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Tips on Ways To Receive Money From USA To Nigeria

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Wondering which ways to receive money from the USA to Nigeria? But not sure of which of the various platforms to choose?

No problem. Rindx got you covered.

So in this post, we’ll share the perfect alternatives to PayPal or Domiciliary account in the country you can really trust when you need to send money from USA to Nigeria.

But note that:

“Best” sites or ways to receive money from the United States of America do not really exist. This list is a subjective one and the definition of the best varies.

Hence, none of the ways to receive money from the USA to Nigeria are completely free of occasional trouble. With that in mind,  this list is made up of ways to receive money from the USA to Nigeria depending on your needs.

Let’s get started.

Tips on Ways To Receive Money From USA To Nigeria

Even with the difficulty Nigerians face receiving dollars from outside the country due to policy made by the apex bank, Nigerians still find ways to receive money from around the world using one or more of the ways that you’ll read on in this section.

  • Transferwise (now Wise)
  • WorldRemit
  • Payoneer
  • Domiciliary account
  • Money gram
  • PayPal

1. Transferwise

Looking to receive money in a cheap, fast and secure way from abroad? Think of no other than Transferwise (now wise). For its transparency, the platform charge as little as possible on every transaction – Which they show to you upfront.

Other than transparency, Wise is easy to use, and navigate and the platform is user-friendly, even for a first-time user.

Unlike other payment processing platforms that use an automated system for customers care, Wise has people who can provide support to you anywhere in the world.

Main Features of Transferwise:

  • Standard exchange rates.
  • User-friendly.
  • Easy to navigate.
  • Transparency.
  • Customer support.

Visit Transferwise »

2. WorldRemit

WorldRemit is a safe, low-cost, fast, and easy to use way to receive dollars from the USA in Nigeria, without visiting an agent. As if that is not enough, WorldRemit can be used to send money to up to 130 countries in 70 different currencies.

Other than being one of the users of industry-leading technology to protects users’ money and guarantees its arrival, WorldReit can be used while on the go and available for download on Google Play and Apple store respectively.

Main Features Of WorldRemit:

  • Low and no hidden costs.
  • Fast.
  • Simple and secure.
  • Leading technology.

Visit WorldRemit »

3. Payoneer

Are you a freelancer, small business owner, or online seller looking for a seamless and less stressful way to receive money from the USA? Payoneer is the way to go.

Also, Payoneer makes it so easy to transfer your funds directly into your local account at low rates or via ATM.

Main Features of Payoneer:

  • Free and no hidden cost.
  • Easy to navigate.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Direct withdrawal into a local bank account.

Visit Payoneer »

4. Domiciliary Account

International wire bank transfer is the fastest approach to receiving funds from anywhere in the world. And banks like Zenit, FCMB, GTBank, and First Bank offer different forms of domiciliary account opening services.

Then what makes use this way to receive money from the USA to Nigeria stand out is that it’s direct and less stressful.

Main Features of Domiciliary Account:

  • Payment for international transactions.
  • Receive direct foreign currencies.
  • Fast and comfortable.
  • You have control over unstable currencies.

Visit For More Info »

5. PayPal

Even with the restriction, PayPal is one of the most used payment processing platforms in the country. One of those that contribute to the acceptance of PayPal is the buyer’s or users’ protection, which ensures they shop or make payment with peace of mind.

Furthermore, PayPal is simple and convenient to use for a first-timer. With the person you want to receive money from email, you can easily send an invoice and get paid.

Main Features of PayPal:

  • Simple and convenient.
  • Buyers protected.
  • User-friendly.
  • Easy to navigate

Visit PayPal »

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

What Is The Best Way To Transfer Money From the United States To Nigeria?

The best way to receive dollars from the US to Nigeria depends on factors such as delivery method, speed of transfer, and the amount.

As a result, it’s difficult to determine which of the available options to choose, however, platforms like monitor have made it possible to compare available options at once.

Can I Receive Money From USA to Nigeria Through PayPal?

Yes, the PayPal service is operational in Nigeria, but you can only send funds and carry out activities that do not involve receiving funds. However, there are hacks Nigerians are using to create a PayPal account that can send and receive funds.


Here, we’ve talked through a bunch of PayPal alternatives to receive money in Nigeria and ways to receive money from the USA to Nigeria. Now it’s left to you to decide which of the platform or websites you want to use.

However, before you choose from any of the listed platforms, make sure to go through their policies, use and let us know how it goes.

You can also share your best way to send money to Nigeria from USA by leaving a comment below.


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