December Global Holidays

December Global Holidays – Top 12 Holidays in December

December is all about celebration and cookies, snow, and joyous moments. For some, it’s the ideal time to be with family and friends. For others, it’s the month to be optimistic, hopeful, and with many celebrations.

Whatever the reason, there is nothing to doubt: Several December Global Holidays are observed to bring joy and lots of fun. Indeed, studies reveal that December is among the most sought-after months for traveling, with more travelers planning trips during the joyous holidays of December.
It is known as a time of happiness due to the sense of happiness that people experience throughout the month. There is more warmth and joy throughout the day, and you’ll notice other people exchanging gifts around you.

The atmosphere brings people happiness as their surroundings help them feel confident about themselves and other people with no effort.
What are you sitting to do? Go out and enjoy all the various December Global Holidays! If you’re enjoying some sun on the beach or enjoying time with your family in your home, Remember that December is a time to enjoy life and enjoy yourself! Here’s a list of December Global Holidays that seems to be filled with joyous times.

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December Global Holidays and their Significance

Here you go!

The article covers the entire calendar of December global holidays celebrated celebrated around the world. we also explore their significance:


It is the biggest and well-known among December Global Holidays, It is typically held on the 25th day of December, with the sole intention to celebrate Jesus’ birth. (Jesus Christ)

Although the exact date of Christ’s birth is unclear.

The Christmas date was chosen due to its alignment to that of the Winter Solstice in the Roman calendar. Christmas Day celebrations and styles differ around the world due to various reasons, whether religious or cultural.

Americans are celebrating Christmas by getting to meet Santa Claus and dreaming of snowy landscapes, while Australians are celebrating Christmas by camping, or taking vacation on the beach. In Nigeria Christmas is usually celebrated with the exchange of gifts as well as cooking a huge meal consisting of chicken and rice as well as inviting family and friends to a meal.

Boxing Day

Boxing Day is celebrated on December 26, which is the day following Christmas. The tradition began from the United Kingdom in the Middle Ages but has since evolved into a global affair and is gaining popularity just like Christmas approaches.

The belief is to be that Boxing Day is the official day that churches offer alms boxes to the less fortunate following Christmas. Others view it as an opportunity to gift postmen, errand boy and other servicemen and women, gifts to show recognition of their efforts during the entire year.

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Irish people observe Boxing Day as St. Stephen’s Day and have the tradition of “Hunt of the Boys”. This tradition lets boys march through the city, and tie a fake rain to the pole. The Bahamas are known to celebrate Boxing Day by setting up an outdoor parade and celebrations centered around a festival known as Junkanoo.

In some regions in Nigeria or Africa, Boxing Day is recognized as a real date for boxing. It is commonplace to see kids establishing chicken or ram fights, and, sometimes, even involving other individuals, for amusement.

World AIDS Day

World AIDS Day is celebrated on the 1st of December. The first time it was observed was in the month of August 1987 with James W. Bunn and Thomas Netter who were working as Public Information Officers for the World Health Organization’s Global Program on AIDS. This holiday is observed to bring awareness to the spreading of HIV/AIDS as in showing support to those who are affected and living with HIV.

It’s also a time to remember those who lost their lives due to AIDS and to draw attention to the need for a quick fix to eliminate the disparities that cause AIDS and other pandemics across the globe. There are many ways to mark the day. They include visiting patients suffering from the disease, supporting campaigns to promote safe sex as well as other activities.

Nicholas Day

Saint Nicholas day Also known as The Feast of Saint Nicholas. It is celebrated on the 6th of December. It is a commemoration of the saintly life of Nicholas from Myra who was the inspiration behind the current character of Santa Claus.

Nicholas of Myra often referred to by the name of Saint Nicholas was an early fourth Century Bishop whose tales about his kindness and love to the less fortunate led to the modern image known as Santa Claus.

Celebrations of St Nicholas Day comes with the opportunity to reflect on the virtues of generosity and care for others, giving gifts with loved ones and surprise them.


Hanukkah is also called Chanukah as well as The Festival of Lights. Hanukkah also known as Chanukah is an eight day Jewish celebration to commemorate the rededication of the temple in Jerusalem during The second century B.C. It is observed between November 28 and the 6th of December. It also begins on 25th of Kislev according to the Hebrew Calendar.

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The festival includes lighting candles each night for all eight nights. Traditions include games with dreidels, and sharing gifts.

Feast of the Immaculate Conception

As with all other December Global Holidays, The Feast of the Immaculate Conception is a day to pay homage to the Holy Virgin Mary. 

Catholics consider and believe that God created Mary and gave her the title of a Mother to us. 

They honor her birthday on the 8th of December every year. 

It is thought the belief that Mary was chosen to be the mother of Jesus by God since she was holy and pure with no faults. According to this, people fly to Brazil to witness the way Catholics celebrate the Feast of the Immaculate Conception day by attending the church to pray. 

You may also recite a prayer known as a novena, which is repeatedly said to thank her or ask for help.

In addition to Argentina, the celebration will take place in Spain, Portugal, Brazil, Philippines, and other parts of the world where Catholics have strong communities.

Celebrating the birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary without sin or vice is the purpose of the celebration.

Lucia’s Day

St. Lucia’s Day, also called the Feast of Saint Lucy, is one of the December Global Holidays observed on the 13th of December across Sweden, Norway, and the Swedish-speaking regions of Finland. It is celebrated every year in honor of St. Lucia, one of the first Christian martyrs killed for her beliefs.

The festival starts with a parade led by Saint. Lucia’s designer, who is followed by girls in white carrying lighted wreaths on their heads, and young boys in white pajamas performing traditional music.

St. Lucia’s Day is also celebrated to lighten the mood and bring hope in the darkest of times. Families celebrate St Lucia’s Day in their homes, with their youngest daughters wear white dresses and serving baked goods, coffee as well as saffron bread and ginger biscuits to the other relatives.

Winter Solstice

The Winter Solstice, also called the Longest Night, happens between December 20 and 23. The winter Solstice is not often observed between the exact dates of December 20 and 23. Simply stated the winter solstice is the shorter day and longest evening of the calendar within the Northern Hemisphere. It usually occurs twice per year, but it is also celebrated as an annual celebration.

Winter Solstice has birthed several ceremonies and festivals across various nations. Many of these celebrations are centered around candles and bonfires for the purpose of “lure to bring back sun” while spending time with their loved ones eating, singing, and dancing.

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Yule – This is also called Winter Solstice

Yule is also known as Yuletide is one of the popular December Global Holidays that is celebrated by every Germans all over the world on the 21st of December each year. The roots of the Yule festival can be traced in the time of the Norse god Odin and also the Anglo-Saxon celebration of modernity. The Yuletide celebration falls during the Winter Solstice period, making it one of the most ancient and most popular festivals all over the world.

This is celebrated through lighting a large bonfire and enjoying long nights in the sun with candle-lit dinners, Yule tree decorations, and the exchange of natural gifts.


Festivus is a worldwide December holiday that is celebrated on December 23, especially within the United States. The idea of the holiday first came to light in 1977 after an episode of”The Strike” on the Seinfeld program “The Strike”. The primary purpose behind the holiday is to protest against the craze of Christmas shopping.

Festivus Holiday is very frequent among people who budget and minimalists. It is celebrated by putting up an aluminium pole plainly with the traditional “Festivus dinner” and then an evening of family reunions where the members are able to air their grievances.


Kwanzaa is an African-themed festival which is celebrated from December 26th to January 1st. This December Global Holiday is typically celebrated by dancing and music as well as telling stories, poetry readings and discussions on African values and the African culture. The celebrations always conclude with a big traditional meal, and a massive celebration known as “Karamu” on the 31st of December.

New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is celebrated on December 31 which is the day that ends the year. The primary reason for celebrations on the New Year’s Eve holiday is marking the close of the year and to welcome the new year.

There are numerous ways to commemorate New Day of the Year. The majority of people go to their respective places of worship to praise God with a new year. other people go to restaurants, or go to parties, or other types of social gatherings.

Many people celebrate New Year’s Eve with families and friends, taking in the show of fireworks.

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