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Congratulations don’t guarantee sales.

I wish she knew this fact before now.

Before she authored her book, she was giving out massive content from her niche. In fact, she always had large engagements on her posts but made no single sale on her newly released book.

This lady was so frustrated at the inaction of her audience to pay to buy her book to the point that she blurted out on her timeline.

“Is it because I’ve made announcements about my book that you no longer want to respond to my posts like you used to?”

She had received hundreds of CONGRATULATIONS on her timeline but the following week, it was as though they all went to sleep.

Only very few were loyal in engaging.

And so, when she expressed her frustration on her timeline, I really felt for her.

It’s usually very frustrating when after sacrificing your time, data, resources and energy together to birth an idea into a book, it doesn’t sell.

So, in this post, I want to show you 3 reasons why your book doesn’t sell and how to avoid it.

  • People are unsure of themselves if they can actually partake in it or not.

It could be that maybe, they fear the volume of the book (if it’s a book).
If it’s a training (e.g web design, graphics design, app creation), they want to be sure if they’ll be able to benefit from that training depending on the device required, whether a laptop or a phone.

So, as you make your adverts, give them surety -assure them where necessary.

  • They are unsure of the product/book/training.
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The question many people ask themselves is:

” Will this thing work for me? Is it real? Isn’t it like the other ones I bought before?”

I’ve been in a situation where I’ve bought a book that still left me searching for the answer I needed.

To convince them, showcase your social proof in the form of reviews or testimonials.

In other words, they don’t know if the book/training will actually fulfill its title as to solve their problem.

  • They’re unsure of you as the producer/author/service provider.

People usually hesitate to patronize you especially if they’re your ‘cold audience’ (i.e they don’t know you and what you can do before now).

If that’s the case, roll out your resume/your pedigree.

That should include who you are, what you’ve been doing in line with your product, book or service, the length of time you’ve been in it and the results you’ve been able to achieve.

For example, before I wrote my book on how to start and build online businesses from the scratch, I positioned myself as an online business for startups through the content on my timeline. I always talked about how I started my first online business and how I’ve trained several persons online.

When I started having reviews (mostly the reviews from some of my international clients), they came in handy as social proof for me.

And Like Edirin Edewor says, “People hate to be sold to but they love to buy”. They love to hear about how passionate people are about your business before they buy.

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Having read to this point, you should be able to spot out the missing link and fix it so that you can land sales for your business.

Did you find this piece valuable?

Let me know in the comment section.

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