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A Simple Guide to Self-Publishing Your Own Book

The old cliché that everyone “has at least one book inside them” is certainly up for debate.

However, whether you’ve always wanted to make your literary dreams a reality, or else have only recently chosen to pursue this particular creative avenue, then either way, this article is for you.

Here’s a simple guide to self-publishing your own book.

Choose Your Genre Carefully

The beauty of writing is that no matter the subject of your creative idea and indeed, regardless of the particulars, once you have your idea for a good story (in the case of a fictional book) or the framework of facts (for non-fiction), the genre is far more flexible than you first may think.

Take the time to look into various different book styles and consider what genre may be the most appropriate and unique in which to set your story, always bearing in mind the likelihood of immediate captivation for the reader.

Hire a Professional Editor

It may well be the case that either your professional career centers upon working with editing tools and long sections of written work, or indeed you’re particularly adept at spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

However, regardless of how impressive your self-editing skills undoubtedly are, it’s still strongly advisable to hire a professional editor to review your work. By all means, begin by editing your manuscript yourself, but also submit it to a renowned and reputable copy editor, whose sole objective is to strengthen the readability of the entire book.

It may also appeal to you to ask trusted friends, work colleagues, and members of your family to read part or all of your book and to ask them for open and honest feedback too.

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Select the Right Publishing Platform

There are, as you might expect, a wide array of different self-publishing websites available, all offering slightly adapted ways and means of making your dreams of publishing your own book come to life.

Essentially, a comprehensive self-publishing platform will allow you to turn every single element of your book into a physical, marketable, and readable product and is, of course, a vital part of the process, so make sure you do your research.

Concentrate on Formatting

Contrary to popular belief, the essential process of formatting is entirely separate to editing your manuscript and should be treated as such, with some self-publishing sites offering a book-formatting system themselves.

If you choose this option, you’re required to upload two separate versions of your book, the first being the written content itself and the second containing such items as the front cover, back cover, the outside, and the spine of your book.

The final element to ensure is completed and entirely to your desired specification is what is referred to as the “Front Matter”,  which basically means all written content before the manuscript itself begins. The Front Matter should contain a half-title page, a title page, a copyright page, a dedication page and finally, the table of contents.

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