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Top 5 Best Brand Podcasts

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Every business seeks new and original solutions to increase product demand and profits. Entrepreneurs need fresh information about their company, as well as advice on how to promote a product with meaningful advertising.  

A productive way to establish a strong connection between product brands and their customers is through marketing podcasts, which are small informative audio clips. They are an important marketing and communication tool, raising brand awareness, attracting, and retaining potential customers. In addition, popular podcasts allow you to monetize your owner’s income through the advertisements you place in them.   

Marketing experts strive to cope with new challenges and find appropriate solutions based on the market situation. Thematic podcasts help to find the right approach in a specific situation. With their help, any interested listener can take advice from an authoritative expert, learn about his achievements in the business area of interest, and find out the main regularities and market trends 

The best podcasts for business

Podcasts are growing rapidly in popularity. As well as advertising, they are a powerful tool for learning and leisure. In this article, you can find five compelling branded podcasts that may help you improve your business operations and learn a lot of helpful information.  

“Affordable marketing”

  1. Peterson and Donald Miller of StoryBrand write the podcast. It comes out once a week and lasts about half an hour. The video clip helps to:
  • solve pressing marketing problems;
  • develop an effective brand promotion strategy;
  • learn more about the progress and success of the StoryBrand Framework. 
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The issues include a set of recommendations on how to make promotion easier and more productive.

CMO interview

The creator of this podcast is successful businessman Jim Stengel, the head of Procter & Gamble Marketing Corporation. The material includes insightful conversations with industry favorites. From the clips, which last about an hour, listeners discover more about the successes of the biggest business players in the United States.    

Marketing show

The podcast includes a lot of useful information for promoters, analysts and engineering industry representatives. The material from Supermetrics enables business owners to make marketing advancements by:

  • Facebook;
  • HubSpot;
  • Google Ads.

Top experts, who increase motivation, helping entrepreneurs move quickly towards success, host the podcast episodes.   

Simple and effective online marketing

Amy Porterfield, a leading internet marketing expert who has been involved in many successful projects, is the author of this audio material. Today, digitalization has a decisive effect on market promotion strategies. Online marketing provides the entrepreneur with new tools and approaches to accelerate the implementation of his plans. The podcast is a full disclosure of such a topic. With this tool, experts pass on their knowledge and skills in digital marketing and use concrete examples to show business participants how to achieve rapid progress in their niche.  

The information product touches on the most relevant topics in the advertising business: 

  • how to introduce new products to the market;
  • how to collect information about email addresses;
  • how to make a free lead offer, etc.

In her programs, Amy Porterfield invites everyone to take part in conversations on various topics. The main goal is to show the key benefits of modern online marketing and to increase its effectiveness. 

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“Social” podcast

The podcast is designed for those who promote their brand through popular social media platforms. Its episodes include advice from leading experts in company creation and promotion. You will learn about leading ideas and the current state of the industry. Trusted experts share their experience here. Both experienced and aspiring entrepreneurs can learn more and improve their business.

On the podcast, you will hear from Paul Roetzer, owner of the Marketing AI Institute, about the future of social media. You can also find out how Justin Tse, CEO of Feature Media, managed to gather over 1.5 million subscribers.

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