Best Offline Iphone Games

20 Best Offline iPhone Games You Can Download & Play

Are you looking for the best offline iPhone games that don’t require an internet connection? There are a lot of great offline iPhone games that people can enjoy without having an internet connection.

These Offline iPhone Games are great for when there is no Wi-Fi or cellular signal available. They can be played on a plane, in a car, or anywhere else where there is limited cellular or internet access.

Alongside listening to music with the top music streaming apps and watching some fantastic Netflix films playing games is the most popular stress reliever. 

When you’re stuck in the airport, awaiting an unending line, or looking to relax, playing games that are fun are a great way to play in easing the boredom. However, due to the popularity of multiplayer gaming, the majority of games require an internet connection which can be a problem for those on an unreliable data plan or in a location with weak connectivity. 

We have put together the top 20 offline games available for iPhone or iPad to ensure your gaming experience will never stop.

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The Best Offline iPhone Games / and Offline iPad Games

What are your best offline iPhone games? Are you looking for a thrilling shooting game, an exciting endless runner, or one of the top racing games you could play for hours without burning up your data?

In this vast collection, we’ve picked various games so you can choose the game you prefer to play. When it comes to what game you should choose to begin, it all comes down to your own personal preferences and, of course, your mood. With that said, we’ll get right into it!

Minecraft – Minecraft for iPhone and iPad

Minecraft, Minecraft for iPhone, Minecraft for iPad, Minecraft offline

Suppose you’re searching for one of the top gaming games for building and ones that give you plenty of opportunities for imagination. In that case, Minecraft seems to be the right choice. The possibility of exploring the vast world has always intrigued me about this fantastic offline game for the iPhone. When you want to release stress or be lost in a world of wonder, It can be convenient to let you unwind.

Another thing to be aware of is the freedom you want to create your dream world. From beautiful homes to stunning castles, It lets you design your ideal house. The only thing you’ll need to be successful in this area is an unlimited imagination.

If you find the creative mode to be a bit boring, you could try the survival mode, where you’ll have to create strong weapons and armor in order to protect yourself from the danger of some mobs. Yes, you could also join forces with your buddies to take on mobs.

iPhone Game Download: ($4.99)

Wayward Souls

Looking for the best offline iPhone games that don’t require an internet connection?, Wayward Souls is one that you must play. It’s like a Roguelike and is a game that can play for hours. The game has plenty to explore and discover, which means you’ll never be bored, even during the longest flights.

One thing I enjoy the most about this particular game is that it’s easy and straightforward. This may seem like something that is in contradiction to my assertion that “it can play for hours” However, it’s not the case, which is what I love the most about it. 

A typical game can indeed be played in a short amount of time within Wayward Souls, but you can choose from a variety of classes that have distinct storylines, and you are able to explore the entire game. Additionally, there are numerous upgrades and a labyrinth. As well, I won’t spoil it for you.

The key is that Wayward Souls is great for players like me who are looking for a game that is quick to play and offers a variety of different options for hours of gaming.

Wayward Souls Offline iPhone Game Download cost $7.99

Asphalt 8 / Asphalt 9: Legends, Racing Game

Asphalt 9, iPhone Racing Game, offline Racing Game

Suppose you’re looking to start an intense car racing adventure. What’s the reason to go anywhere else when you can play one of the top offline racing games available in The form of Asphalt 8 – Drift Racing Game?

With a massive collection of more than 280 authentic speed machines like Ferrari, Ducati, Lamborghini, McLaren, Bugatti, Mercedes, Audi, Ford, Chevrolet, and more, you’ll be racing to the very core. A realistic driving experience has fifty tracks on which you’ll never tire of putting on the brakes of your speedy machines.

And that’s not all. Asphalt 8 allows you to participate in over 400 career events and tackle more than 1,500 challenges to master your car. Asphalt 8 has numerous game modes for flexibility racing games, each of which is designed to test your race ability. If you’ve got a desire to customize your vehicle and accessories, there’s an array of more than 2300 decals. In the end, it’s an actual racing game to enjoy a high-octane race.

The latest edition of Asphalt 9 (free, in-app purchases) has been available for some time, yet it’s predominantly played online. It is possible to play offline using a few hacks, but to play with all of the features, you must be connected to the Internet.

Install the offline iPhone game app: (Free with in-app purchase options)

Soul Knight

Soul Knight, Soul Knight iPhone, Offline iPhone Game

In the event that Wayward Souls wasn’t a good choice for you or you’re turned off by its cost amount, Soul Knight is another offline iPhone game available and worth checking out. It’s a no-cost-to-play game that makes it even more appealing. Soul Knight is like a Roguelike too, so should you be a fan, you’ll love this game.

The mission is easy. It’s simple: aliens have stolen the magical stone, and you must get it back. This is one of the best offline iPhone games that offers plenty of fun, shooting aliens exploring dungeons, and much more.

You can gather weapons to improve your arsenal, and there are plenty of different heroes, more than 120 weapons, and more to choose from. One of the reasons I enjoy the game of flight is it’s incredibly simple to play, and you’ll never feel frustrated when learning the basics.

Soul Knight iPhone Game Download (Free and offers in-app purchases)

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Siralim 2 (Monster Taming RPG)

Siralim 2, iPhone Monster Games, Monster Taming RPG

Do you love having the ability to be a certified monster hunter? Do you like old-school games? If yes, Siralim 2 is a game that you must add to your collection that includes offline iPhone games. In Siralim, you can tame hundreds of monsters that are able to summon you. There are numerous dungeons to explore, and your monsters can help you navigate them. Additionally, there is no cap on levels. This means that, technically, you’ll be playing the game for the rest of your life.

You are not limited to taming monsters (of which there are more than 600); however, there is the possibility of breeding monsters to make them lay eggs, which will result in many more monsters to choose from. You can equip spells, construct equipment and improve your castle to unlock additional quests and more. Siralim 2 is the best iPhone game that allows you to play in plane game mode. You must be sure to play it.

Siralim 2 iPhone Game Download ($4.99)

Brothers in Arms 3

Brothers in Arms, Sons of War, Brothers in Arms for iPhone

Gameloft is among the most well-known mobile game developers. The Brothers in Arms franchise of games is one that I’ve played since my time in college. Brothers in Arms 3 brings all the excitement of a World War third-person shooter to your iPhone and is one of the best offline iPhone games available. The game features a stunning single-player campaign, with many missions you can complete, fighting the Nazis.

The game tells the story of the D-day battle, and you’re sent to Normandy to take on German soldiers. As you progress through the single-player mode, you’ll gain access to different weapons, upgrades, upgrades, and new “brothers” fighting with you. Each brother has unique capabilities that can turn the tide of war to your benefit.

One of my favorite aspects of the game is that it offers a wide range of missions. With assault missions and stealth missions, BiA 3 never fails to amaze, ranging from face-to-face combat to a mission that could end if something goes wrong. It’s also an excellent iPhone game that you can play with no internet access.

Brothers in Arms 3 iPhone Game Download: For free, and includes purchase in-app

N.O.V.A. Legacy

NOVA LEGACY, best multiplayer games for iPhone

Another offline shooting game worthy of inclusion on this list is N.O.V.A. Legacy. What I am most fond of with the F.P.S. multiplayer game is its nostalgic shooting experience. In this game, you will be able to take in the renowned Gameloft F.P.S. series.

In terms of gameplay, you must play the role of Kal Wardin. Wardin is a former N.O.V.A. veteran who was ordered to engage in shooting again to defend the Colonial Administration forces. The game also features an interesting story mode, where you can display your shooting skills to discover the truth.

What’s more, N.O.V.A. Legacy also has a variety of powerful shadow events that allow you to beat the aliens in difficult circumstances in a limited time. Suppose you’re interested in battle royale or deathmatch games. In that case, you can opt to participate in a 6-player fight to be the final player left standing.

Remember that the game is quite challenging, and you’ll need to be your best to take out your opponents. It’s also one of the top multiplayer and best offline iPhone games available.

Install the offline iPhone game app: (Free with in-app purchase options)


Sudoku – – Number Games

Sudoku, iPhone Sudoku, Offline Sudoku Game

It doesn’t matter if you’re an old player or just starting to play games using an iOS device; there is a good chance that you’re very familiar with the number of games. The thing that makes these games popular is their simple but highly engaging gameplay.

If you’re ready to give it a shot, the elegant numbers game, Sudoku, will be a perfect choice. It has a lot of sudoku-related puzzles; the game will keep you entertained for long hours. It also provides clues to help you out of trouble should you become stuck.

One of the things I love about this game is the well-designed challenge each day which ensures that you can tackle something new and exciting to take on. In addition, the possibility to participate in seasonal activities and achieve coveted medals plays an essential role in keeping the excitement alive.

Install the offline iPhone game app: (Free and offers purchases in the app)

Traffic Racer

Traffic Racer, offline iPhone game

If you’re looking to try a simple gaming game, Traffic Racer could be worth a look. In this arcade-style racing game, you will have the chance to drive your vehicle through the busy streets and earn money. Additionally, you’ll have various options to modify and improve your vehicle.

With a robust collection of more than 40 automobiles, it’s offered a wide variety to keep you entertained to learn more. There are five game modes, including endless time trial, two-way as well as a police chase, and free ride. You can decide to play in any game mode on your mood and preference.

Furthermore, Traffic Racer features multiple beautiful environments, such as rainy, snowy city nights, suburbs, and deserts. With basic customization and leaderboards/achievements, it seems to tick off all the essential boxes. When you consider everything, it’s among the most enjoyable offline iPhone games.

Install the offline iPhone game app: (Free and offers purchases in the app)

Plague Inc.

The game may be a bit to be expected at the moment, but that shouldn’t discredit it being a good game. Plague Inc. is an enjoyable offline game on the iPhone. If you’re a lover of strategy games and would like to play as the James Bond villain while having fun, Plague Inc can help you create your ideal without the fear of MI6.

The name implies that you’ve created a pathogen that’s successfully infected a human, and you now have to plan and propagate it so that it is able to affect all of humanity completely. However, suppose you’d prefer to participate in resolving problems. In that case, this game now comes with a “Cure” mode in which you must develop a cure for the disease and ensure that it is able to cure every human being on earth.

However, Plague Inc isn’t just an endless game. It provides players with an insight into the difficulty of dealing with a global pandemic, which is something that is difficult for many people to grasp. It makes people think about the most pressing issues in public health.

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Plague Inc iPhone Game Download: $0.99, with in-app purchases

Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers, Subway Surfers for iPhone, Subway Surfers Game

Subway Surfers is the kind of game that has always managed to put me on edge. Although it is straightforward for players to learn, the never-ending running game has everything in place to keep you entertained as you might have noticed that the game is about sprinting as fast as you can while avoiding obstacles.

With fast-paced acrobatics and effortless controlling, Subway Surfers seems to catch the rhythm immediately. In addition, the stunning H.D. graphics guarantee no end to the visual enjoyment is concerned. In addition, there are a lot of awesome rewards, and the game appears to be a solid choice for endless running.

One of my most loved aspects of Subway Surfers is the fast-paced swipe acrobatics that contributes to keeping the fun alive. Also, the paint-powered jetpack has been a major draw for me in equal parts. This is one of the most exciting offline games for free on the market for iPhone and iPad that you can play.

Subway Surfers iPhone Game Download: (Free with in-app purchase options)

Skiing Yeti Mountain

If you’re a lover of skiing and winter sports, skiing Yeti Mountain is an offline iPhone game that you must download now. It made it to this list of best offline iPhone games for a reason. The name implies that the game revolves around skiing, but it’s also about. You’ll be able to ski through various levels, leap off cliffs and do much more on your way to finding the Yeti.

There’s also the chance to meet numerous N.P.C.s on your quest. The controls for the touch of the game are excellent, allowing you to precisely take control of your snowboard as you ski through the mountains. In the end, Skiing Yeti Mountain is undoubtedly a game to look into if you’re looking for a thrilling sports game you can use offline with your iPhone or iPad.

Skiing Yeti Mountain iPhone Game Download (Free and offers in-app purchases)

BADLAND, as well as BADLAND 2

The stunning thrilling, atmospheric side-scrolling action sets BADLAND, along with its successor BADLAND 2, ahead of the pack. Set in a lush forest with numerous species of animals, flowers, and even trees. This is one of the best offline iPhone games that provides plenty of opportunities for exploration. Apart from showing off your gaming skills and skills, you can also discover exciting objects.

The physics-based game requires some time at first. Once you’ve completed the first stage, you will soon be able to master the game’s mechanics. The two games, BADLAND and BADLAND 2, also have a local multiplayer mode, where four players can compete against each other in a race to survive.

The VERSUS mode, which has more than 30 levels, caught my eye during this video game. With a variety of variations and twists, it has captivated me to no end. Furthermore, the capability to make unique levels and play with friends has also been appealing to me.

Additionally, if you are an Apple Arcade subscriber, there’s the option to get Badland+, which is the same as Badland; however, it’s included at no cost in your Apple Arcade subscription. You can also play the game without having to pay an additional dollar for it. Awesome!

BADLAND 2 iPhone Game Download: (BADLAND — $0.99 (BADLAND – $0.99) BADLAND 2. – $0.99)

Into the Dead 2

Into the Dead is the one you must select to revive your love for the zombie Apocalypse. Yes, you read that right! The game revolves around survival in the face of death, regardless of how you manage to keep moving.

One of the best parts you will enjoy in Into the Dead is the ever-changing storyline with many endings. With seven long chapters, as well as 60 levels, and many obstacles, the story has many elements that will keep you engaged. When it comes to weapons, the game hits the standards with a growing collection of weapons that include explosives, firearms, and melee weapons.

Additionally, Into the Dead has added immersive environments that allow you to explore different aspects. If you aren’t keen on being bound to the same plot, You can choose to test out the everyday special event mode that can net you a lot of prizes that are exclusive to you.

Install the Into the Dead 2 offline iPhone game app: (Free with in-app purchase options)

Alto’s Adventure and Alto’s Odyssey

If you’re looking in the mood for an old-fashioned endless run game, Alto’s Adventure and its sequel, Alto’s Odyssey, is at high on your wish list. What sets these games apart from other endless-running games is their physics-based gameplay. Dynamic lighting and weather effects like fog or rainbows and thunderstorms make snowboarding fun to play.

Although the game is easy to master, you’ll need to take time to learn it. With over 180 objectives, it makes sure that you will face a range of difficulties to face.

Furthermore, you can ask your buddies to play against you in a fight for dominance. One of my favorite aspects about Alto’s Adventure is its minimalist design and soothing music that will help you eliminate stress effortlessly. In short, It’s a stylish offline game you’d like to play with your iPhone and iPad. This is also among the best offline iPhone games for many gamers out there.

iPhone Game Download: (Alto’s Adventure – $4.99 (Alto’s Adventure – $4.99) / Alto’s Odyssey – $4.99)

Vector 2

If you’re searching for something that isn’t an online iPhone game to play during flights or for other reasons, I recommend you give Vector 2 a try. It’s a simple and fun game to use that can be able to consume hours of your otherwise dull flight time. Vector 2 takes you to an alternate reality where you’re the subject of a test that must run through various lab floors while avoiding obstacles and doing tricky jumps and slides.

Each time you complete a level, you’ll get upgrade tokens that can be used to upgrade your armor and other things.

The offline version of the iPhone features a simple control system. It makes use of swipe gestures that allow you to jump, slide or accelerate. This means there’s no long learning curve. But the game is getting more difficult to beat because the levels are generated procedurally, ensuring that it’s always thrilling and fresh.

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The offline iPhone game Installation: No cost, and includes purchase in-app

Need for Speed No Limits

Need for Speed is a franchise that doesn’t need an introduction. If you’re seeking the best offline iPhone racer, N.F.S. No Limits is most likely one of the best choices available. The game begins in a typical N.F.S. manner, where cops arrest you to race, and you’re required to begin from scratch and build your garage. This can be accomplished by participating in and winning a variety of races across multiple chapters.

After you’ve defeated all of the mini-bosses, so to take it, as they say, you’ll be facing up against the top racers in the city and beat him in the final race to win the game. N.F.S. No Limits is an easy-to-play racing game with stunning graphics, lots of different races, and places you’ll be in, so you should download the game.

The offline iPhone game Installation: No cost, and includes In-app purchases

Monument Valley and Monument Valley 2

These awe-inspiring games will enthrall puzzle game enthusiasts by the developer Ustwo. Monument Valley puts you in the position of a princess who must find a way to escape from various mind-bending structures. The game employs optical illusions as well as other techniques to confuse players. It’s also a tremendously enjoyable sport to enjoy.

You can also play Monument Valley 2, where you control Ro and her daughter. At the same time, they attempt to make it through the breathtaking environments of the game. Like Monument Valley, you will manipulate the structure of each level to discover hidden pathways and locations and effectively overcome obstacles.

The two Monument Valley and Monument Valley 2 are excellent offline iPhone games. Combined with their incredible music, I’d suggest them as the most popular offline game to enjoy while on flights.

iPhone Game Download: $3.99 and $4.99 respectively

G.T.A. San Andreas

Take a look, G.T.A. San Andreas needs no introduction to anyone who hasn’t been under a rock for the past decade. It’s undoubtedly one of the top games of the Grand Theft Auto franchise; San Andreas is the perfect spot for all your adventures. Also, with G.T.A. San Andreas, available on iPhone, is surely one of the top offline iPhone games suitable for all.

During your journey across the vast map of San Andreas as Carl Johnson, you will face plenty of trouble, just as in G.T.A., the saga of G.T.A. I’m not going to pretend that you’re required to be brought back to this classic game’s plot, but if you have been looking for a fun app to enjoy on your iPhone when you’re off, then purchase G.T.A. San Andreas.

iPhone Game Download ($6.99)


If you’re looking to embark on an exciting adventure game that is based on puzzles, I suggest you play Limbo. It is set in a dark, terrifying universe; this game will test your skills to the very core. A boy goes into Limbo to save his sister, and you take on the role of him.

You will have to face terrifying forests, deadly spiders, and unexpected obstacles thrown at you. To overcome each obstacle, you must devise a new strategy and figure out complex puzzles. This game will test your endurance until the end of the hill, so ensure that you don’t get discouraged, as the answers could be in the side of the car.

While I faced a lot of difficulty dealing with obstacles that came up, however, I managed to get my mojo back. Once I could get my head over the challenges, the game never seemed too difficult for me. Even though it’s an old game, there has never failed to impress me.

iPhone Game Download: ($3.99)

Best Browser-based iPhone Games


Cribbage, Browser Based Iphone Games

Cribbage is a traditional card game for two players that combines skill and chance, using a standard 52-card deck and a unique pegging board for scoring. Players aim to reach 121 points through creating specific card combinations, playing strategically during different phases of the game, and optimizing the points scored from their hand and the crib—a separate hand that belongs to the dealer. To enjoy Cribbage in a digital format, users can visit Cribbage Online, which offers a dynamic platform for playing the game online or on iPhone, with options to compete against computer opponents or other players from around the globe.


The primary objective in Hearts is to accumulate as few points as possible, achieved by avoiding taking tricks that contain any hearts or the Queen of Spades. Strategic play and careful anticipation of opponents’ moves are crucial, as players aim to either dodge penalty cards or, in a bold twist, attempt to collect them all in a tactic known as “shooting the moon.” For iPhone users looking to enjoy this classic card game, offers a convenient and user-friendly platform, allowing players to engage in Hearts directly from their device.

The best offline iPhone games and offline iPad Games Scheduled for You

Here you go! These are my best offline iPhone games. After you’ve learned my favorite games, it’s now your turn to show off your collection. In addition, if you believe that certain games should be mentioned in this list, be sure you let me know their names too.

Although I prefer thrilling games, puzzle games are always on my list of favorites. Alongside being a great release of stress, they are also able to keep the excitement from dying down. That’s why they’re always relevant to me. 

It’s enjoyable playing games with buddies. If you’re interested, you must check out some of the top multiplayer games on the iPhone we’ve selected. If you’re looking for something to enjoy with your friends in a local co-op, look through our top games that split-screen (couch cooperating) games available for P.C.

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