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Top 3 Card Games Similar To Axie Infinity

About Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is a network NFT-based game that was developed on the Ethereum blockchain. The ERC-721 NFTs known as “Axies” are tradable and resemble axolotls. Users may breed and battle them. Nine distinct classes of axes exist, each with unique traits, attributes, and looks, such as Aquatic, Plant, and Bug.

If you’re looking for alternatives that need a lesser initial investment or want to play a few games in addition to Axie to increase income, below are blockchain games with identical features and dynamics. You can find more similar play-to-earn card game like Axie Infinity on Chainplay. 

Top 3 Card Games Similar To Axie Infinity

Alien Worlds

If you’ve played Axie Infinity, there’s a strong chance you’ve heard about Aliens Worlds. You assume the role of a space explorer in Alien Worlds. In the game, you have access to a set of three mining tools that you may use to mine planets. Since the minerals you mine serve as the game’s equivalent of currency, it is quite easy to comprehend how you may start earning money from the game. All the game asks is that you look after mining.

You must look for specific characteristics of a planet. The first is the Mining Pot, also referred to as the total available TLM on the planet. Another element to consider is the amount of time it takes the planet to create TLM, also known as filterrate. The next stage is to choose a piece of land to mine on after choosing a planet. The NFT Land in Alien Worlds symbolizes a planet’s constituent parts. You can own a Land in the game that you can mine on your own. Naturally, others may mine your property in exchange for a commission.

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NFTs are things like land, avatars, tools, weapons, minions, and artifacts in alien worlds. NFTs are traded on the market and portrayed as trading cards.


Like collecting and battling? What about collecting and battle in the Splinterlands? 

Players collect NFT cards in this blockchain game and use them to attack one other. In Splinterlands, there are two groups of summoners and creatures. Each player may select one summoner, which benefits creatures, to use in battle. At that moment, players may select a monster from that summoner’s deck. Each of the seven elements—fire, water, earth, life, death, dragon, and neutral—has a specific summoner associated with it. The amount of mana that each monster requires varies according to how powerful it is. A card’s price, scarcity, and power are all predicated on its rarity.

Nearly 500 cards are in the game. These authentic playing cards can be purchased, traded, bought, and sold by players to generate revenue.

My DeFi Pet

Players have complete control over every resource in the free-to-play tactical NFT card game Gods Unchained. On the Ethereum blockchain, it was constructed. It is one of the most well-known play-to-earn (P2E) card games on the blockchain that enables you to acquire, purchase, and play collectible digital cards using nonfungible tokens (NFTs).

The Gods Unchained game’s development team specifically targeted card game players who are used to having their library decimated every rotation. Players may fully manage their digital assets in Gods Unchained, giving them the freedom to purchase, sell, and use their cards in other video games that permit integrating their NFTs inside or outside of the game.

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All the cards and other in-game goods that players may purchase in Gods Unchained are ERC-721 tokens because the game is developed on the Ethereum network (NFTs). You may either retain the cards (NFTs) you win in Gods Unchained for your collection or sell them for real world money.


Axie Infinity is a pioneer in blockchain gaming with the ability to obtain trade cards. In an effort to capitalize on the excitement around blockchain gaming, imitations have already started to appear, although it is unknown how long these games will remain popular.

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