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Business Idols Interview


Rindx Business Icon is a section of that recognizes, honours and inspires both emerging or established local entrepreneurs who have shown outstanding performance as business owners in their respective fields.

On, we strive to provide our audience with quality business advice, technology updates, entrepreneurship guides, and lifestyle tips. We believe in using inspiring content in helping entrepreneurs achieve more.

Our business Icons are entrepreneurs and business owners who inspire us to achieve more and look beyond our limits.

Their principles, lifestyle and stories give us a sense of direction and provoke us in positive ways.

In recognition of your remarkable efforts in identifying needs and your courage in embracing the challenges involved in address them, we consider you to be an ultimate startup and small business Icon, an icon other entrepreneurs would love to emulate in affairs of business and career.

We hereby invite you to share your business principles, tips, advice and experience with our audience on RINDX.COM by responding to our interview questions.

The questions and your response will be published on RINDX.COM together with a brief description of your business, your bio and a picture of you.

We will also add clickable links to your website or social media profiles as we equally use this as a medium to honour our Business Icons and promote their brand and business.

After receiving your response, we will call you to briefly discuss your response before publishing this interview.

We are delighted to have you here.

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