Islington In London Booming Business Hub

Why Islington In London Is A Booming Business Hub Today

London is, obviously, a thriving business hub and one of the most desirable places in the world for entrepreneurs. Within London, there are many different regions and neighbourhoods, though, each with its own smaller economies and business communities. One area that has flourished in recent years and is now considered one of London’s most desirable areas for business owners is Islington in the north of Greater London. As a district not quite in the heart of Central London, it is interesting to look at why Islington has risen over the years to become one of the capital’s best places for business. Keep reading to find out more.

Ideal Location

One of the primary reasons why Islington is flourishing right now is its location. Located just 4 miles from the heart of central London, Islington is close to the lively city centre but just far enough outside to make it a quieter and more desirable area. The city centre is obviously a business and financial hub making it a great area for businesses, but Islington also has its own smaller economy. Islington is a trendy area that has seen a sharp rise in tech and new businesses in recent times making it a desirable place for startups.

Office Spaces

Another reason why Islington is on the rise is the office spaces available here. Of course, anywhere in the capital is going to be more expensive than other areas, but you can find rents that are more affordable here compared to the city centre. If you are looking for offices to rent in Islington, you will want to use the services of an expert that will help you to find what you are looking for and a space that is within your budget. Although still a busy area, you should find that Islington is quieter than many other parts of London too.

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Transport Links

Although outside the city centre, you can be in Central London in a matter of minutes because of the excellent transport links in Islington. There are a few tube stations and bus stops in the area, which makes it very well-connected and easy to reach.

Talent Pool

Leading on from this, another reason why Islington is on the rise is the talent pool. This is a popular district with young professionals and families, which means that businesses are able to recruit talented and young employees to their workforce. Additionally, the excellent transport links allow businesses to cast a wide net when it comes to recruitment and the appeal of Islington makes it a desirable place to work.

Strong Business Community

As an area outside of the City Centre and somewhere popular with young professionals and families, you will find that there is also a strong business community in Islington. There is a varied business ecosystem and innovative community that enables small businesses to thrive and feel supported.

As you can see, there are a few reasons why Islington is thriving as a business hub right now and it is a desirable area for entrepreneurs that looks like it will only have a brighter future.

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