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99designs Alternatives: 6 Freelance Websites for Designers

Are you a graphic design freelancer searching for 99designs alternatives or an Entrepreneur who wants to try alternatives to 99designs for your design project?
99designs.com is a freelance website for designers that connect businesses and entrepreneurs with freelance graphic designers and web designers for projects like logos design, web design, brochures, graphic illustrations, and so on.

Why You Need 99designs Alternatives

99designs is the most popular and one of the best graphic design freelance websites for freelancers, but for more opportunities or other personal reasons, you may want to use other freelancing platforms.
Design freelancers may want to try other websites like 99 Designs to get freelance design jobs because freelance designers who partake in contests must win many contests to get rewarded for their efforts on 99 Designs, if they don’t win many contests, designer on 99 Designs.com may participate in design contests and don’t get paid for their work.

In this post, I am showing you the best graphic design freelance websites that are alternatives to 99designs.

What’s The Best Design Pickle Alternative For Unlimited Graphic Design?

99designs Alternatives: List Of Freelance Websites For Designers

This freelance website list will also be resourceful for other Gig economy stakeholders such as Companies or Entrepreneurs looking to hire independent designers for small tasks and short-term web design and graphic design freelance contracts.
Below is a list of 99designs Alternative freelance website for designers and clients to meet and work together;

  • Behance.net
  • DesignCrowd.com
  • Upwork.com
  • YunoJuno.com
  • Dribbble.com
  • Designhill.com
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Behance, 99 Designs AlternativesBehance.net is one of the world’s largest freelance designers’ websites to find freelance logo designers online, thousands of graphic designers showcase their creative work on Behance.
Behance is an Adobe-owned freelance website for graphic designers. If you are a creative professional looking for freelance design jobs or you need freelance designers for hire, check Behance.net


DesignCrowd, freelance website for graphic designersDesignCrowd.com is a freelance web platform for freelance designers providing creative services like logo design, website design, graphic design, and printing design services to connect with businesses and individuals looking for freelance designers to hire. DesignCrowd has been founded since 2007.

Today, it is a global online marketplace for creative professionals and businesses to exchange value. DesignCrowd.com is also a friendly freelance website for beginners.


YunoJuno, Freelance designers websiteYunoJuno is popular in the UK, it is a leading 99designs alternative online marketplace for creative and tech-related projects. Innovative entrepreneurs find creative gig workers on YunoJuno.com

YunoJuno categories include Designers, Client Service, Creatives, Developers, Film & Motion, Marketing, Project Management, QA / Testing, and Research.
If you need a freelance designers platform that will give you the opportunity to take part in exciting creative projects, YunoJuno is a great alternative to 99designs you should try.

Upwork, freelance website for graphic designersUpwork.com

Upwork might be your best alternative to 99 designs if you are a beginner. Upwork
can be a great freelance website for beginners because you can bid below what your rate should be to get a few projects to build your reputation on the platform.
As your client starts leaving positive feedback about your work, you can gradually increase your rate and start earning more.

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There are lots of opportunities for freelance designers on Upwork, but other gig workers can also get hired easily on Upwork because different types of companies and entrepreneurs depend on Upwork for talents to assist them with tasks like web copywriting, data entry, coding, Finance & Accounting and etc.


Designhill, freelance website for graphic designers, Alternatives to 99 DesignsDesignhill.com is a freelance website for designers with over 125,000 designers and artists offering companies and entrepreneurs different ways to find freelance designers to hire.
Designhill centers around giving freelance designers the backing they need to earn for providing both services and tangible products.
Freelances can earn from One-on-One Projects, Graphic & Logo Design, Design Contests, and Creative Gigs.


Dribbble, Alternatives to 99 DesignsWhether you are a beginner or a professional freelance designer with years of experience, Dribbble.com is a great alternative to 99Designs where you set up your designer profile and show the world what you can do.
Having a first-rate Dribbble profile is an excellent way to publicize yourself and to show potential clients what you’re can do as a design gig worker.
A lot of people will view your profile because Dribbble.com is one of the most visited creatives marketplaces on the internet with thousands of clients looking for talented freelance designers.

Additional Alternative to 99Designs

As an alternative to 99Designs, Design Pickle offers a unique approach to graphic design services. While 99Designs focuses on connecting businesses with freelance designers through a contest-based model, Design Pickle operates on a subscription basis. This model allows businesses to have a dedicated designer who understands their brand and can consistently produce high-quality graphics.

With Design Pickle, clients can submit design requests and receive unlimited revisions, ensuring that their vision is accurately translated into visual content. The platform also offers a user-friendly interface and streamlined communication channels, making it easy for businesses to collaborate with their assigned designer and provide feedback in real time.

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Design Pickle Alternative

Final Words

As a freelancer, having a presence on multiple freelancing platforms increases your chance of getting more deals.
There are many freelance designers offering their services on 99designscom making competition for jobs very high, don’t let this disturb or discourage you.
The 99Designs.com alternatives shared in this article can be the best freelance website for you to get more clients as a designer if you are hardworking to do what it takes to be a successful design freelancer.

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