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The Importance of Reading the Rules and Paytables of Online Slot Games


If you are new to gambling, you may not understand some rules. Learning the rules is undoubtedly a good idea. Before you can start playing, take the time to understand everything about a game.

Depending on the game, pay tables and gambling go hand in hand. Understanding how pay tables work and how to use them is integral to a person’s gambling strategy at

Below are reasons why reading the pay table on a slot machine is crucial.

You Understand the Slot Better

Every slot has one or more goals. This can include massive line hits, free spins bonuses, scatter pays, and other bonuses.

Knowing what you are after in slots is the first step. On most slots, you can start to figure it out based on the size of the symbols, the various soundtracks in use, etc. The pay table will also show the different things to watch for near the reels. If you are new to a game, reading the pay table can quickly tell you what is happening.

It Reveals what Features or Side Bets Exist

Some games have a side bet that allows you to wager on additional features. Konami developers are famous for this, with games like Jackpot Streams.

Games like Zeus Power Link by WMS are one example of side bets, where you can bet £1 for a 2x line bet or £1.50 for a 2x line bet with advanced features. In some newer games, there is only one continuous row of bet options instead of two, so it looks like you are stepping up to 3x, but you are activating a more/better bet.

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Sometimes, the pay table can offer information about this or not. In some games, the more/better bet activator is not apparent, and you could miss out on whether it’s active. Therefore, it is essential to know what is available.

It Helps You Understand the Different Bets

Some slots have two tiers of wagering options, and you can easily miss it at a glance if you are unfamiliar with a game. Today’s slots focus on the bottom-row bets without considering the top row. The most recent example is the Rising Jackpot series of games from Aristocrat. These games introduce their version of the gold symbol betting format.

You will understand what the various bets unlock by reading the pay table. This way, you can decide how you want to play the game.

You Don’t Miss Out on Pays

Some slots require you to place max bets to access all the pay. Some require a minimum bet to access the progressive jackpot. All the information you need about the size of the bets can be found on the pay table. Reading it will ensure that you don’t miss out on any pay.

The pay table takes a few minutes to read through, but in the end, you will understand what a slot offers you. Taking a little time upfront to read the rules and the pay table can help you be more aware of what is happening when you start spinning the reels.

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