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Genshin Impact Raiden Shogun: Best Builds, Weapons & More

Raiden Shogun, the Electro Archon, is by far THE BEST Electro Character in Genshin Impact. You might be able to farm materials now for the Narukami Ogosho, who will appear soon on the Genshin Impact 4.3.1 banners. Raiden Shogun, for those who are unaware, is a support sub-DPS character.

She can do massive damage to your party, buff them, and provide their energy requirements. This guide will cover the best Raiden Shogun build in Genshin Impact, including weapons, artifacts and other things.

Best Raiden Shogun Builds in Genshin Impact

Raiden Shogun’s best build is the Emblem of Severed Fate set, paired with Engulfing Lightning. Raiden Shogun gains Energy Recharge from both sets, a stat that is essential to her. It’s more important to use the Emblem Set than Raiden Shogun’s signature weapon because a 2-piece gives her 20% energy recharge and a 4 piece set will increase her burst damage by 25%.

The best weapon in its slot for Raiden Shogun is Engulfing Lightning for two main reasons: It has a sub-stat Energy Recharge of 55.1%(max), which is very important to Raiden Shogun, and it’s passive boosts Attack by 28.8% over 100% Energy Recharge. Raiden Shogun will gain an 80% bonus to attack. Engulfing Lightning gives the user 30% energy recharge for 12 second after an Elemental Burst.

There are no other choices. Emblem Of Severed Fate for Raiden is best, however, if it is not available, then you can try the 2-Piece Emblem or 2-Piece Thundering Fury. You can choose from the following options:

  • The best set of artifacts for Raiden Shogun is the 4-piece Emblem of Severed Fate
  • If you don’t have any good Emblems, this 2-piece Emblem of Severed Fate and 2-piece Thundering Fury is for you.
  • Emblem of Severed Fate 2-piece + Nobless Oblige 2-piece
  • Two-piece Nobless Oblige + two-piece Thundering Fury
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Priority for Raiden Shogun’s Main Stats and Sub-Stats

The main stats are complicated. It is important to have good Crit Sub-stats for both the Flower and Feather, besides the Attack percentage and the Energy Recharge. Sands and Goblet stats are dependent on your team, or even more important, what weapon you use.

You should definitely have Attack Sands if you’re using her signature weapon, and the Energy Recharge has already surpassed 230. If you are using a weapon that is free to play, such as The Catch, then you will need both Attack Sands, and Goblet.

It’s crucial to use Energy Recharge Sands in place of Attack if you are running Vortex vanquisher, or another ATK%-based weapon with less than 200 energy recharge. If you are running Energy Recharge Sands for Raiden Shogun and have less than 200 Energy Recharge, it’s important to use an Attack Percentage Goblet.

The right order would then be: Energy Recharge Attack%, Electro Damage% > Critical Rate Crit Damage.

Artifact Main/Sub-Stat
Flower Flat HP: Energy Recharge, Crit Rate, Crit Damage, ATK%
Feather Flat ATK : Energy Recharge, Crit Rate, Crit Damage, ATK%
Sands ATK% Energy Recharge (Depending upon the weapon) > Critical Rate Crit Damage
The Goblet Electro damage bonus ATK% (depending on the weapon).> Cri Damage Crit Rate > Er%
Circlet Crit damage Crit rate ATK% > Er%

Raiden Shogun’s passive grants her 0.6% more Energy Restoration, and a 0.4% bonus to Electro Damage for every 1% Energy Recharge over 100%. It may fool players into believing that stacking as much Energy Recharge on Raiden will be the best way to play. Stacking ER% has diminishing benefits at some point. You should therefore also concentrate on her Attack in order to maximize her ability as a DPS sub. Generally, 200-260 energy recharge is enough.

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Genshin Impact Raiden Shogun Talents

The kit of Raiden Shogun revolves around the continuous infliction of Electro Damage and increasing Elemental Burst Damage for party members. Raiden Shogun gains stacks of resolve when the other party members burst. This increases her damage and helps to restore all energy.

Normal attack: origin –Raiden Shogun executes five successive attacks which cause physical damage. Charged, and Plunging Attacks are also physical damage.

Elemental skill: Baleful Omen Raiden Shogun’s slashes deal Electro Damage and gain the “Eye of Stormy Judgement”. The Eye of Stormy Judgement will deliver coordinated Electro attacks at a rate of 0.9 second intervals (while the character is attacking). Characters with this ability have Elemental Burst Damage increased according to the energy cost of their burst.

Elemental burst: Secret art: Musou ShinsetsuRaiden Shogun releases a massive Electro slash with Musou no Hitotachi, which causes large AoE damages followed by Electro-imbued effects. Damage is proportional to how many Resolve Stacks are consumed.

Raiden Shogun Passives

Wants Unnumbered- Chakra Desiderata receives 2 stacks of Resolve when nearby party members acquire Elemental Orbs and Particles. The effect occurs once every three seconds.

The Enlightened One: Each 1% over 100% energy recharge that Raiden Shogun has, grants her 0.6% more Energy from Musou Isshin as well as 0.4% Electro DMG bonus.

The All-Preserver — Mora expended when ascending polearms or swords are reduced by 50%.

Raiden Shogun Best Weapons

It is clear that Engulfing Lightning is the best weapon in slot for Raiden Shogun. The low chances of getting the desired weapon are not for everyone, and they may lack the funds to purchase the banner. Genshin Impact’s collection of Polearms is impressive, especially given the prominence Polearms have in this game. Let’s now look at the other top weapons in Genshin Impact for Raiden.

  • Engulfing Lightning (Best Weapon for Raiden Shogun)
  • The Catch is the best weapon in free-to play games.
  • Skyward Spine
  • The Primordial Jade Winged Spear
  • Wavebreaker Fin
  • Deathmatch
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Raiden Shogun Constellations

Constellation 1: Inscription of Doom – Raiden can gather resolve even more quickly. Electro characters can gain 80% more Resolve when they use Elemental Bursts. Characters of the other Elemental Types can gain 20% more Resolve when they use Elemental Bursts.

Constellations 2: Steelbreaker – When using Elemental Burst Raiden Shogun ignores 60% of the opponent’s DEF.

Constellation 3: Shinkage bygones – Increases Elemental Burst Level by 3. Upgrade level maximum is 15.

Constellation 4: Pledge of Propriety – When Raiden’s Elemental Burst ends, the nearby members in your party (except for Raiden Shogun), gain 30% more Attacks.

Constellation 5: Shogun’s Descent – Increases Elemental Skill Level by 3. Upgrade level maximum is 15.

Constellation 6: Wishbearer – When using Elemental burst attacks by the Raiden Shogun will reduce all members of the party’s Elemental Burst CDs by one second. The burst can be triggered up to 5 times.

This concludes our Genshin Impact Raiden Shogun Build guide. Do you have any questions? Please feel free to share your doubts in the comment section.

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