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Top 14 Budget Ways to Engage Employees

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According to a study by Gallup, in companies where employees are involved there is almost no staff turnover, systematic absenteeism and other violations of discipline. And the results of the Aon Hewitt study state that employee engagement has a striking effect on the profitability of the company.

Be Transparent

It’s important for each employee to know what is going on in the company, what is discussed behind closed doors, and what impact they themselves have on the development of the company. This builds trust between employees, increases camaraderie, and makes employees understand that their work is valuable and useful.

Arrange regular meetings where a representative of each department or direction will briefly and interestingly explain what is going on – what has been done, what plans are next. Management and the HR department often neglect this, and well, engagement suffers.

Arrange a Little Celebration Every Month

Anniversaries, birthdays, congratulations to the best employee of the month, anniversaries of each employee’s work in the company – all this shows that the company cares and is concerned about its employees. A funny card, a delicious cupcake, or a simple mention of the merits of the employee to the entire office – it’s simple, but nice.

If no holidays are coming up this month, get together just for fun. Ideas for activities to do together: a home-cooked dinner, a camping trip, a day at the lake, or an evening of karaoke.

All of these increase employee loyalty and give a sense of good anticipation for next month’s collaborative activity.

Hang a Board of Accomplishments in a Prominent Place

Often employee accomplishments or work done go unnoticed by others. Don’t forget, highlight and present to colleagues employees who always meet deadlines, exceed plans and just always try to do their best. Give them a moment of glory on the “honor board.” Here are examples of budgetary rewards:

  • An extra hour of break during the day, allowing employees to place a bet at 22Bet, chat with each other, or even work out.
  • An opportunity to leave early on a Friday.
  • An opportunity to come in any day later.
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Give the Gift of an Extra Day off

One of the coolest sources of motivation is knowing you have the opportunity to get an extra day off. Has an employee distinguished himself with phenomenal punctuality and accountability over the past six months? Reward him with an extra day off. Did one of your sales professionals receive a compliment from a customer? Reward him with a day off. Surprise and delight your colleagues, thereby motivating them to always perform better.

The main thing is to plan your schedule thoughtfully so that you are not left without employees on those days.

Become Kids

Give your employees a break from the routine and officiousness at work. Have non-serious competitions, like office chair races. Sometimes you just need to think differently, especially if employees are experiencing a creative crisis or are frustrated with their work. Such distractions can stimulate productivity and improve everyone’s personal effectiveness?

Make Clear the Company Mission, Goals, and Responsibilities of Each Employee

On the first day on the job, explain to the employee what his or her area of responsibility is. Without an understanding of what the person’s role in the company is, his or her engagement drops off. Delegating the task and starting a new project, talk through all the small details, answer all the questions and be prepared to answer them more than once.

Give Freedom

Remember the experiments of the companies that introduced the 4-day work week? They ended successfully – employees not only had time to do the amount of work they needed, but did it with more motivation and dedication.

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Good managers are focused not on the number of hours worked, but on the result. And by getting more freedom, the employee will feel your trust and respect, which will help increase engagement.

Allow occasional work from home, make an irregular schedule, allow to take time off if the employee commits to meeting all deadlines.

Revitalize the Office

To keep employees from getting “sick of” the boring gray office, try to create a comfortable and unique space around employees. Create a recreation area with ottomans, plants, and, for example, a game console – does not require a large budget.

And when starting to decorate the office, first consult with your colleagues and try to take into account their wishes and suggestions. You can put together a board on Pinterest, where everyone will throw in what they like.

Collect Feedback Regularly 

Pretty obvious, but it works! Not everyone is willing to take the initiative to come to you and tell you what they are unhappy with at work. So, conduct an anonymous survey where you can include such questions: How can you improve your team/company performance? Are you satisfied with your career prospects?

How do you rate your relationship with your supervisor? Are you satisfied with the salary? The most important thing is not to disappear after the survey, let it be clear that you have heard everyone and are working on turning the wishes into a concrete action plan. Some ideas and recommendations won’t be easy to implement right away, so break the work down into steps and keep your colleagues informed.

Train Constantly

Training employees is important not only in the first few months, but throughout their tenure with the company. According to a Deloitte study, companies where employees are continually trained have 25% higher engagement. So get together regularly to discuss which courses will help employees work more effectively.

Ease the Transition Between Departments

Employees without experience do not always understand in which direction they want to move, more experienced colleagues can also get disappointed in the profession or banal “burn out”. And it will be much more profitable for you to keep them in their current position and let them try their hand in other areas, rather than letting them go and looking for new employees. Make a list of vacant positions and allow employees to take them for a day or two or swap roles with each other. You can also practice this approach for individual projects and tasks as well. This, too, will increase employee engagement.

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Make a Development Plan

More and more employers are helping their employees plan their career path, because it turns out that many have no idea what it should be. Set career goals with them, it will set a direction for development and add meaningful work. Which will definitely increase engagement.

Weed out the Unmotivated Early on

Have you heard about Zappos’ policy? All new employees are offered to leave the company after one week in exchange for $1,000. This step allows you to weed out employees who are not motivated to work for this particular company or don’t share its values. If an employee really likes his job, he won’t take the money. One in ten new Zappos call center employees fails such a screening.

Make Employees Shareholders

At Brazilian business conglomerate Grupo Semco, employees own shares in the company. Therefore, they determine their own salary and working hours, and the role of CEO goes to one of the six managers every six months. This gives employees the feeling that they are part of something big, a strategy that reduces employee turnover and increases job satisfaction.

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