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Google Chrome Enterprise Browser – The Chrome for business

Google has announced a new Chrome for business (Google chrome enterprise browser), which is an expanded version of the Chrome OS operating system for enterprises, providing a flexible set of tools for centralized management of employees ‘ computers. The Google chrome enterprise browser platform components are developed within the open code base of Chromium OS.


  • Access to a catalog of specialized applications for enterprises, with a flexible system of restrictions on the installation of applications and browser add-ons.
  • Additional tools for managing access and information security, including centralized management of browser and network settings.
  • 24/7 round-the-clock support for Google chrome enterprise browser
  • Integration with various cloud systems and local corporate management and identification platforms (full support for Microsoft Active Directory is declared).
  • Support for Single Sign-on systems (SSO).
  • The ability to centrally manage all Chrome OS devices available in the enterprise using VMware Workspace ON
  • Tools for managing printers.
  • The ability to work in kiosk mode for the organization of publicly available information systems.
  • Support for centralized installation of Google chrome enterprise browser updates on your own schedule.

Google chrome enterprise browser provides several solutions and settings for different needs of organizations.


You can;

  1. Enable automatic Google chrome enterprise browser updates to get the latest fixes, or install the update manually.
  2. Configure which applications and extensions your employees will use.
  3. Manage various Google chrome enterprise browser
  4. You can even create your own online store of personalized and managed applications.
  5. Set compatibility parameters with older versions of applications.



Employees are increasingly using multiple devices for work. Chrome’s cloud management feature allows you to remotely configure policies and settings for your employees, regardless of whether they use company computers or personal laptops.

Google Apps users get the benefits of cloud-based system administration technologies and the Chrome browser.

  • Safety

Google chrome enterprise browser uses several security technologies at once – secure browsing, virtualization, and automatic updates-they help protect the organization from malicious sites, viruses, malware, and phishing attacks. Cross-site scripting technology provides protection against sites that try to steal the data of the company and its employees.

  • Stability

The multi-process architecture of Google chrome enterprise allows you to continue working with other open tabs, in case of a failure on one of them. Before the release of each update, developers conduct thousands of automated tests, as well as collect beta and developer version testing data.

  • Compatibility

Google chrome enterprise browser supports modern web standards and allows you to work even with the latest cloud applications. If your organization needs to work with old programs, then use the alternative browser support function, which helps solve compatibility problems.

  • Performance

Chrome copes with any tasks very quickly – starting the browser, loading websites, and working with complex web applications. Each new version of Chrome improves its Octane indicator, which is an indicator of the speed of JavaScript.

  • Productivity

To access their apps, bookmarks, extensions, and settings, users just need to log in to Chrome. This way, even when employees leave the office, they can always continue working on their personal devices.

  • Development

Many companies prefer to create their own applications. Chrome supports Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, ChromeOS, Android, and iOS, and allows developers to create, test, and maintain the same application on all these platforms.

Google Chrome Enterprise Browser


To download Google chrome enterprise browser, go to the download page and select the version for your device.

Google Chrome Enterprise is an open-source web browser produced by Google. Combining support for the latest web applications. Google chrome enterprise browser has a convenient search with high speed and stability.

Summary of the features of the Google chrome enterprise browser;

  • One window for any tasks
  • Dynamic tabs
  • Application Shortcuts
  • Failure monitoring
  • Integration with Google Gears
  • Incognito mode
  • Secure browsing
  • Multithreading and no browser freezes
  • Instant bookmark creation
  • Import settings from other browsers
  • Simplified loading process
  • Each tab has a separate process assigned to it
  • Using the simplest and fastest WebKit engine. For HTML rendering
  • Multilingual support and convenient use of the browser
  • Timely updates of the program components


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