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How to Avoid FedEx Shipping Delays and High Costs In Peak Seasons

How to Avoid Delays and High Costs with FedEx Shipping During Busy Times in 2024
With the holidays comes happiness and cheer, but also a lot of trouble for companies. FedEx, like other carriers, goes through peak season, a time of more packages and possible delays, when there are a lot of online sales.

Don’t worry, though, smart shippers! Here’s everything you need to know about FedEx’s busiest time in 2024 to make sure your packages get there on time and on budget.

How to Understand FedEx Busiest Season

FedEx’s busiest time is usually from the beginning of October to the middle of January. This includes the time before and during big holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, and New Year’s.

  • Impact: During the busy season, you can expect:
  • Delivery times may get longer: normal shipping times may get longer by one or two days.
  • Higher shipping costs: To handle the large number of goods, FedEx often adds peak surcharges to certain services. Some examples are extra handling fees, oversize fees, and transport fees for homes.

Tips for a Stress-Free Busiest Season:

  1. Prepare ahead of time: It’s best to ship early. If you want to send Christmas gifts or fill online orders, don’t wait until the last minute.
  2. Make your message clear: Tell your customers what they can expect from shipping. Change your website and social media pages to show that there might be delays during the busiest times of the year.
  3. Use shipping options that are faster: If you need to get something to someone quickly, you might want to upgrade to FedEx Express options like FedEx Overnight, FedEx 2Day, etc. They may cost more, but they serve faster and have a better chance of being on time during busy times.
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Making the Most of Your FedEx Shipping

  1. Use Online Tools: To make the sending process easier, use FedEx’s online tools. You can easily schedule pickups, keep track of packages, and get an idea of when they will arrive.
  2. Think about these FedEx drop-off locations: If you want to avoid waiting in line at busy post offices, you can drop off your packages at a FedEx Office or other authorized drop-off place nearby.
  3. Properly Package Your Items: To keep your packages from getting damaged or held up in shipping, make sure they are properly wrapped and labeled. Check out FedEx’s packaging standards for more information.
  4. Consider FedEx Drop-Off Locations: Avoid potential delays at busy post offices by dropping off your packages at a nearby FedEx Office location or authorized drop-off point. Find a FedEx location near you by entering your zip code on FedEx Near Me.

Business-Friendly FedEx Shipping Steps to Take

  • Contracts: If you ship a lot, you might want to talk to FedEx Office about making a contract so that you can get better rates during busy times.
  • Spread out your shipping choices: Don’t depend on FedEx alone. You might be able to escape peak season surcharges or delays by looking into other carriers.
  • Inventory Management: Carefully plan your inventory levels to make sure you have enough to meet customer needs during the busy holiday season.

You can confidently get through FedEx Shipping busy season in 2024 if you follow these tips and make a plan. Remember that the best way to improve your shipping experience is to be proactive, speak clearly, and use the tools that are available. You can make sure your deliveries happen on time and on budget by planning ahead. This will keep your customers happy and your business growing during the busy time of the year.

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