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Vivo is about to replace Funtouch OS with Origin OS

An account on Weibo just said that Vivo is planning to change its next version of Funtouch OS to Origin OS, and this could even happen this year.

According to Gizmochina, information posted by Digital Chat Station on Weibo states that Vivo’s new user interface will be called Origin OS. In addition, this user said the new user interface will bring many improvements. Notably, this takes place in the context of Vivo just updated its UI to Funtouch OS 11.

Recently, Vivo launched the Vivo V20 with Funtouch OS 11 and became the first device running Android 11 from the company when it shipped. Additionally, the company has listed Funtouch OS 11 features on its Hong Kong website, with improvements to Always On Display, Gallery, iManager, Ultra Game Mode …

The company also introduced the new Jovi operating system before Funtouch OS 10, however, Vivo suspended the naming of the Jovi operating system after discussions with team members. It will therefore be interesting to see if Origin OS is real, and if so, how improvements it will bring over the already launched Funtouch OS 11.

Digital Chat Station also mentioned a possible launch date with Origin OS, which was December 11 of this year when Vivo announced the new X60 series. This is the product line that Vivo just launched an advertising poster inside a retail store a few days ago. It is still unclear when the new X60 series will be released from Vivo in the context of its predecessor, the new X50 launched just a few months ago.

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