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6 Wedding Stationery Tips You Need to Know

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Like many choices in wedding planning, selecting your wedding stationery could be an overwhelming task.

This wedding stationery guide is prepared to give you lots of tips regarding the stationery you might require, the best time to order and mail wedding invitations, and other things, as well as creative ideas for your wedding stationery design.

There are many DIY websites and professional wedding stationery makers like Aura Print in the market and a wide array of options when it comes to themes and personalized wedding stationery designs.

Wedding Stationery Tips You Need to Know

A clear understanding of the type of invitation cards and other stationery you want for your invitations can help you to narrow your choices.

1. Design and Coordination

If you want to create an unforgettable impression to guests of the wedding, it’s crucial to consider stationery as an essential element of the budget.

Your invitations should be a reflection of how you envision your wedding day, starting with the colors and up to the style. Are you planning informal or formal? Are you a hip couple, or are you a romantic one? Do you love florals or prefer minimalistic style? What do you think of accessories? These are the most crucial questions that will guide you to what the design of your stationery should have.

Furthermore, working with an experienced stationery designer can mean that you can include unique aspects specific to you and your partner, for example, a wedding timeline detailing the story of your relationship and an area map of your wedding location.

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Wedding stationery such as Aura Print offer one-stop shopping for everything you’ll need to include in your wedding’s aesthetic, including a personalized wax seal to silk ribbons, Vellum wraps, hand-made papers with deckle edges as well as gold leaf.

Make sure you have your other day stationery (such as menus, service orders, and place cards tables numbers). You’ll want to present an organized look across all of your stationery when you decide to purchase your stationery online, be sure to get identical pieces.

2. How Many Cards?

Traditional wedding invitations has an invite that contains the couple’s names, who will be inviting guests to the wedding and the time and date and a card with details to provide information about accommodation, parking, travel or gifts, children, etc.

It also contains an RSVP card, with or without an envelope to return the guests to verify or deny guests’ attendance, as well as specifying the menu options or dietary restrictions and any other details that the bride and groom will need.

In addition, the elements of the wedding suite don’t have to be strictly informational. Some couples opt to include a sentimental quote, a drawing of the wedding or village location, or an attractive design that reflects them, and guests will be able to keep it.

3. How Many Invites Will I Need?

Make a list of numbers early in the process, so you are able to calculate the cost; however, keep in mind that you don’t require invitations for each person. Families can share an invitation, but if there are children who are over 18, it’s usually polite to mail them an individual invitation. If you are not living with a couple, you can give one invitation to your most intimate guest or separate invites.

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It is suggested to purchase additional copies since reprints can be costly. This can be useful in the event that you have to switch guests for the evening after cancellations or when you have invitations last minute to send. If you do have spares, they can be great to keep to add to your wedding album or as frames to hang on the wall.

4. Packaging

We’ve been taught not to evaluate a book based on its cover. However, when you’re sending your invitations, don’t forget the importance of a properly designed envelope. If you’ve spent time and money to make the perfect invitation set ensure you select an envelope that can do justice to the contents.

You can experiment with colours such that if the invitation you send out is elegant and straightforward, it could be the perfect envelope to carry the theme of your wedding. You can also mix colors in the various elements of your wedding to play around with various shades to create a sophisticated style or create an impact with a more modern and bold style by using the use of a contrasting palette.

5. The Envelopes

Additionally, the way envelopes are addressed has an enormous difference in the way they are presented. If you don’t know someone with great handwriting ability, there are plenty of calligraphy classes you can attend at an affordable cost. This is an alternative if you have the time and the patience to create the envelopes on your own. Check with your wedding stationery provider to provide address labels as an option. It’s not an expensive option and will save you time.


6. Check for Errors

When your printer emailed you the final proof, they might have already checked the spelling several times. However, no matter how many times a person looks at something, it’s very easy to miss a grammar or spelling error. Make sure to double-check your files before you approve them for printing. Also, have other people check them for typos and other writing mistakes.

I hope these guidelines can help you make the proper selection for wedding stationery. If you’d want to know more, You can visit Aura Print blog, they have published lots of articles to assist you.

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Final Thoughts

The stationery that you use for your wedding plays an essential part in the day. Not only do they serve to convey information to guests and establish the mood for your wedding.  They’ll also be the glue that holds the entire theme of your wedding from beginning to end.

With web platforms like Aura Print, and other DIY wedding stationery websites, selecting your wedding stationery doesn’t need to be a stressful process!

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