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Top 3 Training Options for PMP™ Certification in Dubai

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PMP™ or Project Management Professional is recognised internationally as a professional certificate that legitimates the competency of a professional in project management. Moreover, an independent survey of salary states that the professionals who are certified with the PMP™ certification in Dubai have a twenty percent higher salary in comparison with their colleagues who are not certified.

On one hand, the aim of project managers is to excel through Project Management Professional in their profession.

On the other hand, employers consider PMP™ as a vital factor when they are hiring for positions of project management. So, one should obtain a PMP™ certification in Dubai if they wish to succeed in the project management field.

Top Training Options for The PMP™ Certification in Dubai

1. Master of Project Academy, Inc.

One of the best providers of Dubai PMP™ certification training is the Master of Project Academy, Inc. This training provider of Project Management Professional is very flexible and affordable. Moreover, it has a pass rate of ninety-nine point six per cent at the first attempt. Here one must remember that the pass rate does not include the second or third attempt of a candidate at passing in this ratio, unlike most of the training providers of PMP™. On top of that, the ratio pass rate is backed up, audited and updated on a weekly basis in the footer of the homepage of Master of Project Academy.

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2. AZ Tech

This is a leading training provider on the international level. This PMP™ or Project Management Professional certification in Dubai provides conferences, programs, workshops, training seminars and training courses. In fact, a variety of training courses are offered by them within a wide range of categories.

One can search from the calendar the required course offerings. Additionally, they can download from their website the training calendar. Several courses of certification are offered by them. You can access the courses from more than one location. Likewise, multiple courses are provided in the category of Project management, whose listing includes the training course of PMP™.

3. Vinsys

Another international training provider is Vinsys, which offers a variety of training. You can avail of four hundred courses from twenty-five different locations. Their courses are categorized into numerous categories.

Here, we will list down some of the top categories amongst their offered courses:

  1. IT Governance
  2. Cybersecurity
  3. IT hardware and networking
  4. Soft skill training
  5. IT service management
  6. Project management

Among these categories, some of the featured courses are as follows:

  1. PMP™
  2. CAPM
  3. SAFe
  4. Spring Boot
  5. Scrum Fundamentals
  6. Six Sigma
  7. ISO 27001
  8. VMWare
  9. ITIL

Some of the other top providers of PMP™ certification in Dubai are Sprint Zeal, PWC, Quadra Plus, Site Power, Blue Ocean, Anexas, KOENIG, and so on. This article talks briefly about three of the top PMP™ certification providers in Dubai. After comparing the price ranges of classroom training and virtual training of the PMP™ certification it has been determined that the online services are relatively cheaper and pocket-friendly.

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