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Chatbot for Ecommerce Website – The Pros And Cons

eCommerce has been a great platform for online shopping for the last decade. Everyone tends to shop online from their desktops and mobile devices.

This is the revolution in the eCommerce industry which is growing day by day.

With the advancement in this field, an eCommerce website development company offers you many amazing features. One of the best features is Chatbot for eCommerce website.

Machine learning is also revolutionizing the structure of many giant organizations. It allows you to provide services like an employee and it can decrease the number of employees in your company. Sometimes, machine learning gives better results rather than your employees.

Machine learning tools are very critical in your custom eCommerce website development. These tools interact with your customers in a better way for a better user experience.

In this article, I will talk about the types of Chatbot and how it is giving us advantages? We will also discuss its cons later in this article. So, let’s get into it!


What is ChatBot?

Basically, Chatbot is the software that is used in website development for interacting with human beings. It is a kind of artificial intelligence that gives the answers of people in their natural language.

They are a crucial tool in a website that’s why eCommerce website developers consider this during website development. There are two types of chatbots.

  • Artificial intelligence-based Chatbots: These kinds of chatbots are learning dynamically and constantly updating their information. They are intelligent and can communicate with customers dynamically. They have an advanced design that can generate a positive response from chatbots.
  • Fixed Chatbots: These chatbots are not too familiar with the customer’s behavior. They can provide limited information that a developer fix in it. If you ask questions beyond its information, it will not be able to answer your questions. This is not a good way to chat with your customers because it will harm your user experience.
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A chatbot is very important in a custom eCommerce website development because a person is not enough to chat with your clients all the time.

He can’t handle hundreds of people at the same time but a chatbot can perform this task.

A chatbot with its dynamic functionality can give answers to customer’s queries 24/7. There are some pros and cons of chatbots in eCommerce websites.

Pros of ChatBot For Ecommerce

Reduce Cost:

If you move your business on an eCommerce website, you have to hire a person who can interact with your customers. You will pay him a salary to do this task.

But if you add a chatbot to your eCommerce website, you can get rid of this. You don’t need to spend your money on hiring an extra employee.

As we have mentioned above, a chatbot can communicate with multiple customers at a time, you can enhance your customer conversation from this amazing feature.

24/7 Availability:

When a person chats with your website, he wants some quick replies in order to save his time. If you have an employee, he might not give the answer after his working hours.

He will not be available for your customers in week holidays as well.

But a chatbot does not need to sleep, eat, and break. You can chat with it anytime you want. It will give answers to your customer’s queries 24/7.

Learning and Updating:

it is an amazing advantage of a chatbot that it can learn and update itself independently. If you hire an employee, you have to spend time to train him on how he will work.

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But a chatbot can understand all queries itself but with some limitations.

Managing Multiple Clients:

A human can handle only one customer at a time, but a chatbot can engage multiple clients at the same time. It is the main advantage of Chatbot because no client is left unattended.

Your customers will trust your website if they have a positive experience.


Cons of ChatBot For Ecommerce

Complex Interface:

If your website has a complex interface, your customers might get annoyed by it and move from your website.

A chatbot has a complex interface that is slow in filtering the required information. This will waste customer’s time and create a bad impression of your website.

Sometimes stuck in finding your queries:

A fixed chatbot is not good for your eCommerce website development company. It is able to give your that information that a developer fixed in it.

If you want to ask something beyond those fixed questions, it will not be able to answer. This will lead your customer into frustration and waste his time.


The purpose of chatbots is to speed up the response time but due to the limited amount of information, they can be unable to answer your questions timely.

They may take some time to update themselves and understand your queries properly. A chatbot is handling multiple customers at the same time, so it may get confused and not serve all customers in a better way.

Installation Cost:

When we hire an employee for handling customers, he needs the training to understand the things. Similarly, when we install chatbots on our websites, it takes a heavy amount of money.

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Every business wants different techniques to handle the clients. So, it is a risky amount if we install chatbots in our custom eCommerce website development.


Final Thoughts

A chatbot is an effective tool in website development but there are alot of things to add to this.

You have seen its pros and cons in the above section. It is very important for a business to engage customers but there are also some disadvantages that must be overcome. It can communicate with people anytime and anywhere in the world.

It does not take a break like employees. Every business must include this feature in their website for a better user experience.

I hope you have understood the advantages and disadvantages of Chatbot for Ecommerce. If you have any queries regarding chatbot installation, feel free to contact our development team.



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