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What Is The Safest and Riskiest Soccer Bet?

Soccer is the most popular sport in the world regarding followers and betting. Soccer bets are the most abundant on any bookmaker’s website, offering numerous markets to explore. Some of them are safer than others, of course. Today, let’s take a look at the safest and the riskiest bets on soccer, and whether the high risk is worth the reward.

The Safest: Draw No Bet (DNB)

In general, betting on the result of a match is probably the safest choice. At the same time, it comes with among the lowest odds of them all. Here, you only have three possible outcomes: home win, away win and draw.

The result of a soccer match also comes with a bet that’s even safer than a simple 1X2 – Draw No Bet or DNB. Here, you can bet on either the home or away teams winning. And there’s a twist: if the match ends in a draw, you get your stake back.

Statistics show that less than 30% of the soccer matches played in the world end in a draw – the exact percentage is somewhere around 24-29%. This means that a soccer bet on either of the two parties winning (as opposed to a draw) is pretty safe as it is. Draw No Bet takes one more variable out of the equation, making it a safer choice for anyone betting on soccer.

You can improve your chances of winning your DNB bet by taking a good look at both teams’ stats, especially their head-to-head. Look up their record of playing at home and away, and how well they perform against each other, and decide which one of them you’ll bet on accordingly.

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The Riskiest: Correct Score

Taking a good look at the teams’ records and head-to-head statistics can tell you a great deal about how well you can expect them to perform on the turf. It can even give you an idea of how many goals you can expect each to score during their next match. What it can’t tell you is what the exact score of their upcoming match will be.

There are countless factors that can influence how many goals will be scored in a single match. Sometimes, the presence of a single player on the turf can take the exact score in a different direction. Think Haaland and his six hat tricks scored in the last season of the Premier League. A red card, a sudden injury, the weather or even an unruly fan throwing fireworks on the playfield can influence it in one direction or the other, making it perhaps the most unpredictable soccer bet available.

No matter if you go with a safer direction and choose a risk-free bet, or go with the possibility of a high reward and take a riskier direction, remember to always bet responsibly and within your means. Keep your betting activity on the fun side, don’t let it be a problem in your life!

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