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When Should You Hire A Lawyer?

You’re probably familiar with the types of lawyers you see in courtroom dramas on TV. But there are many different types of lawyers, all particularly suited for one situation or another. A few examples include:

  • A family lawyer, who helps with divorces and child custody
  • Tax lawyers help businesses or individuals plan and file their taxes
  • A personal injury lawyer assists those who’ve been involved in an accident

Even if you aren’t facing a jail sentence, it’s probably in your best interests to hire a lawyer. If you find yourself in any of the following situations, consider calling an attorney:

You’re Selling or Buying a House

It’s rare for houses to sell without a hitch. From buyers who pull out of the deal at the last minute, or house inspectors who find a fatal flaw in the property designs, all sorts of things can go wrong.

A Winnipeg real estate lawyer writes, “Many issues can arise during the process of selling property, for the buyer and the seller. A lawyer can help you negotiate the terms of your deal, review all relevant paperwork, and ensure that you understand the terms of the sale.”

Buying a home is an enormous investment. You can ensure that your deal is done by the books when you work with a real estate lawyer.

You’re Facing Criminal Charges

Have you been charged with a crime? If you are found guilty, it will have long-standing ramifications on your career, housing options, and personal relationships. Even though legal representation is costly, it’s a worthwhile investment.

A criminal defence lawyer in Winnipeg writes, “We never recommend that clients represent themselves in court. Doing so puts them at a serious disadvantage, especially if the other party is represented by a lawyer.”

Instead, rely on legal representation from a reputable defence lawyer. They can create a compelling argument for your case, refute questionable evidence, and ensure that all paperwork is filed correctly.

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You’re Getting a Divorce

Unless you and your former spouse can reach an amicable agreement, we recommend hiring a lawyer if you’re going through a divorce.

After a marriage ends, you stand to lose a considerable portion of your finances and property. More often than not, both parties disagree about how to divide those assets. A lawyer can help ensure that things are distributed fairly.

You’re Signing a Contract

Your signature is a powerful thing. Before signing anything, be sure to read over the terms carefully. Otherwise, you might agree to something you are entirely unprepared for. If you get into a disagreement about the contract, your argument won’t hold much weight if you’ve already signed off on it.

Whenever you’re given an important contract, ask a lawyer to review the terms with you. This may come up when buying a property, hiring a contractor, or accepting an employment offer.

You’re Writing Your Will

For as long as you can remember, you’ve known that one day, you’ll pass away. But in all that time, how much of it have you spent thinking about your will?

Dividing your assets can be complicated. When you work with a lawyer, you can make certain that your will is valid. If someone passes away, and you are named the executor of their estate, a lawyer can help you handle this role.

You’re Being Sued

Many clients are hesitant to hire a lawyer due to the upfront cost. But Matt Gould, a criminal lawyer, writes, “What most clients don’t realize is that they stand to lose more than money if they’re sued. They could lose their home, car, or even their job.” Hiring a lawyer ensures that your assets are protected.

You’re Facing Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Dealing with such situations can be distressing, but there are a few things you can take to address the issue. You can document the incidents, and keep a detailed record including dates, times, locations, people involved, what was said or done, and any witnesses present. This documentation can be valuable evidence if you decide to take further action.

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If the harassment persists or if your company doesn’t take appropriate action, consider consulting the best sexual harassment lawyer NYC who specializes in employment law. They can provide guidance on your legal rights and options.

When You Might Not Need a Lawyer

Not all circumstances warrant legal aid. In these relatively simple scenarios, you might be able to represent yourself:

Your divorce is simple. If you are ending your marriage, you and your former spouse may come to a fair agreement about your finances.

Divorces are less complicated when couples do not have children, property, or shared benefits/retirement savings. If you can find a fair and easy way to separate your finances, then you probably don’t need a lawyer. But if cooperation isn’t possible, or you disagree about child custody arrangements, it’s best to seek out a family lawyer.

You’re starting a small business. The internet is an excellent information resource, especially when starting your own company.

You can look up things like how to register your name, draft a simple contract, or pay your employees. However, when things get more complicated, you can lean on a lawyer for some legal advice—especially come tax time.

You’re fighting a traffic ticket. What’s more annoying than checking your mailbox, only to find that you’ve been fined for a traffic violation? Hiring a lawyer might cost more money than it’s worth.

For example, if the cost of the lawyer is more expensive than the ticket itself, you’re better off representing yourself.

But if you’ve received tickets in the past, you hold a commercial driver’s licence, or the ticket is very expensive, then it might be best to hire a lawyer after all.

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The Benefits of Hiring a Lawyer

You’re on the fence about whether to call an attorney. Should you make that appointment, or save on a retainer fee? Here’s why that hourly rate is worth it:

It’s cost-effective. There’s a reason why lawyers are quite costly: their knowledge, experience, and services can save you a great deal of money.

Or, in the case of a lawsuit, you could gain money from winning your case. Better yet: a lawyer can save you from debt. If you lose a lawsuit or are charged with a crime, you might owe hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Retain your assets. The implications of a court case can be devastating. You could lose your house, your job, or your life savings. And if you’re having a dispute over child custody arrangements, a lawyer can ensure you see your children regularly. It’s hard to put a price on something like that.

Avoid a criminal record. Even if you are found guilty of a minor offence, the effects of a criminal record can be long-lasting.

They can have devastating effects on your career, personal relationships, and housing arrangements. Avoid a criminal record by hiring a defence lawyer to represent you in court.

The law isn’t as simple as it’s made out to be on TV shows. It’s a multifaceted and complex area that requires a lawyer’s expertise to navigate. It’s best to hire a lawyer whenever you’re selling a property, managing a divorce, or facing criminal charges.

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