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5 Sports You Didn’t Realize You Can Bet On

When you think of sports betting, your mind likely jumps to football, basketball, or baseball. However, the world of sports betting extends far beyond these popular games. Many lesser-known sports offer unique and exciting betting opportunities. Let’s explore five of these sports that you might not have realized you can bet on.


Chess, the classic game of strategy and skill, has seen a resurgence in popularity, especially in the online world. What many don’t realize is that you can place bets on chess matches. Betting on chess can involve wagering on the outcome of a match, specific moves, or even strategies employed by players. The rise of online chess tournaments has opened up new betting opportunities. Chess betting is more about understanding the players’ styles and predicting their strategies. This makes it a unique addition to the betting world.


Floorball might not be a household name, but it’s a thrilling sport that’s gaining traction in the betting community. It’s a fast-paced, indoor team sport similar to field hockey, played with lightweight sticks and a plastic ball.

Popular in European countries, floorball offers various betting opportunities. The list includes international tournaments as well as national leagues. The sport’s dynamic nature makes it exciting to watch and bet on. It has the potential for high-scoring games and unexpected turnarounds.

Drone Racing

Drone racing is a modern sport that’s quickly gaining popularity. It involves pilots navigating drones through a course at high speeds, often in a competitive setting. Betting on drone racing can be exhilarating. It involves predicting not just the winner of a race, but the fastest lap or championship outcomes.

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Drone racing is particularly appealing to a tech-savvy audience. It offers a fresh and innovative experience in the betting realm.


Bandy is a sport that’s similar to ice hockey and is particularly popular in Scandinavia. It is played on a field of ice about the size of a soccer field, and like hockey, teams try to score goals using sticks and a ball. Bandy betting includes bets on match outcomes, tournament winners, and individual player performances. The sport’s popularity in Northern Europe makes it an attractive option for those looking for something different.


Pesäpallo, known as Finnish baseball, is a unique sport played in Finland. It shares some similarities with American baseball but has distinct rules and playing styles. Betting on Pesäpallo involves league games and the sport’s annual World Cup. It offers a unique betting experience, especially for those who enjoy exploring regional sports.

The world of sports betting is diverse, offering opportunities to bet on a wide range of sports beyond the mainstream. From the strategic and cerebral game of chess to the fast-paced drone racing, all these offer unique betting experiences. If you are looking to expand your betting horizons, take a look at these sports.

As the betting world continues to evolve, who knows what other sports might become popular in the betting community? For now, these five sports offer a great starting point for those seeking new and exciting betting adventures.

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