Technical Support Outsourcing

Technical Support Outsourcing and How It Works

One of the key successes in any business is constant contact with potential customers. It is difficult to imagine a successful business without using a contact center engaged in the sale of products or services. It is possible to create your own call center, but it will require a lot of effort, time and money.

Particularly in this matter should be allocated cash costs. The launch of the contact center, regardless of the size, requires significant cash costs. Therefore, technical support outsourcing  is more and more often the choice of many companies for doing a successful business. The use of outsourcing in your business is due to the following advantages:

  • For a company using such a system, a full range of support and maintenance is provided;
  • Savings of cash and temporary funds when changing the direction of work.
  • These are only one of the few advantages of contacting an outsourcing company. To take advantage of technical support outsourcing, possibly any business, regardless of the volume of products sold and the coverage of potential customers. Who are the most frequent customers:
  • manufacturers of finished products;
  • financial and state institutions;
  • Insurance and transport companies.

How does technical support outsourcing work?

On the Internet, you can find many different outsourcing schemes. The most optimal option for technical support is considered: the company’s client turns through a phone call or in writing, using a special service, e-mail, to obtain information about the product.

The specialist who accepted the appeal captures it in the base with the notes of the details of the circulation. It helps to answer the client’s question, and if knowledge is not enough to answer, it redirects a call to a company specialist.


The specialist answers the most common questions, technical support outsourcing is able to unload the customer’s company from standard issues, thereby taking on the main work to communicate with potential customers.

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Stages of organization of technical support outsourcing

At the first stage of cooperation, all possible information about the campaign that experts represent. Then, the customer is discussed by all parts, the manufacturing features and other distinctive sides of the company are discussed. The discussion is held regarding answers to the most frequently asked questions from customers. Discussion of all the nuances is carried out that will allow competent communication of specialists with customers. The volume of potential customers and their interest in specific goods, services are determined. As a result, a specific communication plan is drawn up, allowing each client to get the information of interest to him.

Technical support services

In total, three areas of outsourcing customer support can be distinguished:

  • consultation;
  • If the company sells any complex products, a remote solution of problems of the purchased products that have arisen is made;
  • Drawing up and processing new applications, with further transfer, all this base of potential customers, to the customer.

Technical support lines

Technical support outsourcing can be involved in several support lines. The first is engaged in the determination of the client and the problem or answers to possible general questions. This line is engaged in the elimination of issues that do not require deep immersion in the topic. The tasks of such specialists are:

  • the first contact with the contacting client;
  • clarifying the reasons for the call;
  • answers to questions that do not require special knowledge in the subject;
  • full filling out data in the application;
  • if necessary, redirecting to a specialist for answers to complex technical questions;
  • The client is maintained before the transaction is closed.
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Technical support outsourcing experts bring all applications to the database, with the specification of the date and time, as well as the special wishes of the client or other important information. More than half of the appeals find their solution at this stage. The second line responds to specialists who are more detailed in difficult matters.

The final third line represents experts in the direction of business and the products that the client turned to. Very few customers reach the last line, basically everything is decided on the first two. Also, specialists of the third line can be replaced by redirecting to the customer, who can more accurately give an answer to the question of interest.

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