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A lot of talents have been swallowed up due to low self-esteem. Lives have been lost, homes have been destroyed due to low self-esteem and are still being destroyed if nothing is done to eradicate it.

Have you ever wondered why suicide is on the rise now especially among the younger people who are supposed to be more excited about life? Well, the reason is not far from LOW SELF- ESTEEM that is it.

Bullying, unnecessary pride and even molestation have their roots in low self-esteem. A guy who abuses a girl sexually has low self-esteem because he believes if he approaches the girl, he might be rejected or a lady who lies and jumps from one man to the other in other to look like the girls she sees on the television has low self-esteem.

Unfortunately, some parents also play part in their children developing low self-esteem, some parents compare their children with other children, they use foul words on their children, and these children end up developing low self-esteem which sometimes leads to depression and sometimes suicide as they now lack courage and strength to face the world.

I have come to the realization that low self-esteem has killed more dreams than anything else in the world. There are ways to combat this problem and build a better world.

1. Do not succumb to pain and challenges.

Yes, every day of our lives we experience sadness, pain, betrayal, etc.  But don’t allow that weigh you down. You have to know that life is about survival. A quote by Confucius says ” life is really simple. but we insist on making it complicated. Yes, we see people living as if they don’t have trouble. Yes, they do but they do not allow it to weigh them down.

2. Do not let people determine your worth in life.

Many of us are faced with this every day of our lives. The fact that you are fat does not mean you will not succeed in life. That you are black does not make you less beautiful or that only tall people are perfect.

It is not written anywhere that only the tall ones or the slender ones or the fat ones are superhuman. Don’t hate yourself because you are more precious than you think.

Yes, people may laugh at you because you may not have all the good looks according to their opinion and all that but tell yourself every day that you are unique and different from everybody else and God made you like that and you are the best.

3. Develop yourself.

Make positive thinking a lifestyle, work hard to earn a good name, put your talents to use.

Low self-esteem enslaves. Do not fall victim to it. Strive to be more productive rather than being enslaved by low esteem.

Develop yourself mentally, spiritually, physically and emotionally. Dress smart, read wide, be open to learning more about yourself and those around you. Develop a positive mindset towards life problems and do not be enslaved to fear.

Start from today, create a new you.  If you have given low self-esteem a place in your life, make loving yourself a lifestyle and you will see that everything will fall in place. Be bold, be determined, fight to the finish.

I hope my piece was helpful. Kindly share your tips on ways to fight low self-esteem and develop a positive mindset with us. Fill the comment below to join in this conversation.

Thank you.

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I love reading and writing to remind people of their God-given uniqueness. I am a Student at Kogi State University
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