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The Reason Why I Doubt Apple Will Ever Release a Folding iPhone

Word is that Apple is in the process of making not one but two foldable smartphones. However, I believe the only reason why Apple won’t do such a thing is that it might seriously hurt its iPad sales.

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Rumors are that Apple is working on two foldable smartphones that may be released within two years. The word comes out ahead of the imminent launch of the new iPhone 13 Pro Max. Business Korea, which broke the story, also suggested a possible collaboration between the smartphone giant and LG on the potential foldables.

Numerous sources have claimed that the design of the purported smartphones would be similar to Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3. It is safe to say that Galaxy Z Fold 3 is probably the best folding smartphone on the market today. I recently came across the phone and almost immediately fell in love with its unique design.

My mind is not far from convincing itself that Galaxy Z Fold 3 has to be my next smartphone. I am also thinking of switching to a new mobile internet plan powered by Optimum bundles. Now that would be an awesome combination. But the only reason I haven’t purchased a Samsung foldable is the imminent arrival of the iPhone 13 Pro Max. Also, I still doubt Apple will ever release a folding iPhone. Here’s my reason:

A Direct Competition to the iPad

Yes, you read that right. Apple users including myself have been wanting Apple to improve the iPad’s software for a long time. The software does not come even near to matching the capabilities of the hardware. But Apple has proved time and again it has no intentions of doing that with the launch of the iPad Pro. There’s no denying that the iPadOS 15 updates are freakishly underwhelming.

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You don’t have to flex your brain muscles to understand Apple’s priorities. They pretty much explain themselves. The company doesn’t want its customers to choose between an iPad and a Mac. They want us to purchase both. And we will gladly empty our pockets for them. It’s Apple, after all. Creating a foldable iPhone could potentially put a dent in iPad sales.

The way I see it, Apple can’t risk losing those big iPad revenues. They want consumers to keep buying the iPhones, the iPads, and the MacBooks. It’s all about the money. If customers stop buying Galaxy Fold 3 all of a sudden then Apple might be forced to launch a similar product or risk losing market share. Other than that, it doesn’t have any valid reason to launch a foldable at the moment. That’s my take.

A Foldable iPhone Will Come

Never say never. Samsung is really pushing for foldable technology to become the norm. We’ve already heard reports about a potential iPhone flip in the works. While it is only just a rumor as of now, it has some weightage attached to it. If Samsung manages to attract those heavy-pocketed iPhone owners with its Z Flip 3, Apple will have no option than to bring out the big guns.

Another thing, Samsung is the only company at the moment that can supply folding smartphone technology to the rest of the world. It has already tilted the market in its favor with Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3. Moreover, Samsung’s ability to get more customers to use its devices speaks volumes about its influence on customers. Though long-time Apple customers might not switch to the Galaxy Flip 3 immediately, it won’t stop people from trying the new technology.

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What the Gurus Are Saying

As of this moment, not very much is known about the potential Apple foldables and flips. However, word is that the upcoming foldable may not be foldable at all. FrontPageTech’s Jon Prosser claims that the smartphone will have two separate display panels just like iPhone 11. Known Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes Apple’s first foldable could come with an 8-inch display screen. It is worth mentioning that Galaxy Fold 3 has a 7.6-inch display.


I still believe that Apple won’t risk losing its iPad sales to its own product. I may be wrong. A foldable iPhone similar to a convertible phablet could take those big revenues away from the iPad. And we all know that Apple has always wanted customers to buy the iPhone, the iPad, and the MacBook. Why? Because they offer seamless synchronization and integration.

However, it may be some years before we get a Z Flip-style iPhone. Samsung is already ruling the foldables market with its Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Z Fold 3 devices. Many sources have speculated that Apple could be using the display provided by Samsung instead of relying on LG. With Samsung leading the foldables market, that makes the most sense.

If that is the case then Apple would have to put up a fight to prevent iPhone users from switching over to a Samsung smartphone. The smartphone industry is about to turn upside down and for good reason.

Will Samsung continue to dominate with its Flip and Fold or will Apple once again get away with claims that nobody knows integration and synchronization better than Apple? Only time will tell.

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