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Arts with Art De Vivre: Get Familiarized with Pablo Picasso’s Collage

Art is a thing that can lead you to complete confusion, especially when it comes to exploring the life and work of such artists as Pablo Picasso. His creative path is quite pitfallous to understand from the first attempt, that’s why some sources offer to get acquainted with his artwork through the milestones and discoveries he made. The Art De Vivre magazine is one of those, so they offer to explore the Picasso collage technique.

What’s Сollage, and What Does It Have to Do With Photos?

We’re used to hearing or reading the word collage most commonly used in the context of composing several photos together to make one significant piece that has all the desired memories combined. But the word acquired this meaning later.

Initially, collage is a painting technique developed simultaneously by Picasso and Braques, each in their own direction. As for Picasso, his path in creating collages began when he started experimenting with fragmented forms, and it was also the starting step in Cubism.

One of the paintings Picasso made in this period was “The Oil Mill”. This picture shows us a Catalonian village that Picasso was staying in, but with a very simplified form of buildings and objects. Generally, the painting creates an impression of its objects being decomposed and then matched together but in a really messy way. If following the line of thought, we may end up with an idea: “Why create a feeling of something decomposed, if I could just take several entirely different elements to match together?”

Maybe, Pablo Picasso came up with a similar thought of adding outside elements to make the painting richer:

  1. He questioned the traditional approach of using only painting materials for creating a piece and started adding elements like pieces of newspaper or music sheets.
  2. Then, he experimented more with adding fabric and ropes to bring in more texture.
  3. Finally, he passed to the idea that was closer to a sculpture than to a painting. One of the brightest examples of such a transition is the 3-dimensional paperboard “Guitar”.
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Read more about this technique and its development on the Art De Vivre page, where you can also find categories for topics other than art.

Is It Possible To Get Educated in Art De Vivre?

If you look for a direct answer – it’s “Yes”. But the issue is how you perceive the verb “educate oneself”. If you’re looking for coherent courses with education plans and certificates – that’s not the case. If you’re looking for educative articles on topics related to culture – is for you.

Following the Art De Vivre newsletter subscription can theoretically help you with a multifaceted development and enrich your cultural knowledge. You can also watch the latest news and events on topics that are not linked to art or history. What you need to find out, is to follow the link above and explore the list of categories on the page.

Does the Magazine Support Offline Events?

Art De Vivre keeps an eye on all the cultural events being organized in Europe, and sometimes across the ocean. You can also receive the schedule of exhibitions composed by the magazine to help you decide, where you want to travel more.

By the way, you can find some info about tourism and interesting places in the same magazine as well.

Whether you’re a fan of art and related topics or not, Art De Vivre is a magazine that helps people find fascinating information about the cultural life in the world. Join the family of the people of culture, and enjoy the quality content!

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