts your financial status and the financial decisions you can make. Many factors, including late payment and haphazard borrowing, hurt your card. While some errors are more grievous than the rest, others can be sorted by a few smart moves. 

For instance, lowering your spending, requesting credit limit increases, paying bills on time, disputing errors, settling the highest debts. And keeping your dormant cards active will boost your credit score fast and effectively. 

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