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Are you having a hard time getting paying customers for your business? Have you dedicated all your resources in time, money, and labour towards creating a world-class product? A product that has all your dream features in-built to it. It is so perfect that you are reading and researching other products to adapt their features to yours.

You might have probably exhausted your customer base, till now you have been able to exhaust your first customers (your family and immediate friends). Now the big issue is to scale up and acquire more customers outside the confinement of friends and family.

Getting your product to a paying customer is probably the hardest part of an entrepreneur’s life. Creating a product is probably not too big a deal compared to delivering it to someone who is willing and able to pay at a particular price at a particular point in time.

We all know that famous line “entrepreneurs are problem solvers and solutions finders” scrap it. If you have solved a problem or created a solution that cannot get to the end-user, you have created further problems.

If you make the most durable pot, strongest and easiest to clean pot at the cheapest price, that does not mean you would make more in profits than a similar product of lesser quantity.

A few weeks back, everyone was craving for Balenciaga, some months back it was Opay that everyone was doing unpaid advertisement for. In fact, my wife prefers to buy recharge cards from them and encourages me really to follow suit.

In this post, I would be unearthing a deep secret that would make customers crave your product even when you make the silliest product (but don’t do that). Good books do not translate to best-selling books. If they do, Telegram should be more popular than WhatsApp, now you get it.

For instance, if you do not know where a Shoprite is in your own city, you will be tagged a different family class. Something between an average family and a poor family. Those states and the cities that do not have this big enterprise (Shoprite) are tagged underdeveloped cities or states as the case may be.

When customers crave your products, they would not only come for your products again and again but they would advertise you to their friends and sing you to them to let them know how awesome you made them feel. Did you remember the last time you entered an eatery and you felt so good that when you got home you were relating how good you felt? You even encouraged them to try it out.

Creating the product is not necessarily the greatest of all tasks but making the end-users crave for it as kids crave for Ice cream is the main uphill. There are limited things that you can trade for ice cream with kids. Even when you get them (kids) something better, they would soon return for it.

The secret is this;

With the silliest of all products but with the right voice to connect with the RIGHT audience, you would make great sales.

The truth is, people, want to convert their money and time into something valuable, something that will make them better.

Let’s compare

The last time you bought Coke against Pepsi, why did you make that decision? When you dropped Nike for Adidas, what informed that decision? Despite the fact that Tecno is more expensive than Itel with relatively the same spec you still went for Tecno, Why?

Hold this

People always want to trade their money to buy a better version of themselves. The feelings, the emotion that runs through you when you flash that Shoprite nylon package despite the fact that you only bought coke in the mall.

To make your mark, you have to make your product be the bridge between where your customers are and where they want to be. Your customer wants to be silkier, they buy silkier products. They want to be rugged, they buy rugged products. Do not be selfish to create a product that would only make you feel better unless you want to be the sole consumer of your product.

Ask yourself these questions

Who am I trying to satisfy? Why would they want to be satisfied? What have they been using as an alternative? Why would they leave that for your own product or service? If you can genuinely answer these now move to these. How would you communicate with them, where are they?

When last did you see a toothpaste company advertise with someone with rotten teeth? Why? Because they are showing you what you would become when you use their product.


People will associate with you when you sell a concept they prefer to associate with than the product. Sell confidence, not toothpaste, sell safety, not Razor, sell hygiene, not food.

And people crave your products and services as kids crave for ice cream.

Don’t forget to share your thought on these in the comment section below.

Thank you.

Originally posted 2020-05-27 16:59:03.

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  1. That’s right. In addition, do your KLT homework before people like to buy from you; if they don’t know, like and trust you, forget it.

    Thanks for engaging us. Bravo!

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