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Why It’s Crucial To Have A Website & Get The Right Hosting For Your Business

Launching from Clutch.co, 46% of small businesses don’t have a website, 12% feel it’s impossible to create a website, and 10% still need to figure out the benefits of a website for their business.

Having a website can open up greater business opportunities. What are the advantages of having a website for business people? Check out the following reviews.

The Benefits of Having a Website For Business

1. Reach a bigger market

Whether selling products or services, the website will be an interesting place to promote it. As with brochures, a website is a platform that becomes an online catalogue or brochure for businesses.

If brochures have to be updated and printed every time, there are price changes and new products; website users only need to log in and make changes online. Furthermore, changes will be immediately visible to visitors.

Not only that, but the website is also the right place to show the products you offer to make them look more attractive. By including a portfolio or product photo gallery or testimonials, customers will be even more interested in knowing more about your store.

The website can also be visited by all internet users from various parts of the world 24/7 without interruption, thereby opening up opportunities to expand the market.

Apart from that, websites can also appear on search engines if you want to take advantage of keyword optimisation. Launching from Minewhat, 60% of people do online research and read product reviews before making a purchase. Thus, this can be a big selling point.

2. Increase credibility

A website will increase your business’s credibility, especially for small businesses. This is because customers often consider the completeness of the platform owned by an online shop when they want to shop, for example, what kind of marketplace it has, does it have a website, and so on. Having a website can also encourage greater trust in your business.

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If you already have a website, let’s pay attention and redesign it with a more professional appearance but still user-friendly. This is done so that visitors and potential buyers feel comfortable with your website but still have no difficulties when searching and wanting to make a purchase.

Credibility can also be increased by giving excellent services, including the easiness of payment. It’s a mandatory aspect each company should always notice. It’s important to provide a secure and reliable method for processing online transactions. Thus, the customers will likely use your service due to its easiness and practicality.

3. More efficient

In general, a small business must have an offline or a physical store to be visited and known by the surrounding community. However, you have to consider that if you open an offline shop, you have to prepare more budget to rent a shop or land, pay for electricity, and take the time to look after it if you don’t want to spend money hiring other people.

In addition, having a website also makes your time more efficient. You don’t need to bother explaining product advantages one by one to customers because they will read it in more detail through the description provided.

4. Easily accessible

In contrast to offline stores or physical stores, which can only reach customers from nearby areas, the website can be visited by anyone from various regions. Not only that, even though the store is on holiday, customers can still access the website to view the products offered and make transactions.

5. Means of saving advertising budget

You can use a website as a free advertising tool if you optimise it properly, for example, using search engine optimisation (SEO) or search engine marketing (SEM) tricks so that your online store has the opportunity to be seen by customers at the top on the first page of searches.


Those are five benefits that you can get if you have a website for business. From the various benefits above, consider using the website as a platform to expand your market with a not-so-big budget.

Understanding Web Hosting and Its Advantages

As mentioned above, a website can be the main representation of your business in today’s digital era. Apart from relying on social media, preparing for web hosting is also an important thing to do.

Because a website without hosting is the same as not being able to function optimally, web hosting itself is a data storage service for websites on the internet. Its function is as a place to store supporting data such as photos, applications, and other data stored on the server.

Then, what exactly is the importance of web hosting for your business?

Simplify your sales

The representation and credibility of a product can be seen from the appearance of the web hosting itself. It’s easy to optimise web hosting because the hosting provider company has provided the menus you need.

By subscribing to web hosting on an ongoing basis and optimising its functions, it will be easy for your website to look good! The better your web hosting looks, the more consumers will not hesitate to make transactions.

Expanding Market Share

With web hosting, your business can get to page one of Google more easily. Why? Because more and more people visit your website, your website traffic will automatically increase.

This is very profitable because consumers will usually visit websites on the main page.

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Guaranteed Business Security

The security aspect is the most crucial thing in every business venture. Professional hosting providers certainly prioritise this aspect in their services.

Using web hosting will protect your website more from hackers, so don’t worry about your data/transactions/website.

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