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9 Qualities of An Effective Maths and Physics Tutor

Remember the very beginning of your teaching career as a maths and physics tutor. You were full of excitement (and energy) as the new school year approached. Instead of studying at a desk, you would finally have the opportunity to teach in front of the class.

Your tutoring days were filled with anticipation, smiles, and laughter. Then, in the end, as soon as the novelty began to fade, difficult times inevitably came. What supported you was that one maths and physics tutor who showed you what you are capable of.

Whether it was a helping hand or a quiet example, you knew that if your  maths and physics tutor could do it, then you could too.

In a recent survey, a network of maths and physics tutors were asked to think about a math and physics tutor they admire and list the qualities that they think made these tutors effective. The following qualities of effective teachers were shared again and again:

Physics and Maths Tutor

The qualities of effective maths and physics tutor

  1. Love Your Students

One of the characteristics of an effective maths and physics tutors is that these teachers feel privileged and honored by taking part in the lives of their students.

They communicate with their students, finding out what interests them, and then learn more about these interests. This way, they can be more involved in their class and develop lesson plans and reading materials that are both relevant and interesting for their students.

  1. Listen to the students

Listening to students is of great importance for building relationships based on trust and mutual respect. A maths and physics tutor who really listen get valuable insight into the lives of their students. Students are more likely to seek additional support when they struggle with reading or other subjects if they are in an environment where they know they will be taken seriously.

  1. Find time for each student
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Maths and physics is considered as difficult subjects for some students, a maths and physics tutor who allocate time for each student individually can see which students need to be challenged in reading and are experiencing difficulties, and they may need additional support. These teachers are not necessarily better versed in time management; however, they know when to ask for help to find time for this important best practice.

  1. Learn Something New Every Day

Those who “practice what they preach” and are passionate about studying and reading are the best examples for their students. A maths and physics tutor who strive to learn something new every day, whether it’s reading good books, knowing local problems, or just listening to a friend, will also inspire students to learn for life.

  1. Fill the class with positive emotions

It’s amazing how far a smile and a kind word can go to lift the mood of the whole class, especially for students who may have difficulties with subjects like maths and physics.

Another quality of an effective maths and physics tutor is that he is consistently optimistic, which allows his students to feel safe in their learning environment. As teachers, we know that there are students who inevitably push our buttons from time to time, and we admire teachers who prefer to use humor instead of allowing such situations to spoil their mood.

  1. Patiently Cope With Difficult Situations

There is no substitute for kindness. Teachers are under a lot of stress, and they have to answer to parents, districts, and politics. With so many different opinions coming into the education system, it’s easy to get lost when faced with harsh criticism. Teachers who empathize with problems can then use criticism as an opportunity to become even more effective maths and physics tutors.

  1. Constantly look for ways to become better
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The most effective teachers did not become so overnight. They are constantly looking for ways to improve their craft and are not afraid to try something new (even if it seems that it does not work the first time). These teachers are determined to succeed and work hard to achieve the results they eventually achieve.

  1. Collaborate with other teachers

The ability to work in a team allows  a maths and physics tutor to be even more productive. Taking care of each other and brainstorming together is a great way to create meaningful friendships and helps to find creative solutions for teachers. In addition, sharing ideas with other teachers can provide valuable information that can then be implemented in the classroom.

  1. Develop relationships with parents

The involvement of everyone in the child’s education is an essential factor determining how motivated a child will be throughout his school career and reading development. Teachers who build open communication with parents will achieve results that meet the best interests of their students.


A good set of principles and qualities is necessary to make training effective. Considering that teaching is reviewed from day to day, they need to maintain their qualities. If you are a maths and physics tutor, you know how difficult it is to attend maths and physics classes.

The above teachers’ qualities help teachers to overcome these difficulties. Good training is based on qualities and values. As mentioned earlier, if you don’t have any of these qualities, don’t worry; you can instill them.

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