3 Uses of Heat Guns in Small Enterprises

A heat gun is a device that, as its name suggests, emits heat to enable a wide range of tasks to be undertaken. Typically, a heat gun will emit a stream of hot air at temperatures ranging from 100–550 °C, although industrial models may be able to achieve higher temperatures.

Many homeowners will have seen and used this type of device when undertaking home improvements as they can be an extremely effective device to remove paint and wallpaper from walls without needing to apply liquids or chemicals.

However, it should be recognized that a wide range of small businesses will commonly use heat guns to help them to achieve some of their tasks. Heat guns have a diverse range of suitable applications, and this article will explain and illustrate how they are used in three distinct types of small enterprise.

1. Mechanics and car modifications

High-quality heat guns that are designed for trade use are a common addition to most mechanic and car modification garages.

Many older vehicles will have parts and components that can be difficult to remove before repairing or replacing them. Often, nuts and bolts on the underside of the vehicle will have become rusted due to prolonged exposure to the elements. In some cases, it may not be possible simply to use a wrench and brute force to loosen these fittings due to the level of deterioration they have experienced. In such circumstances, a heat gun can prove to be an extremely useful device as the hot air helps to break down the rust whilst allowing the screw or fitting to expand.

In addition, the car modification trade will routinely use heat guns to enable the effective application of vinyl stickers, designs, and decals to a car. These devices can also be used to tint windows on a modified vehicle.

2. Computer repair companies

Billions of consumers own computers or tech devices that rely on microchips to function. In the US, it’s estimated that 77% of the population own at least one computer. The cost of these devices can be extremely expensive and when they break or suffer from malfunctions, it is common for them to be taken to a computer repair shop to avoid having to purchase a new device.

In this situation, a heat gun will be used with a small nozzle on it that allows the concentration of heat on a specific part of the computer circuit board. This allows the defective microchip to be removed and replaced without compromising the rest of the components.

3. Crafting firms

There are hundreds of thousands of small businesses around the world that specialize in creating hand-crafted items for sale to the general public.

For small businesses that produce food items for public consumption, heat guns can be used in cake decoration and to make intricate edible designs that will delight the consumer. Many crafting enterprises will make products for the home that are constructed out of clay. Handmade plates and ornamental pieces can be designed to exact specifications by using a heat gun to warm and shape the clay. Finally, candle making is another popular product for small arts and crafts enterprises and a heat gun is commonly used to make ornate wax candles.

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