Top 10 Meme Marketing Strategy To Grow Your Brand On Social Media

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Memes are funny representations of real-world scenarios. Anything that might contain a kick of humour is tagged as a meme. A meme can be anything, a person, an object, an incident, or simply a dialogue.

For years, they were just confined as a source of entertainment. But after the rise of social media marketing, they became one of the best marketing strategies that boosted businesses like never.

Even the top companies are always in a race to utilize the best available meme in the market. The main question here is, what makes them so special?

Memes are generally relatable content. They are ordinary things that were depicted in a bit more fun than usual. So, it draws instant attention from people.

Memes that you use can be already all over social media, or you can go out of the way and create your original memes.

A practical and easy way to create memes is to generate them using any meme generator. All you have to do is simply select an image or a dialogue and choose or fit them in the different templates available.

Here are the top 10 meme marketing strategies that will help you in growing your brand on social media:

  1. Memes should be relatable.

If people relate to something, your audience automatically will be more drawn towards them.

This makes them click on the meme and thus increase your engagement. If the audience finds it too funny or engaging enough, they will share it with friends and family.

  1. Try to be creative instead of just blindly following a trend.

Be a meme if you can’t make one. This will unknowingly make you more noticeable without hampering the brand image.

Being a meme is by no way a bad thing. It is just funny and more presented than others.

  1. Go with the trends.

It is essential to be original, but it is never bad to hop into a trend and bring originality by making the necessary changes and innovations.

Make sure to be on time. Trends never wait for anyone, and if you are not spontaneous, you will be taken over by another trend.

  1. Render your audience.

It is equally important to know your audience. Your audience may or may not like what is being appreciated by others. They should be your priority. And well, when it comes to memes, there is plenty of fish in the ocean, and with genuine efforts, you’ll land the trend that caters to your audience the best.

  1. Think the way it has never been thought before.

Try to add an aspect that no one even knew could have existed. Memes are already funny by themselves, and when you make effective and innovative changes, they become funnier.

Thus, they please people more than normal. Your end goal is to reach people’s hearts and create a good brand image. This tip does the same thing for you.

  1. Don’t force it.

Let it be seamless rather than tacky. It shouldn’t seem like that you did it just for the gram. Let it merge with your objectives.

If it looks original, it will attract people, but if they get even a glimpse of the humour being forced on them, they will take no time to get over it, which hampers brand image.

Therefore, do it only when it merges seamlessly with your pre-existing brand image and values.

Don’t ruin your healthy past relations with your loyal customers to be in new ones.

  1. Know the boundaries.

It is appreciated to be modern and outgoing, but people prefer their comfy corner rather than bling parties.

This exhibit shows that people prefer comfort over fun and bling. It is essential to be within boundaries and not just go with the trends.

If you feel that your content can hurt the sentiments of a specific group of people, refrain from it. A healthy and happy small audience is always better than a toxic crowd.

As a brand, you are here to serve people and not hurt them. Therefore, always make sure to spread love as a brand.

A favourite brand is far more successful than a brand with more followers. Be that famous brand to people.

  1. Avoid controversies.

If you feel that the meme can bring you some shade despite being funny, stay away from it.

It takes a post to ruin the image that has been created with consistent efforts over the years. Know the don’ts of meme marketing before knowing the dos. This will serve you in the longer run.

Avoid getting yourself from getting engaged in content that might be potentially controversial.  Always be on the safe end rather than being on a controversial one. Controversies may bring you fame, but they can never bring you far more important love than temporary fame.

  1. Use words and references that are trending.

If you are designing short videos or captions, etc., make sure to use trending words. This will make you far more searched.

People generally don’t remember the whole meme. They remember the references and instances. So to find that particular meme, they will search for that reference or instance. And there it is, an easy Search Engine Optimization technique.

You can use platforms like InVideo for this. They allow you to generate your content with creative ideas.

It is free of cost and provides you with all the tools that are needed for professional-looking videos. You can even generate your original and creative memes with it.

If you have a unique idea, you are halfway there, and thanks to this online meme maker and video editor, you have much more to discover and create.

  1. Keep it simple.

Be creative, but in a way that is easy for people to understand. Try not to engage in dark humour as a brand. Not everyone might get it in the way it is being depicted.

Memes are for people to understand and enjoy. Make sure that they don’t engage negatively with it.

They should enjoy it. If they do, they will share it with other people too. Sharing the content will always bring you more engagement than a secretive one.

Don’t engage in age-sensitive content until you are a brand that has to do with adult marketing.

Memes bring fun to every day’s boring life. Make sure you let it stay funny by respecting the boundaries which are not seen yet and are incredibly fragile.

Have fun and let people feel the same. Use the creative tools available online to make use of your creative space.  Make your brand image with these excellent tips about meme marketing. Once you know the dos and the don’t, marketing is a lot more than just following something aimlessly.

You are serving a community and not social media, so know the difference.

Memes are trending, and so will you, if only you keep the necessary things in mind. Be funny, outspoken, but respectful to all the communities and groups.

So, explore the platform and have fun, but remember to be original!

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