When I refer to feedback as the breakfast of champions here, I mean it because if you don’t have anyone to appraise you as to whether you are doing well or not, then there’ll be no room for improvement.

I’ll use athletes as an example.

Athletes know that for them to improve, they have to receive feedback on their performance.

And the feedback they receive may come by way of analysis of their performance on the track through a review of a video or analysis of their fitness, analysis of their diet, etc

The more specific the feedback, the better the potential they have to improve their performance.

So also it is with you as a business owner, freelancer, employee, and what have you.

What kind of feedback do you receive when you ask for them from your trainees, mentees, or your customers?

Do you get quality reviews or you get two-worded comments like:

“Great work”

“Nice art”,

“Very valuable”, etc

To you who’s currently reading this, if you were to buy from/patronize a person you’ve not met before based on reviews like these, would you be convinced enough to bring out your hard-earned cash to buy from them?

I doubt.

So, how do you get quality/meaty reviews that would give your customers permission to trust you?

Some of the questions you can ask your customers to give you weighty reviews are as follows:

  1. How is life/business different for you since we started working together? Or how do you feel about our catering services since we started featuring in your events? (You may tweak it to suit you).
  2. Can you tell me about a time when you realized you needed to work with me the most (as regards the challenge you were once battling with before we met)?
  3. What would you miss most if my business disappeared tomorrow?
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This question gives them an opportunity to tell you the value they’ve got so far working with you.

You may not have to use them all at once.

One question is okay. You can use two as well constructively. It’s all your choice.

And just in case you don’t know, people love to read about how passionate others are about your business, and this eventually influences their buying decisions.

For reading to this point, I hope you’re now able to source for quality/meaty reviews.

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