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Top 10 Places To Live In Canada For Nigerian Immigrants

The melting pot of cultures in Toronto, Vancouver and Ottawa, where more than half of the population is made up of immigrants, is one of the country’s major attractions. The high standard of living in Canada, the abundance of job opportunities and affordable healthcare are what attract people from around the world.

Below are the best places for Nigerians to live in Canada

Top 10 Best Place To Live In Canada For Nigerian Immigrants

1. Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan has welcomed immigrants from over 180 countries in its history.

Saskatchewan offers a program for welcoming provincial nominees that simplifies the immigration process. This is aimed at people with skills and experiences in high demand.

More people have moved to the province in the last ten years than left.

Saskatchewan is also known for its high salaries. Over the last five years, Saskatchewan’s average weekly salary has been $970. This makes it the third highest in the nation.

The median salary has been steadily rising over the years, which is also a positive.

2. Ontario

Ontario is the state where most new Canadians choose to settle. In 2021, about half of new Canadian permanent residents settled in Ontario.

The majority of Ontarians reside in Canada’s biggest city, which is also the most populous province. Ontario, a province that is among the most healthy in the nation, accounts for 37% of the gross domestic product of Canada through its natural resources, manufacturing skills, and exports. In Ontario, nearly half of the workers in high-tech, finance, and other knowledge-intensive industries are located.

3. Vancouver

Vancouver has consistently been ranked among the most liveable cities in the world. The lower mainland of British Columbia is where it can be found.

The city’s summer and winter temperatures are much more moderate than those of the rest Canada.

The city enjoys mild winters and warm summers. This is ideal for outdoor activities.

The public transportation system is so convenient, most people do not even need cars for getting around.

TransLink is responsible for the transportation system, including buses, commuter trains, sky trains (West Coast Express), and marine ferries.

4. Toronto

Toronto is an excellent city for families, young professionals and international students. Toronto is not only Canada’s biggest city but also a top-ranking multicultural metropolis around the world. Toronto’s multicultural population makes it a welcoming city for newcomers.

Toronto, as the economic center of Canada, attracts many newcomers who are looking for educational and career opportunities in the country. The Greater Toronto Area is home to several tech startups and a large film, media and industrial sector.

It is easy to get around the city thanks to its excellent public transport system. Toronto is a city with a very low unemployment rate. Despite its high housing prices, it also has one of the lowest crime rates in the world.

5. British Columbia

British Columbia is located on Canada’s west coast and has some of the most beautiful scenery in the country. British Columbia was ranked as the second most popular province for newcomers to Canada in 2021. Ontario was ranked first. British Columbia’s mild climate and its abundance of outdoor sports are often cited as reasons why it is the best province for newcomers in Canada.

Vancouver, the largest city in British Columbia, attracts many tourists every year. Vancouver, Canada, is located on the Pacific Coast and offers stunning views of the mountains and ocean. Vancouver’s vibrant arts community makes it a favorite filming location for Hollywood.

Victoria is the second most visited metropolis in British Columbia. Victoria is the largest city on Vancouver Island and the capital of British Columbia. Victoria is a city where everything is done right. It’s the perfect place for nature lovers who enjoy a relaxed pace.

British Columbia has mild winters. British Columbia’s coastal regions experience some of Canada’s mildest winters. The interior and central areas of British Columbia generally experience hotter summers and warmer winters.

British Columbia’s economy is diverse, and the service sector is its main driver. Agriculture, construction, film/television, forestry, fisheries/aquaculture, high technology/manufacturing/mining, and tourism are also important economic drivers in British Columbia.

6. Calgary, AB

Calgary has a reputation as Canada’s immigrant-friendly city and is a contender for the best Canadian city in which to raise a child.

Alberta has over one million non-natives. More than half have moved to the province for temporary reasons, such as education or employment. Calgary is home to more than 200 ethnic groups and 100 languages.

Calgary’s local economy is diverse and robust, offering many opportunities for employment in agriculture, energy and transportation. The city hopes to develop and grow emerging sectors such as the travel and tourism sector, the health and Life Sciences sector, and financial services.

7. Halifax, NS

Halifax is a port city, so its pace of living is slower than in larger cities such as Vancouver or Toronto. TripAdvisor named Halifax as one of “Top 10 Rising Stars”.

Halifax has a wide range of art galleries, theaters, museums and other entertainment venues.

The bridge connecting Bedford, Halifax and Dartmouth allowed for a flourishing economy, an increased pool of job candidates with high qualifications, better access to medical care and numerous public amenities. Halifax is a coastal town, so it’s a great place for nature lovers to enjoy the outdoors both in summer and winter.

8. Quebec

Quebec is a great place to consider when deciding where to live in Canada. Quebec is the best place to live if you are interested in culture or French.

Quebec is Canada’s largest province and is known for its French-speaking population, cultural diversity and maple syrup. The Quebec government ensures that English-speaking residents have access to certain services and safeguards, even though French is the official tongue. Traveling around Quebec without learning the language is possible, but it is highly recommended that you learn French. Quebec offers free courses for those who are new to the province and wish to learn French.

Quebec City is a city that has a French-speaking majority and combines the best of both the past and present with nature. Quebec City residents don’t hibernate in winter, because the city offers so many winter activities and attractions. These include the Winter Carnival, tobogganing through the center of the city and the Hotel de Glace.

Quebec’s economy is diversified, with the manufacturing and services sectors as the most important.

9. Alberta

Alberta, located in Western Canada is home to many of Canada’s top natural attractions. Alberta is known for its abundance of oil and gas, its cattle farming, the Rocky Mountains and Dinosaur Provincial Park.

According to the newcomers in Canada, Calgary and Edmonton are the fourth and fifth most popular cities.

Calgary is the largest city in Alberta. Calgary is an ideal city for outdoor enthusiasts since it’s located at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. Calgary Stampede & Exhibition is one of the largest outdoor rodeos in the world.

Edmonton, the capital of Alberta, is more populous than Calgary. There’s always a festival in Edmonton. Edmonton is also home to the world’s largest planetarium and former largest shopping center.

Calgary and Edmonton are the cities with the most sunshine hours compared to all other Canadian cities. Albertans enjoy a lot more sunshine, even though temperatures in some parts of the state can drop as low as 51 degrees Celsius during the winter. The temperatures rise sharply in the summer, sometimes reaching 35 degrees Celsius.

The oil and gas sector dominates Alberta’s economy. Still, there are other sectors that are important, such as farming, logging and schools. Alberta has lower taxes than the rest of Canada and is, therefore, the province of choice for immigrants who want to save money.

10. Winnipeg, Manitoba

Winnipeg is the top choice of immigrants to Canada, after Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver. Winnipeg is cheaper and has a better balance between work and life than other Canadian cities.

Winnipeg has some of the best childcare and kindergarten services in North America. Winnipeg has a comprehensive primary and secondary education system with many public and private schools.

Winnipeg’s average monthly cost of living is $1811. Winnipeg, the capital city and largest city in Manitoba, was named for the nearby Lake Winnipeg.

Winnipeg’s cold winter weather is its biggest drawback. It’s not a city for those who don’t enjoy snow. Winnipeggers embrace the cold despite the freezing temperatures, especially at Canad Inns Winter Wonderland.

Final Words

Suppose you are a Nigerian planning on immigrating to Canada and you are looking for one of the best places to live in Canada. In that case, you are going to find that these ten Canadian cities are exactly what you are looking for.

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