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Why Serviced Apartments and Hotel Stays Are Different

When planning a trip, travellers have many options. One of these choices is which accommodations to book. No longer is a hotel the only option. Business and leisure travellers can now choose to stay in an apartment or serviced apartments for extended trips.

A serviced apartment can be a furnished apartment available for long-term or short-term rentals. You will be able to choose the right serviced apartment for you. These are seven key differences between hotels and serviced apartments.

Living space

Even in small cities like New York City, Abuja, and Aberdeen City, hotel rooms can be cramped. Although large suites are possible, they can be expensive. A serviced apartment is an apartment that offers 30-50% more space than the average hotel room. It can be one, two, or three bedrooms and has a standard-sized studio. There is more space to relax, work, play, and spread out.


A hotel room doesn’t usually have a kitchen. Even if it has a kitchen, it is often smaller and not equipped with all the necessary cooking tools. Serviced apartments will have a fully-equipped kitchen that allows you to make your own meals or store food in the fridge. It’s possible to eat healthier and spend less on dining out.


Most hotel rooms only offer a bed and bath. If you are lucky, a desk, dresser, or wardrobe may be available. Fully furnished serviced apartments include all the furniture you would find in a home. You will find everything you need to live, work and cook in these apartments, including a desk, pots and pans, and laundry baskets. Many serviced apartments have a washer/dryer in their units.

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There are many amenities offered at both hotels and serviced apartments. A hotel may offer amenities that are not available in a serviced apartment, such as room service, a minibar, on-site restaurants and/or bars, and a continental breakfast. Serviced apartments can have amenities such as a swimming pool, a gym, roof deck, attendant lobby, laundry facilities, and resident lounges, depending on which building they are located in. Many are pet-friendly. Finally, WiFi is usually included in the price of a serviced apartment. However, many hotels charge additional for it.

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Common locations

Hotels are usually located in convenient and central areas, such as near major attractions and airports. On the other hand, serviced apartments can be found in almost any city residential area. You can find them almost anywhere there are apartments.

The average length of stay

Most hotels are designed for short stays, with the exception of extended-stay properties. Serviced apartments are designed for stays of at least one month. You may be able to stay for a shorter period of time, depending on the local laws and regulations. It is difficult to stay at a hotel for a long time without having a kitchen, laundry facilities, or enough space. All the conveniences and needs of a home are available in serviced apartments.

Cost differences

When you consider the length of your stay, there are significant price differences between hotels and serviced apartments. A hotel stay for several weeks can prove to be prohibitively expensive. This is especially true if you rely on room service or dining out instead of preparing your meals. Serviced apartments will cost you a lot less than the alternatives, especially for long-term stays. Serviced apartments are typically 30-50% cheaper than hotels.

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You may be eligible for tax savings if you rent a serviced apartment. However, this can vary depending on the municipality and how long you expect to stay.

FAQ About Hotels and Serviced Apartments

What is the difference between a service apartment and a studio apartment?

Serviced apartments are spacious with many rooms. On the other hand, studio apartments have one room where the living area, furniture, and kitchen are very compact. The service apartments include a TV, fridge, sofa, and DVD player.

Are service apartments safe?

India’s service apartments are secure and safe so that you can stay away from crowds. They also provide security guards as well as CCTV cameras to ensure their residents’ safety and security.

Why is a serviced apartment cheaper than a hotel?

No hidden fees: Rates include property management costs, utilities, and property tax. Weekly servicing is included. Internet Service is also included. Service chambers are usually less expensive than motels, and the rates decrease the longer you stay.

How much is it cheaper to live in an apartment than in a hotel?

The short answer is that living in a hotel can be as costly as it seems. Depending on how much you can deduct, it may be more expensive or less expensive than renting an apartment.

What is the process of serviced apartments?

A serviced apartment can be described as a fully furnished apartment that is available for short-term or long-term rentals. It includes amenities for daily living, housekeeping, and other services.

Should you invest in serviced apartments?

Serviced apartments are a great investment option for investors because they yield higher rates. A long-term residential tenancy for most property can yield a return of between 3-4% and 5%. Serviced apartments, however, average a 6.5-9% return.

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Are serviced apartments equipped with towels?

Your stay will be comfortable and private. You don’t have to clean the towels, toiletries or bed linens, as all cleaning facilities are provided to ensure that you enjoy your vacation in a service apartment.

Are service apartments profitable?

Companies, as well as individuals, can rent out regular apartments to convert them into service apartments. This is a lucrative business for those who are looking for furnished homes to live in. Serviced apartments are also available for corporate employees who wish to stay in the area during official visits.


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