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eCommerce Marketing: 11 Strategies to Put in Place to Boost Your Sales


Implementing effective marketing strategies is essential for ecommerce sellers looking to boost sales. In eCommerce marketing, it is important to take the necessary steps and implement strategies that will help promote your business and increase your company’s visibility. A marketing plan should always be in place to generate income and internet visibility. Marketing methods help you target promising markets, explore your brand identity, find contacts, and grow your business.

A growing or established business can take several online and offline marketing strategies to grow its market and customer base. For those in the B2B sector, implementing a b2b e commerce solution can be a key strategy. Crucial relationships are formed through effective marketing. So, if you want your business to grow, here is a list of 11 eCommerce marketing strategies to integrate. These aim to inspire you to come up with original offers, set you apart from your competitors, directly increase your sales or gain visibility!

What is the difference between classic marketing and digital marketing?

The two concepts are mainly defined by the media used to give visibility to a company, a brand, a message, products, etc. In the context of traditional marketing, the channels used will mainly be physical or traditional: advertisements on printed media, street marketing and presence in the streets (distribution of goodies in front of shopping centers for example), advertising panels, even television, and radio advertising.

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After the arrival of the Internet and until the 1990s, marketing encompassed all forms of marketing, without the new digital technology. Web marketing then saw the light of day with the Internet. Today it is represented by all the digital levers making it possible to make an entity known and to reach potential future customers.

Creation of an ECommerce site: what marketing strategies are on the web?

1. Content Marketing and SEO

This strategy is based on the creation of content to give visibility and better rank your eCommerce site, especially on search engines. This is why, when you establish the best practices on your sales site, you should never lose sight of the impact on SEO. Your visitors don’t have to look for you very long to be able to enjoy and appreciate your articles on the Internet! Also, on your sales site, think “users” and ensure that the customer experience is perfect, which will then also be valued by search engines.

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2. Social Media Marketing

Social networks no longer need to be introduced: in terms of eCommerce marketing and web marketing, they are in the front row of the most popular platforms for maximum impact on users.

However, your social media marketing strategies should not be taken lightly: the objective will be to unite your target–internet users who will become your community. And it must be considered so that it can return to you as conversion rates in particular! No matter your sector of activity, social networks will allow you to create a lasting relationship with your prospects, provided you are constant and regular through a well-thought-out social media marketing strategy.

3. Ads and retargeting campaigns

Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Google–all these platforms will allow you to create advertisements to ensure your presence in the eyes of a maximum of visitors but also to sell more on your site! To properly manage your ads, rigor will be required.

Like the pre-production of a Hollywood movie, eCommerce marketing needs a strategy to prepare its offers! Write a list with all the methods you will use to reach your customers and prospects, and make sure to conduct proper targeting for your campaigns.

4. Email Marketing

Email marketing is fundamental to the success of your promotions. Getting subscribers and sending them emails from time to time is still one of the most effective ways to convince your customers to visit your shop and encourage them to buy.

Send interesting emails and above all, pamper your customers: let them know that they are the first to receive this or that other offer from you.

5. User Generated Content (UGC)

Here’s a great way to engage with your customers. Above all, the investment required is very low! Like the big brands, you can ask your customers to send or post photos, videos, and even share their thoughts on your social networks via messages or with dedicated hashtags. Also, the rating and customer opinion system must be integrated into your strategy because this scheme will allow you to create a real relationship with your customers. In addition, you will prove your transparency, and the good comments will be able to carry your mark!

This will help engage your community, improve your content marketing strategy and increase your brand visibility. This technique is also used in growth hacking because it allows you to generate a lot of interactions quickly with very little investment!

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6. Set up weekly promotions

For a week, this marketing idea is to offer a discount for a specific category (for example, books or shoes) or a brand. You can promote the campaign by mentioning an exclusive and limited discount on the brand or products. You really have to emphasize the limited supply and create a sense of urgency. If it’s a brand and it’s fairly well known, then its visibility can help get the message across more easily.

If you do this type of promotion regularly, there’ll be better possibilities that your customers will follow your news every day to know the date of your next promotion. This strategy can keep them interested in your store and will constantly come back or follow you on your social networks to always be aware of the next operations. Be careful, however, that your online store does not become a promotion site. These must remain of an exceptional nature.

Additionally, E-commerce for Dynamics CRM can be a great way to streamline your sales process and increase efficiency. By automating your sales process, you can free up time to focus on other business areas. Additionally, e-commerce can help you reach a wider audience by making it easier for customers to purchase your products and services online.

7. Organize contests campaigns

Contests work very well, especially when your goal is to increase your number of fans on one of your social networks, develop their engagement, increase your contact base or even generate traffic to your site. The techniques of marketers are varied. To stay on the theme of the speed of implementation, you can invite your prospects to leave you their email address or like, comment, and, possibly, share a post.

8. Give a gift from a certain order amount

This is a technique that we strongly recommend! Imagine a customer shopping on your site. The amount of their basket is $40. When confirming his order, you inform him that a gift will be offered to him from a purchase of $50. There is a good chance that he will increase the amount of his basket to take advantage of the gift. This campaign can be offered over the long term. It makes it easier to increase your average basket!

9. Submit offers for 24 hours online

Here’s a quick way to energize your site or specific products and create a sense of urgency. For an “express” campaign, offer a promotional price only for the next 24 hours. For this type of campaign to be successful, you must share it on all your web or social media marketing levers: social networks, newsletter subscribers, etc.

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A tip: use a countdown timer, this is a very effective way to show the urgency and encourage a purchase. Boosting your publication via a sponsored post on Facebook will also be very beneficial for your campaign! Interested people will like and/or share your post. Your store will thus gain visibility.

10. Offer free shipping

You may already have a free delivery offer, for a purchase of $50.00 for example. But try to install, for a few days, free shipping on all orders. You should see your sales increase.

Obviously, it is first necessary to analyze your budget and your margin. Free delivery should be thought of as a real marketing lever, an investment on your part, to increase your online sales. In fact, this action must lead to a return on investment. So pay attention to the margins in relation to the different types of products. If after your calculations you see that you will lose money instead, move on to the next idea.

11. Register on marketplaces

Marketplaces allow online sales companies to benefit from the reach and notoriety of large eCommerce platforms to sell their products to other markets, to other customers.

By paying a monthly subscription from third-party eCommerce platforms like Amazon, eBay, or Shopify, you will be able to benefit from customers who are followers of these platforms as well as from the logistics of these sites. An additional cost, of course, but which could multiply your turnover.

How to launch an effective digital marketing strategy?

Running an eCommerce store without a game plan will only lead to a dead end. With the right eCommerce marketing tips and strategies, you can test tools like the ones to remove image backgrounds, tactics, and workflows that will help you increase your sales and improve your brand’s overall presence.

To know everything about eCommerce marketing and to make this level of sales and notoriety your specialty, a large number of books will allow you to understand the sound bases of effective marketing.

Training is also a good way to learn how to manage an effective marketing campaign and steer clear of digital marketing mistakes that could cost you big time.

At the end of it all, it’s all about finding what works best for you and your eCommerce store. So when do you start?

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