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5 Best Alternatives to Craigslist (

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Although Craigslist, the e-commerce giant, is still gaining momentum, it’s easy to find an alternative to for anything you might want to buy or sell. And in terms of finding a new job, a date, or a new roommate, there are safer and easier-to-navigate online alternatives to Craigslist.

Whether you want to sell your car, buy new patio furniture, find a designer dress, or a new nanny for your child, there are mobile applications and e-commerce marketplaces dedicated to entire categories of goods and services.

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At first, reducing your options may seem overwhelming, so we’ve put together 5 alternatives to help you buy, sell, and search for everything you need or need, from a new home to new help.

Facebook Marketplace

Although Facebook is not a classified site completely, it has allowed many users to buy and sell products faster and with greater convenience and security than Craigslist.

Facebook has two options: Facebook Marketplace and Facebook Purchase and Sales Groups.

To sell something on Facebook, a user can post a status update with an image of the product, a short description, and a price.

The user can ask his friends to share the publication with their lists of friends. Even if only a handful of people do it, the number of publications can quickly increase.

Many people are more comfortable selling on Facebook than on Craigslist or other secret sites because they are dealing with friends or, in the worst case, friends of friends, as opposed to strangers.

The news reported documented cases of robberies and violence related to unsuccessful transactions on Craigslist.


Using a social media site to sell a product provides a level of security and peace of mind that is not available on most sites with online ads.

When the e-commerce market Etsy opened its virtual doors in 2005, it was perceived as an online community for artisans, amateurs, and artists. Fans of vintage items and family heirlooms have also found great deals on Etsy.

Over the past 16 years, the site has expanded and turned into a vast market. is a place where you can buy and sell original handmade household goods, toys, clothing, vintage items (items must be over 20 years old), and antiques, as well as original works of art and materials for creating your projects.

Sellers can list their products for 20 cents per listing and receive 5% of the price and shipping cost as a transaction fee for using platform.

Buyers can take advantage of easy-to-navigate search options on the e-commerce site and verification tools, such as the choice of Etsy editors.

And there are specialized categories, such as black-owned Etsy stores, and Etsy Weddings, and the market is used by millions of entrepreneurs and buyers around the world.

From freelance work to full-time opportunities, almost all types of jobs are listed on, and this alternative to job ads is a full-scale job search website.

You can publish your resume and ask for it to be approved by potential employers, and there is an appropriate application so that you can also search for work from your mobile phone or laptop. offers a variety of tools that will help you in your job search, including company reviews, an online career guide, as well as a search tool that allows you to track salaries.

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The Caravan

Buying a used car online can be a bit risky, but Caravana provides a 360-degree overview of cars online (all accident-free vehicles) and will take your ride right to your home. You can purchase one of the

Caravana cars by paying for it, exchanging your car as a down payment, or paying in cash. The company also offers a seven-day test for ownership and a 100-day warranty.

According to its website, 80% of customers prefer to finance their purchases with Caravana, but you can also use a third-party lender.

Caravana allows you to search their inventory for filters by make and model, characteristics, price, fuel efficiency (yes, they offer electric cars), and much more to help you narrow down the choice of the best car for you.

You can also sell or exchange your car for Carvana by sharing detailed information about the vehicle. Potential sellers will receive a firm offer after reviewing their application. A company representative will come to your home, inspect the car and hand you a receipt or a vehicle for exchange. stopped its personal advertising in 2018, and even then, the lack of verification and oversight made it a potentially risky way to meet your date or future partner.

Over the past decade, the number of dating apps has increased dramatically from Bumble to Tinder (also owned by the Match group), as online dating has become the norm, especially among millennials.

However, earned a rating by PC magazine as one of the best dating apps for 2021 with a monthly fee of $ 44. It costs more than some of the new apps. However, its positive user ratings (founded in 1993) may be worth it if you are looking for a relationship, not a quick date.

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Craigslist org, Craigslist

Craigslist ( Drawbacks

For all its capabilities, Craigslist has several notable drawbacks. First, the very size of the site sometimes works against users. Sellers in popular categories, such as real estate and cars, complain that within 15 minutes after their messages go on air, they are already moving to the second page, being pushed out by dozens of more recent ads from competitors.

Craigslist has also been a magnet for scammers for a long time. Unscrupulous sellers often place fraudulent ads that look like profitable offers, but they intend to extract and use financial information from naive and unsuspecting buyers.

While the simplicity of Craigslist remains popular (you can search by city, city, state, and country) among users, the site has some features that can be updated.

The most notable among them is users’ ability to sort by category based on price, distance, and other characteristics.

In addition, the design of the interface template has not changed much since its creation. In 2019, the company added a basic application, but its no-frills design is very similar to a website.

Final Thoughts

Craigslist is a contender for the online market, but in 2021 it will have many alternatives for buying and selling goods and services.

And if you want to go beyond e-commerce, consignment stores and second-hand bookstores are still popular places to sell your things.

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