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4 Ways Custom Business Signs Can Help Increase Sales

Small businesses can use many cost-effective strategies to introduce their services or products to a larger base of potential customers.

Among the most impactful, however, is the use of custom signs placed in strategic locations. Although the range of benefits that can result from such investments is wide and diverse, the following advantages should be enough to convince any business that it makes good sense to purchase the right type of attention-grabbing signs.

1. Building a Recognizable Brand

When thinking about some of the most popular franchises across the country and around the world, there is usually an easily identifiable name and logo attached. This is typically displayed in the form of custom signs on the exterior of each location as well as in areas meant to advertise local retailers. 

Although small and fledgling businesses don’t need to spend millions on developing a unique look for their signs, it is important to set the company apart from the competition. 

Using specific colours, fonts, images, and other features is a great way to increase the marketing benefits associated with signs and other advertising materials without investing a huge amount of money upfront.

Creating a custom business sign that is easy to read and simple to understand is an excellent step toward building a brand that everyone in the target audience will be able to recognize at a glance. 

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2. Return on Investment

Almost any business owner is interested in keeping the budget as lean and mean as possible. For that reason, it is cost-effective to invest in the correct type of eye-catching sign to send the appropriate message to potential customers and clients. 

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With the prevalence of independent manufacturers and designers, it is simple to turn an idea into a sign worthy of displaying proudly outside any business. It can all be done without going deep into debt, and the results will speak for themselves.

Research shows that more than three in four customers can be enticed into entering a business based primarily on the way its sign looks. Better yet, more than two in three of those consumers would consider making a purchase simply because the custom signs are persuasive. 

3. Establishing a Clear Destination

When people give directions, they often cite landmarks in the area. An appropriately eye-catching sign makes it easy for people to find out where a business is located. After spotting it the first time, even a casual passerby might make a mental note of where the company is. 

Upon realizing at some later date that the product or service offered by that company might come in handy, the sign could be the factor that reminds an individual to return to the location and make a purchase. 

4. Sending People in the Right Direction

Custom signs do not always merely mark the final destination of a business. First-time customers can often find their way around larger buildings or multiple locations in the same general area using such signage. Leading people through a particular process or simply directing individuals to facilities such as the restroom or vending machines can be the difference between a simple, straightforward experience and a frustrating and confusing debacle. 

The easier it is for a customer to engage with every aspect of a business, the more likely it will be for that individual to return and recommend the services to friends and family members. 

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Each of these directional signs can also make use of logos and specific branding that will further cement the message of a business into the subconscious minds of everyone who enters. 

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