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Host Unlimited websites
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Are you planning for a side business and interested in making more money by spending less? Then, you need a reliable web host that can help you become a reseller and maximize revenue. Undoubtedly, there are many options you have. But, wisesolution brings you the best and money-making opportunity that ensures more profit from your business.

Simply, you should choose the Reseller Hosting plans and its exclusive package that gives you complete site hosting services. So, you can run and manage multiple sites from one place quickly and efficiently.

So, if you want to know all the available options of Reseller Hosting and web host benefits, this guide is for you. In the end, you’ll surely get valuable information. Let’s get started!

linux reseller hosting, windows reseller hosting, whmcs reseller hosting

Wise Solution offers Reseller Hosting to Host Your Unlimited Websites at One Place

Wisesolution is the one stop web hosting platform that provides numerous hosting services to accommodate the business requirements for entry-level to large.

If you are a business-minded person or want to earn more money from your side business or by hosting multiple sites at one place.

In that case, you should choose Wisesolution because it provides you Reseller Hosting at a low cost.

Reseller Hosting is one of the web hostings. You can rent your hosting services to third-party users to maximize your revenue from your reseller business. It is basically categorized into three parts that we discussed below in the post.

–       Windows Reseller Hosting

The Windows Reseller Hosting implies one of the hosting solutions offered by Wisesolution. The company allows its clients and potential users of its services to resell them to third-party users.

The hosting server operates with the user-friendly and most popular Windows Operating System as the base OS. So, one can either sell out the hosting resources under their company’s brand name and logo.

Also, they can build and design their own Cheap Windows Reseller Hosting sub-packages and then resell the new customized packages to their end customers at a lucrative value.

Since Windows is owned by Microsoft, its reseller hosting plans and packages are amazingly compatible with different web-based applications. Further, the Plesk control panel options allow potential customers to manage and operate hosting with the Cheap Windows Reseller Hosting.

-Linux Reseller Hosting

Linux Reseller Hosting is almost similar to the Windows Reseller, with significant differences in their base platform and control panel. In this hosting, you’ll run your site with Linux as your base operating system. Whereas the cPanel gives you a wide range of options to configure your hosting. Since Linux is open source and base OS, your site must be highly secure with advanced security measures. It ensures more stability and high efficiency. Also, with the cheap Linux Reseller Hosting plans, you’ll get the editable source code for which you do not require any license. It is free.

-WHMCS Reseller Hosting

WHMCS stands for the Web Host Management Complete Solution. It is one of the types of Reseller Hosting that is mostly opted for by large organizations to automatically manage all the company’s data. This automation software service helps generate the invoices, insert employee data automatically, and much more.

By reviewing all the types of Reseller Hosting, you can now understand the difference between the three. It’s now easy for you to make a choice of the best one for your online business. After selecting your web hosting, ensure to choose the right web host that provides you unlimited benefits at a low cost.

Host Unlimited websites, linux reseller hosting, windows reseller hosting, whmcs reseller hosting

Advantages of Connecting With Wise Solution

Employing any of the hosting services from this Wise Solutions Reseller Hosting benefits your online business in a number of ways. Some of the top benefits that you can employ with your Reseller Hosting are:

-99.99% Uptime Commitment

Uptime ensures that your site gets more reliability, availability, and efficiency over the web. You will get uptime with many Web Host Providers. Still, only the genuine and reliable web host provides you with the highest uptime percentage. Among such, you’ll get 99.99% uptime with the Reseller Hosting if you buy these plans from the Wisesolution web host. Because they do not believe in promising the services but also keep with their words.

-Rock-Solid Security

Another reason to choose Wise Solutions Reseller Hosting is the security that most businesses want for securing their website data. With its hosting, whether it’s Linux, Windows, or WHMCS, you’ll get rock solid data security. The security provides an added layer of protection on your data. So, it’s not easy for hackers to break your site’s security.

-SSL Certificate

Another reason to opt for the web host is to get the Secure Socket Layer(SSL) Certificate to ensure your website data and information security. It provides the confidentiality and privacy of your website data. You’ll get these benefits with all the hosting services of Wisesolution.

-7 Days Money Back Guarantee

Most of the web hosts in the hosting industry promise a money return guarantee. Still, their return policy includes 30 days. Whereas, with Wisesolution, your money will be refunded within 7 Working Days if you ever change your mind. So, you do not have to wait for a long period to get your refund.

-24*7 Customer Support

You can manage all the hosting aspects on your own. However, at some point, you need the help of experts and the technical team to resolve your site issues. Wisesolution is a far better solution for you that ensures the 24*7 guru crew support. They have an in-house team of experts and professionals willing to wait for your queries and ensure they must be resolved quickly.

-Affordable Plans

Above all these benefits, one that every business person shall first consider is the cost of the package. They look for the affordable plans that you’ll get with Wise Solutions Reseller Hosting. All reseller types come with a low price tag. Even with this price value, you’ll get all the remarkable resources in one place.

Pricing Plans of Linux & Windows Reseller Hosting

After reviewing all the web hosting options and web host, you should now compare the plans and packages of Linux and Windows Reseller Hosting. You can check the plans below and select the appropriate one for your website:

Linux Reseller Hosting Plan

Linux Reseller Hosting Plan

Windows Reseller Hosting Plan:

Windows Reseller Hosting


If you are willing to run a side business and can manage multiple sites, then Wisesolution Reseller Hosting is the ideal choice for you. With this hosting, you’ll get a complete, reliable web hosting package with capabilities to handle multiple sites at a time.

This means you are free to host unlimited sites on Wisesolutuion’s Reseller Hosting plans.

An interesting fact is that you won’t have to make a considerable investment to start your own business. With less amount, you can be a reseller and quickly earn a huge profit in a short time. So, it’s not the time to think more. Let’s start your hosting today and enjoy its exclusive benefits constantly.

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