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Facebook publishes cloud game on Android and web platform

Only Apple is not allowing Facebook to bring the cloud gaming platform to iOS, causing the conflict between the two companies to continue to intensify.

According to Reuters, Facebook has added free cloud-based gaming, allowing users to stream and play titles like Asphalt 9: Legends and WWE SuperCard without having to download it. Users can access cloud games right on New Feed or gaming tab.

The company says this is not a separate cloud gaming service. Its scale is smaller than that of high-end cloud gaming services like Google’s Stadia, Amazon’s GeForce NOW or Amazon’s Luna, which are competing for users. Currently, the cloud game market is growing higher.

Facebook announced that the cloud game is only available for Android or web-based users, and is exploring alternatives to do the same on iOS. The company says Apple looks at the game from a different angle and continues to offer its own controls. They are also uncertain about the feasibility of bringing cloud games to the App Store.

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