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Why Is SEO Important for Mobile Apps?

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Marketing to gain conversions…

That’s the purpose of every business.

Gone are the times when marketing was a headache to businesses. It’s not only us who got modernize with time, but our way of carrying out our daily processes evolved too.

Putting all the efforts and time into building software products is fantastic, but there’s a whole world waiting for your product to get launch.

SEO has significant importance in the software development niche for mobile apps and the web to get recognized by thousands.

It’s like introducing your developed software to a wide range of people from a single platform within a short time span.

What is SEO in Marketing?

SEO is a booster to marketing. It is a catalyst to drive more conversions.

SEO is an effective practice to introduce your software to the world.

In today’s world, SEO is EVERYTHING to Marketing ….

Let’s dive into the depth of why SEO is essential….

Does my App need SEO?

Simply, YES!

When you develop an application for your business, you need to optimize your App with search engines. It means that the more compelling the SEO strategy, the more chances to rank your application in search engines.

However, there are some types of search engines, among which ASO (app store optimization) is responsible for ranking your application on the app store to get downloaded by thousands.

Many mobile apps that you use and download today are because either you found them through searching on the app store or someone recommended you. However, in both cases, these apps must be Search engine optimized; that is why it was ranking on top. It clearly shows that developing an app is a talent but ranking it on the search engines is an art.

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What Browser Search Engines means to Mobile Apps?

Most of the massive traffic comes from world giant Browser Google as many people search their queries and list down their requirements, they are curious for. So only optimizing your App on the app store isn’t enough; you need to keep an eye out on different search engines like Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, and more. However, Google stands out among these search engines. Why?

Google – The Best Search Engine

Google is the most used search engine in the world. People are more familiar with it as compared to other search engines. As much of the traffic falls in the Google is the most focused platform to do SEO.

This is the very reason that marketers and advertisers have more emphasis on it. Mention below is some reasons that why SEO is vital in 2021 and coming years.

SEO brings more organic traffic with no media cost. So, your marketing efforts get recognized when you keep in mind your target audience’s needs.

SEO offers long-term leverages. Once you are getting recognized by the search engine, you are more likely to enjoy long-term benefits.

A strategically good SEO can help your websites, and other digital products rank faster and make it easier for your visitors to reach you.

As Google is the common shared platform, all channels are linked with it somehow, so if your SEO strategies are potent enough, you’re more likely to recognize them from other platforms too.

SEO has a worldwide reach that can bring you more conversions and traffic and get recognized across the world.

There are two main ways to rank your App in mobile Search, App pack and app preview.

App Pack

App pack show applications in a SERP when the user jots down the app name in the search engine. The user gets a result in the form of 3 to 4 apps when he types his specific query. Once the user clicks on any app, it redirects them to the relevant app store. This is how SEO works for ASO.

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App Preview

App preview demonstrates the functionality, feature, and other mobile app elements to show how the App works. As this is an autoplay of a maximum of 30 seconds, it gives you a sneak peek of an app as a service and helps you decide that whether you should download the App or not.

Types of SEO you should know

We have discussed the SEO importance and why it is essential for mobile apps and your other digital products. Let’s discuss types of SEO that can help you in the future to generate more leads and get recognized in the marketplace.

On-page SEO

On-page SEO is what visitors interact with when they visit you. It includes some rigorous techniques for ranking your web.

This comprises keywords, relevancy to users’ search, and most of all, content quality because Content is King for SEO and target audience.

In addition, however, your website and mobile apps design, navigation quality, URL, and overall User experience matters in on-page SEO.

In On-page SEO, you target your audience and know what their interests are. So, when you hit the target, you hit the mark. Though it requires much effort to rank your website or mobile apps on the search engine, you are ready to BOOM for a more extended period once it gets optimized.

Off-page SEO

The off-page name suggests that you don’t work on the on-page of the websites. Off-page SEO means you are off the page and builds links to gain traffic from another way. Getting links to your website brings more traffic and builds authenticity among you, Google, and your audience.

One of the best ways of link-building is to link social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and so on because social media platforms encompass a large number of audiences and offer you the chance to turn a wide-ranging audience to your website.


Technical SEO

It requires technical aspects of SEO. and is related to page loading speed, optimizing images, website architecture, indexing, and more. Technical SEO is somehow like an On-page SEO, but it is more than that; it requires attention to the technical side of SEO.

You may need to work with an app development expert for better technical SEO because of the technicality involved.

App Store SEO

When it only comes to mobile app ranking, App store SEO is the way to go. Google’s and Apple’s Play Store get exceptional search traffic daily which helps you gain more leads and increase downloads. In addition, it maximizes your App’s visibility in the search store.


Both engines are responsible for ranking. However, mobile apps need to be recognized on the app stores to be visible and prominent. Because when it comes particularly to mobile apps, ASO is their home to rank.

Despite the fact that ASO is important for mobile apps, we can’t ignore SEO because, as discussed above, Search engines get heavy traffic, so it would not be genius to think only one way.


SEO is crucial for your online presence. It helps you recognize by thousands and improve the credibility of your business among the user base, leading to a healthy relationship with them. Today, users are downloading more apps from search and app stores.

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