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Top 20 State Universities to Study Accounting in Nigeria

State Universities to Study Accounting in Nigeria

Nigeria is a country with a vibrant higher education system, offering numerous state universities with high-quality accounting programs.

Accounting is a crucial field of study, with a wide range of career opportunities across the country.

If you are planning to pursue a degree in accounting, this article will provide you with a comprehensive list of the top 20 state universities in Nigeria that offer exceptional accounting programs.

State universities in Nigeria are established and funded by the state governments, providing affordable and quality education opportunities to students.

These universities are equipped with best facilities, experienced faculty members, and a dedicated focus on academic excellence.

Studying accounting at state universities in Nigeria offers numerous benefits, including affordable tuition fees, diverse student communities, and opportunities for internships and job placements.

Top 20 State Universities to Study Accounting in Nigeria:

While there isn’t a single ranking authority for universities in Nigeria, here are 20 state universities consistently mentioned among the best for accounting programs, based on factors like faculty expertise, program accreditation, and graduate employability:

  1. Lagos State University (LASU): Located in Lagos, LASU has a reputable Department of Accounting with experienced faculty and strong industry connections.
  2. Rivers State University (RSU): RSU’s Department of Accounting and Finance offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs with a focus on practical skills and entrepreneurship.
  3. Olabisi Onabanjo University (OOU):  Ogun State, OOU’s Department of Accounting is accredited by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN).
  4. Ambrose Alli University (AAU): AAU’s Department of Accounting in Ekpoma, Edo State, provides a well-rounded accounting education with a focus on ethics and professionalism.
  5. Ekiti State University (EKSU): EKSU’s Department of Accounting in Ado-Ekiti offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs with a blend of theoretical and practical knowledge.
  6. Enugu State University of Science and Technology (ESUT): ESUT’s Department of Accounting in Enugu focuses on preparing students for diverse accounting careers in various sectors.
  7. Adekunle Ajasin University (AAUA): AAUA’s Department of Accounting in Akungba, Ondo State, is known for its commitment to research and innovation in the accounting field.
  8. Kwara State University (KWASU): KWASU’s Department of Accounting in Malete offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs designed to equip students with the latest accounting knowledge and skills.
  9. Delta State University (DELSU): DELSU’s Department of Accounting in Abraka provides a comprehensive accounting program with a focus on information technology integration.
  10. Abia State University (ABSU): ABSU’s Department of Accounting in Uturu offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs that emphasize ethical practices and global accounting standards.

Additional Universities:

11. Anambra State University of Science and Technology

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12. Bauchi State University

13. Benue State University

14. Ebonyi State University

15. Gombe State University

16. Kaduna State University

17. Kano State University of Science and Technology

18. Niger Delta University

19. Osun State University

20. Plateau State University


FAQs and Answers

What are the requirements to study accounting in Nigeria?

To gain admission into an accounting program in Nigeria, you typically need to have at least five credit passes in your Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination (SSCE) or its equivalent, including English Language and Mathematics. Specific requirements may vary by university, so check with your desired institution for details.

What are the benefits of studying accounting in Nigeria?

Accounting is a highly sought-after profession in Nigeria, with graduates enjoying good job prospects and earning potential. Accounting skills are valuable in various sectors, including banking, finance, auditing, taxation, and consulting.

What are the different types of accounting programs in Nigeria?

Nigerian universities offer various accounting programs, including:

  • Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Accounting: This is the most common undergraduate accounting degree, providing a broad foundation in accounting principles and practices.


  • Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Accounting: This postgraduate program deepens your accounting knowledge and equips you with advanced business skills.


  • Professional Diploma in Accounting: This shorter program is designed for those who already have a bachelor’s degree in another field but want to pursue a career in accounting.

How much does it cost to study accounting in Nigeria?

Tuition fees for accounting programs in Nigeria vary depending on the university, program type, and whether you are a resident or international student. Generally, state universities tend to be more affordable than private universities.

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